Tomzon Mini Drone

Tomzon Mini Drone looks to be a benchmark

The Tomzon Mini Drone looks set to be deal for the kids around the world. When I was trying to fly it, I used to burst out laughing. Maybe you think that I am a 12 year old, but it is an excellent drone for kids and also for the adults to improve their flying experience.

What to expect from the Tomzon Mini Drone?

Tomzon Mini Drone

The Tomzon Mini Drone is set to be the flying pig of mini drones in the drone industry. It is considered to be an LED-lit stunt drone with numerous set of modes such as flips. I will definitely recommend this drone for kids if they want to make a certain party memorable.

Apart from the party tricks, it also has the attribute to toggle on/off altitude hold. Furthermore, it can fly with or without the headless mode. Therefore, it can also be considered beneficial for training purposes. An adult can easily rely on this drone instead of going for the most expensive camera drone from the start. Initially, the price of the Tomzon Mini Drone was said to be $50 on Amazon platform. However, it now varies between $25 to $30.

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If you want to talk about its battery charger, the charging gets done via a simple USB cable. The best thing is that you can charge the batteries separately. It means that you can use one battery to fly the mini drone and one battery to charge.

Final Thoughts

The Tomzon Mini Drone was really fun to use. After I unboxed it, it literally took minutes for it to go up in the air. There won’t be a camera, which you can argue is an important feature of a drone. However, this drone is pretty cost-effective in the market considering the prices of intro drones in the market.

If you don’t mind spending over $100 on the drones, make sure you look into the Tello drone. Even though it is expensive, it has a lot of features which brings positive perspective from the drone enthusiasts.

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