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Super bowl LVI

If you are fascinated by drone flights then absolutely you will be aware of drone light shows. If not then we would like to inform you about this amazing happening. So many drone pilots and drone experts can fly a drone near LOS ANGELES but it is said to be a “No Drone Zone”. 

The Super Bowl is the Sports League Championship. The epic Super Bowl LVI was held on 13 February 2022. This interesting game was played between the National Football Conference Champion Los Angeles Rams and the American Conference Champion Cincinnati Bengals in downtown Los Angeles Convention Center, California at SOFI Stadium. This Stadium is located about four miles from the Los Angeles International Airport.

In this marvelous Super Bowl Drone show, almost five hundred drones took participation to create different designs shapes as a football and NFL logo, It was the very first super bowl drone light show of ten minutes, in which drones were flying in various formations and spanning six hundred feet wide and also more than four hundreds feet tall and this overall mechanism were operated by twenty technicians efficiently with great skills they had.

That was an awesome opportunity for visitors and Los Angeles residents to entertain by enjoying multiple Super Bowl drone light show performances each night of the weekend. This was the first drone light show conducted by the NFL itself, otherwise there are so many drones who had featured in the Super Bowl as well.

Further, we talk about the Sydney Festival, when AGB Events and Destination NSW produced one of the largest illuminated Drone Light Shows in Australia. Where five hundred intel illuminated drones showed their magnifying performance from January 1 till January 5, 2022.

Let us go back to March 2019, throughout the Pepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. where many drones hover as Maroon five performed with Travis Scott, Big Bío, and Sleepy Brown.

Further, great audiences were captivated back in 2017, when hundreds of drones flew during Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime show during Super Bowl Li at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Although such drone shows are very costly you get to know how much does a drone light show costs by just clicking here.