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Skydio Enterprise Platforms Open Down Under

There is good news for drone pilots in Australia and New Zealand. Now, they can access Skydio’s enterprise platforms in those countries. The organizations behind these crash-proof drones issued a statement this month about their autonomous drone. They claimed that Skydio 2, along with its software solutions, such as Skydio Autonomy Enterprise Foundation, are available to the public in these countries.

What to expect from these enterprise platforms?

After the opening of enterprise platforms, Skydio state that they are working hard with the public sectors of both Australia and New Zealand. Their objective is to enter the market, to provide “high-value, low-friction operations beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS)”. For the United States’ drone flights, Skydio referred to how they received complex and in-depth approvals for conducting the BVLOS procedures. 

Skydio X2

As part of the expansion news down under, the company announced that Skydio and Skydio X2 possess Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) certification. In these countries, Skydio X2 is available for pre-order and is ready to be shipped in the third quarter of 2021. Given their crash-proof functionalities, the people at the enterprise platforms claimed that the drones are more suited to sports. 

A drone can go between the trees to catch a biker or could visualize slopping terrain while filming a snowboarder. However, the crash-proof facility has proven to be beneficial for enterprise procedures. Therefore, the new Skydio inventions are more suited to bridge inspections and tactical emergency response. Furthermore, they can play a part in conducting inspections of railroad tracks and railyards.


Skydio services include Skydio 3D Scan and Skydio Cloud. Moreover, its enterprise platforms and public customer sectors consist of Sundt Construction, the Ohio Department of Transportation, the North Carolina Department of Transportation, BNSF Railway, and Boston PD. Skydio’s growth strategy has a specific objective on global expansion into the Asia Pacific region. In the fourth quarter of 2020, Skydio opened offices in Japan. 

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