Skydio 3D Scan

Skydio 3D Scan is the new benchmark

Skydio company has really rose to fame in recent weeks as a result of its innovative crash-proof, truly “follow-me” drone called Skydio 2. Now, it has a software that is equally as smart as the drone itself. Today, it has announced that the availability of the Skydio 3D Scan can be used to further automate the data captures from the drones.

What does the Skydio 3D Scan mean for the commercial drone applications?

Skydio 3D Scan

The introduction of Skydio 3D Scan within the different Skydio drones just shows that the different drone companies are paying considerable attention to commercial functions such as visual inspections. The old means or methodologies involved workers being accustomed to bundle trucks. This was a consequence to systems being slow and usually unreactive.

The drones nowadays can conduct the visual inspections without putting their respective drone operations at risk. However, the aerial drones these days are also very difficult to administer. In fact, there are many times that the enterprise operators have used drones instead of a human reaction to conduct visual inspections.

In 2021, particularly with the innovations, the data has become too much to manage. The drone pilots now can easily capture the data. The problem he faces is the management and the interpretation of it. This is why the introduction of Skydio 3D Scan is crucial for not just the gathering of the data, but also its interpretation with the new software.


As per today’s news, the Skydio 3D Scan is available in the company’s innovative $1,000 Skydio 2 drone. Sooner, it will also be compatible with the higher-end Skydio X2 drone. This drone is designed specifically for the commercial use.

This scan is now available on Skydio 2 and the Skydio X2 drone that is soon to arrive in the market. The software can be bought as an external option with the Skydio 2 drone. The cost starts from $2,999 per drone per year, integrated with the vehicles and all the other transport facilities.

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