BVLOS Rules Described by FAA Chief

If you don’t like the current beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) rules, you are one of us. Many people have disagreed massively on the current rules and regulations. One of those people is FAA Administrator Steve Dickson. At the AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2021 conference, Dickson gave a keynote speech. The tone was largely optimistic and the speech name was “Policy Leading to Trusted Integration,”. 

Steve Dickson on the BVLOS rules


Steve Dickson claimed that the new BVLOS rules are just not up to the mark. 

“For one thing, verifying operations consistently is not a feasible or efficient way for the future. It’s not in the best interests of the agency. Neither it is in the best interests of the manufacturers. Moreover, it doesn’t give us the kind of clear picture about how we need to visualize operations around the national airspace.” Steve Dickson

Furthermore, Dickson claimed that the new BVLOS rules are often seen as an interference to the drone industry. In an evolving industry, these new sets of rules may slow the speed of scaling drone operations. Safety has always been the priority of the FAA, and the drone industry must avoid any kind of mishaps to elevate even further. 

Even though the coronavirus pandemic hampered the industry, the social distancing setups enabled the drone experts to create a better impression for the drones in the eyes of the public.

What does the future hold?

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The good news is that Steve Dickson’s statements have bore fruit in the drone market. We have seen improvement in the current BVLOS rules.

The public completely expects all aspects of aviation to be as secure as commercial aircraft. Businesses and operators who don’t understand the severity of the situation will not be part of the business plans soon” claims Dickson 

Earlier on in 2021, the FAA stated the new Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC). This committee would help the FAA to develop regulatory paths for routine drone flights. There can be more recommendations later in 2021.

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