How to Choose the Best RC Cars

The decision to choose the right radio controlled car for you can turn out to be a pretty hard nut to crack. The market is proliferated with so much of cars, trucks and buggies that it would seem nearly impossible for you to select the ideal device that suits your preferences, budget, inclinations, demands, application and requirements. It also is not possible for us to pinpoint a single vehicle for you unless we have a one-on-one, face-to-face encounter. So, we have formulated this guide to help you out in your quest to find the best RC cars that suit your needs and fall within your budgets.

We generally segregate the various RC surface vehicles into six classes:


  • RC Monster Trucks
  • RC Rock Crawlers
  • RC Buggies



Where can you use these vehicles? 

Most of the vehicles are engineered in accordance with a specific terrain that suits them the most. So, the first aspect that you need to determine is the terrain or surface over which you want to run your RC vehicle.


Grass is the most popular surface among the RC cars fans and is probably the most difficult area to drive your vehicle over since grass causes plenty of friction which resists or inhibits the motion of the car as it runs over it. You must keep in mind that it is always more difficult to drive your vehicle over taller grass as opposed to driving your RC cars over shorter grass.

  • RC Short Course Trucks
  • Monster Truck
  • Stadium Truck
  • RC Rock Crawlers


Let’s now move from the most difficult of terrains to the most easiest of them: concrete or asphalt provides the least quantity of friction and therefore suits almost all kinds of radio controlled vehicles. All kinds of RC cars can function seamlessly on pavements. You are guaranteed fathomless fun though on vehicles of certain types. For example, you might not get a lot of entertainment out of rock crawlers while driving on pavements but as far as the function goes, virtually anything would work:

  • RC Cars
  • RC Stadium Trucks
  • RC Short Course Trucks
  • RC Monster Trucks
  • RC Rock Crawlers
  • RC Buggies


 When you use the vehicle of the right kind, dirt and gravel can prove to be as easy as pavement. RC cars are probably the only ones that do not really function as well as the other vehicles. Having said that there are some kinds of RC cars such as rally cars that perform the best in dirt and gravel. For generalization purposes, we believe that you will certainly not be looking to get your hands on RC cars if you are trying to drive your vehicle over dirt or gravel.

  • RC Stadium Trucks
  • RC Short Course Trucks
  • RC Monster Trucks
  • RC Rock Crawlers
  • RC Buggies

Sand Dunes

If you have ever driven a four wheel vehicle over sand, you would certainly be aware of the fact that sand provides a pretty challenging experience for anything that is mechanical. This holds true for even vehicles that are controlled with the help of radio. Having said that, if you manage, maintain and handle you RC cars well, you can virtually drive any radio controlled vehicle over sand dunes. However, we would suggest you to buy the right pair of tires for your vehicle that are designed for sandy terrain. At the same time, I am not really sure whether you will have any fun while driving your RC rock crawlers over sand but again it boils down to your individual choice.

  • RC Stadium Trucks
  • RC Short Course Trucks
  • RC Monster Trucks
  • RC Rock Crawlers
  • RC Buggies

Are you yearning for some racing fun? 

We all know that the cars we generally take to work and drive back home differ from those that are seen bustling down the roadways in NASCAR. Similar is the case with radio controlled vehicles that designed for racing purposes and are quite different from their counterparts that are generally used in the backyards of aficionados. If you are determined to run your car in races, then it becomes really important that you choose the right kind of vehicle and even the appropriate manufacturer to fulfill your needs.

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 This is quite a common terminology used in reference to RC cars and almost invariably constitutes anything that is not related to racing. It encompasses everything from driving in the backyard to running in the local skate park. Bashing does not necessarily imply an attempt to virtually destroying your vehicle. As a matter of fact, it is a terminology that crept up due to the grudges and spite that racers generally have in store for the non-racing fraternity. Bashing also includes the races you and your pals hold in your backyard. Yes, that’s right; races in the backyard are also termed as bashing.


