Women Skydio Drone Pilots

Women Skydio Drone Pilots believed to be 5%

As the Women’s History Month is about to finish, Skydio gave some of its data. Whether the statistics of the women skydio drone pilots seems surprising to you or not, we will leave it to you entirely.

What does the statistic mean for the Women Skydio Drone Pilots?

It was estimated that 5% of the overall pilots were the women skydio drone pilots. This data was shared by Skydio in March 2021. If we talk about the commercial drone pilots, they have a 6.7% of female pilots. There were a total of 160,000 FAA registered pilots.

7% of the commercial drone pilot licenses are associated with women, whereas 6.67% of the private pilot licenses are associated with women. There is one note regarding the statistics of women drone pilots that it was based on the 100 most common male or female names instead of experts checking the percentage by gender.

Despite the data being authentic, there could be problems such as James being associated with female or Olivia associated with males. Who knows that the women skydio drone pilots have bought the drones and men pilots are flying it (and vice versa). Everything is possible with such calculation.

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Having said that, Skydio has shared data across many social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. If you want to join female drone communities for interaction regarding drones, do not waste time and join Amelia Droneharts. This will give you a daily coverage of all the happenings surrounding the women drone pilots.

Summing up

Skydio has made some of the finest drones in the world, most notably Skydio 2, which can be bought at a price of $999. For the women skydio drone pilots, this drone is considered to be autonomous. This drone has a 200-degree colored camera which allows it to capture everything. Most importantly, it never crashes.

If we talk about applications, Skydio 2 can be used in covering sports events such as snowboarding or skateboarding. The drone navigates around specific trees, and avoids tunnels or pathways that leads to chances of crash.

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