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We will bring to you every minute detail about the DJI Mavic Air ranging from launch details to rumors. An announcement event was organized on 23rd January 10AM EST. It was expected that official announcement about the product’s launch would be made at this event. So, the next big thing from the tech giant DJI is just around the corner. Stay connected for all the latest updates.

DJI URL confirms Mavic Air

You can find out on the manufacturer’s official website a confirmation of this event being intended to be used to make an announcement about the launch of the DJI Mavic Air.

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Video teaser by DJI for the Adventure Unfolds event

A few glimpses of this product can be viewed in the video. The initial few looks make it appear as a fixed-wing aircraft. The huge areas which seem to be the top of the drone appear to last forever. This is where the rumors of a fixed-wing drone that resembles the Parrot Disco originate from. This could be an interesting initiative by DJI.

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The images below are reminiscent of the original DJI Mavic Pro. If you closely watch the video, you can figure out the following images of the product.

At the first look, this seems to be the battery of the drone. The three octagonal shapes could be the battery LEDs.

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However, as we give a closer look at the image and carry out some photo-editing, you will find out that what we initially suspected to be the battery of the drone is actually a mesh guard. It probably is an export port for venting out heat from the processing unit. DJI Mavic Air is similar to the DJI Mavic Pro that has the heat vent at the rear end of the drone.

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