RC racing is actually an organized attempt to race your vehicles and does not include the races you hold in your backyard against your friends. Most of the racers, typically, hold races at the club level which implies that those races are not necessarily held with event prizes to contest for. More often than not, the winner gets a trophy or a ribbon and quite normally, all those races are held just to get the bragging rights. The difference between bashing and racing is the organization, track maintenance, data tracking and the level of interest and seriousness posed by the participating contenders. The contests can turn out to be quite thorny and it becomes extremely vital for players involved to keep their vehicles updated, maintained and upgraded while ensuring that appropriate research is carried out at all the times.

The vehicles that are generally used for racing purposes are very light in weight and built of rigid material that is probably not as long lasting as that used in their counterparts. The ultimate aim of a racing vehicle is to be able to achieve acceleration and the required speed as swiftly as possible, be able to turn around the corners seamlessly and provide easy manoeuvring on tracks of all kinds. Such vehicles are engineered with the goal of sacrificing durability over performance. So, in case your vehicles have to suffer plenty of collisions on the track during a race, they probably would not survive all that mayhem.

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What type of motor do you require for RC Cars?

The  radio controlled world involves two types of motors: brushed and brushless. The next step in choosing the right RC cars for you is to determine the right kind of motor that suits your purpose.

Brushed motor

Ever since the hobby of radio controlled vehicles starting burgeoning or taking root, brushed motors have been in fashion. They can be bought at reasonable prices and are found in majority of the RC cars available on the market. They are less expensive than the devices that incorporate brushless motors. Brushed motors are generally fitted in such a way that they remain open to the external environment so that they remain at the required temperature. This also results in a lot of sand, dirt and other residue collecting in the motors and consequently contributes to their rapid wear and tear.

Brushless motor

Brushless motors are more highly priced, more efficient, provide more speed, more reliable and are more costly. They also do not wear out as quickly as their brushed counterparts but in case you have to get them replaced, you will have to spend more money. They are also more affected by variations in temperature but at the same time, provide more speed, acceleration and power.

You can always upgrade your radio controlled vehicles equipped with brushed motors to brushless motors. You generally have to spend more money when you start off with brushed motors and then switch over to brushless ones, but that cost stretches over a prolonged period of time. You would obviously have to spend more bucks first up when purchasing RC cars equipped with brushless motors.

2 Wheel Drive or 4 Wheel Drive?

 As opposed to the yesteryears, the market nowadays boasts plenty of vehicles that are 2 wheel drive and those that are 4 wheel drive. The decision to opt one over the other largely depends on the type of surface that you are intending to drive your vehicle over and the way you want your RC cars to be be handled.

2 Wheel Drive

 The vehicles that are 2 wheel drive generally are quite squirrelly and while moving in a straight line, when brakes are applied, a 180 degrees turn ensues. Controlling your 2 wheel drive vehicle over a surface that provides limited traction can be quite a tough job. A lot of people prefer to confront this kind of challenge since it does make them a good driver who is able to handle fast speed RC cars in the best way possible. Since they are a lot simpler and require lesser moving parts, so they tend to be quite reasonably priced.

4 Wheel Drive

Such vehicles are a lot easier to manoeuvre and can be driven the way the driver wants them to. All the four tires of such vehicles pull the machine along and hence provide a performance that is more reliable and durable. 4 wheel drive trucks perform better on rugged terrains. Owing to the complexities involved in their built and mechanics and default integration of brushless motors, these RC cars are generally highly priced as opposed to 2 wheel drive vehicles.

In contrast to the motors, it is almost always impossible to convert from a 2 wheel drive vehicle to a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Both the types of vehicles boast different chassis and overall design. So, whether you go for a 2 wheel drive or a 4 wheel drive vehicle, you will have to live with it unless you buy a new one.

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How to choose a brand?

This perhaps is the most difficult part of this guide since there are only six major types of RC vehicles out there but as far as the brands are concerned, there are hundreds of them. All the brands, however, are not the best ones available and more often than not, it can turn out to be difficult to distinguish a bad brand from a good one. Let’s have a look at the best brands available on the market.



Traxxas is the most distinguished and powerful RC truck brand in the world without any doubt. They deserve all the respect in the world of RC cars as well since they have produced one of the most durable and reliable RC vehicles in the world. Moreover, the research and development by Traxxas has resulted in the most incredible innovations that have brought about a revolution in the world. The biggest reason to buy a Traxxas RC truck is their easy and ubiquitous availability in stores around the world. If you are looking to find some accessories, spare parts or other add-ons, you can find out Traxxas items from virtually all the stores and hobby shops in your neighborhood. Moreover, as far as customer service is concerned, Traxxas have a standard of their own and their staff provides flawless customer service. You might end up paying a handsome amount for your Traxxas RC truck but the value and quality you get in return would be second to none.

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 Second in line to Traxxas, we have ECX who are famous for producing reliable and long lasting trucks boasting prices that are extremely realistic. Spare parts and customer service in terms of resolving customer issues after the product has been purchased are a couple of areas where ECX lags behind its competitor. Their products are not as ubiquitous as those manufactured by Traxxas and they also do not get a lot of third-party support in terms of accessories. Having said that, if your hobby shop in your neighborhood has some ECX spare parts up its sleeves, then their products are a pretty decent choice for your RC cars. Horizon Hobby are mainly responsible for handling and managing their customer support related issues.

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Another top of the line RC truck manufacturer is ARRMA. Their products are engineered at the same level of complexity as that carried out by ECX and they also suffer from the same issues as those undergone by ECX. They do not boast a lot of presence in hobby shop around the country while accessory options are also few and far in between. They offer products with seamless handling capabilities and are supported by yet another tech giant namely Hobbico.

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The main focus of the technology and innovation utilized by Vaterra is to scale accuracy and precision in their products. They have produced some of the most wonderful RC cars available on the market. Their rock crawlers and monster trucks have earned a name for themselves in the market. But they also suffer from lack of presence in the hobby shops. So, you need to ensure that your hobby shops in your vicinity display spare parts by Vaterra before latching onto one of their products.

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Axial are far ahead of their competitors in producing some stupendous quality rock crawlers. Axial are the entrenched market leaders and no one is even close to outdoing them in their line of business. Recently, they have been endeavoring to try their luck in the market with regard to other types of radio controlled vehicles. They have made inroads in terms of making money but their products other than rock crawlers have not received the kind of plaudits and appreciation as that expected. If you are looking to get your hands on a rock crawler, then Axial is the way to go. Else, we would suggest you to dig deeper before making your final decision.

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 Losi/Team Losi Racing

 Losi have got a decades old experience in the field of racing. They are renowned the world over for producing the best ever RC trucks and buggies. They have also recently started producing bashing vehicles and have gained a lot of success in this domain as well. However, their expertise lie in the racing department and this is what they are known for among the RC cars fans. They are not as ubiquitous in the hobby shops around the country so you should carry out your research thoroughly before purchasing their product. Having said that, there are not a lot of Losi vehicles that should be bought with eyes closed.

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Team Associated

 Similar to Losi, Team Associated are well known in the racing circles. They have also produced some of the best quality trucks in the past. They have also produced some of the leading bashing trucks around. If you are looking to indulge yourself in fierce competition and hit the racing tracks, then you should opt for this brand if you find your nearby hobby shops boasting their parts support.

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Conclusion on RC Cars

We hope that this guide will go a long way in helping you find the best available RC cars around. The points discussed above can certainly help you out in conducting a fruitful discussion with the RC Cars lovers in your neighborhood. Every hobby shop boasts a limited range of products so what really might be the best option in one neighborhood, might not be actually a really good option in the other one. Nevertheless, whatever vehicle you pick, ensure that you have a lot of fun driving it around. Find below list of best RC Cars available in the market.

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