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There has been a tremendous revolution in the way technology has been able to shape up our day-to-day lives. In the same way, technology has been able to bring about a massive shift in our perspectives towards Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS). Ranging from tiny toy drones to professional and advanced airplanes and copters, these devices have become a lot more affordable and within the reach of the common citizens like most of us all. Even the new hobbyists who are in the phase of learning the art and science of flying drones, can get to perform such jaw-dropping maneuvers due to the ease of flight controls integrated into the upcoming machines. One can find the mighty DJI Phantom series quadcopters virtually in every enthusiasts armory, in every neighborhood of every city.


This article features:
– How to make money with camera drones by capturing videos
– Exploring possible ways to capture videos/pictures through drones and resell
– 20 Possible ways are discussed for capturing videos and pictures through camera drones

There has been an unimaginable improvement in the way cameras have evolved over time. They are now much smaller in size, lighter in weight, capture video footages at unbelievably high resolutions and come with much more sophisticated lenses. A proliferation of technology has occurred really! Once the drones had been developed and the cameras had become so advanced, it was almost inevitable that the two would be coupled together by virtue of some state-of-the-art, yet reasonably priced electronic gimbals that are used to ensure that the drone remains as much stable as possible; thereby producing photographs and videos of incredible quality.

Those who had been keeping an eye at the development and evolution of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and their integration with high quality cameras (the whole assembly is commonly referred to as “drones”), probably were well-aware of the way they were going to impact different industries and become a phenomenal advancement in science and technology.According to Ken Loo who is a Sunnyvale Mechanical engineer, “There’s tremendous potential in this market to make it really big.” Ken Loo carved out his own UAV using a 3-D printer and aspires to become a drone consultant in the coming future.

He believes that “there are possibilities beyond the realms of the unthinkable.”What I personally think, and it might be a cliché, is that “the possibilities are endless”. Let’s have a look at some mind-boggling ideas and their application that this blend of drone and video can be used by the video entrepreneurs, also called as vtreps, to discover, explore and tap the uncharted territories brimming with hitherto hidden potential.

Aerial Surveying

Aerial surveys have been an arena covered by commercial piloted helicopters and airplanes for a long time. Aerial surveying has been used in the formulation of maps, sketching of detailed description of the natural and artificial features of an area on a map, detection of various geographic features, excavation and study of centuries-old artefacts and Geographic Information System (GIS) applications that provide relevant information on the areas that cannot be seen or measured from the ground.

We can now find small UAV operators working in a variety of fields such as the science in which measurements are determined from photographs and in the formulation of an essential base map layer for a Geographic Information System (GIS). These small unmanned systems are able to support a large range of photographic and video payloads, turn out to be extremely affordable and can travel at far lower speeds and at incredibly lower altitudes; feats which cannot be mastered by our common large sized, bulky airplanes.

Building and Monetizing a YouTube Channel

A number of YouTube subscribers and dronies have taken a fancy to drone HD videos 1080p. Team Blacksheep have been able to gain great traction among its subscribers on YouTube simply by posting and sharing kickass videos shot and recorded with the help of their RC quadcopters from intriguing and attractive places all over the globe. You can exploit the followers of your channel and the views of your videos in a number of ways to make money on YouTube.

You can advertise and promote your products on your YouTube channel.You can use it to direct user traffic to your ecommerce store or webpage. You can even place advertisements and product promotions in your videos, get yourself admitted to the YouTube advertising partner program or even become a famous YouTube celebrity with lots of video views and plenty of fan following!

Competitive Intelligence

Capturing aerial photographs for investigation and exploration purposes and to collate valuable information about rivals has long been in practice. It is now possible to gather data regarding the capacity of manufacturing units, the number of workers, capacity to expand operations and functions, and other such associated information using drones which would otherwise could be very expensive with piloted commercial airplanes and helicopters.

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Conservation, Environmental Regulation and Compliance

Just recently, the Wildlife Conservation Society initiated a capacity building program of the workers of the Belize Fisheries Department to employ a couple of drones to keep track of illicit fishing endeavors. As soon as the lobster season went into full swing, the drones were sent whizzing through the air. This is just one example of how the use of drones is being expanded into different spheres of life and especially in the area of conservation and to curb illegitimate practices that could harm the ecosystem adversely.

There are other examples of the use of drones in this field as well. Biologists and scientists are making use of photographs and videos captured by unmanned aerial vehicles to number birds and animals whose numbers are diminishing at a rapid pace in the world. Those responsible to enforce law with regard to the environment are making use of drone videos of keep a stern eye at illicit logging and dumping of harmful substances into lakes, ponds and natural reservoirs of water.


The innovative and novel idea of delivery of commercial products was introduced by Amazon and gained a lot of traction among the users. However, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proved to be a severe roadblock in the path of this venture as it prohibited Lakemaid Bear Drone Services to Ice Fishermen in Wisconsin and Minnesota from flying drones and halted their services. So, the idea had to be dumped not long after it had been initiated. However, in other parts of the world where delivery through drones offers economical, affordable, reliable and faster possibilities; this technique of product delivery via drones is becoming popular among the masses. UAVs are being used to deliver medicines to patients in critical conditions, small piece of machinery and other documents that need to be delivered early due to time constraints.

Disaster Relief

In case of natural and manmade catastrophes such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes, live video feeds can be viewed by the public safety officials. This also makes it possible for the concerned authorities to keep track of devastation and the subsequent rescue and rehabilitation activities that are difficult to be monitored due to inaccessible locations or dangerous and life threatening circumstances. Not so long ago, in the aftermath of some very serious earthquakes, authorities related to disaster management and emergency response in Central American nations, collaborated with drone pilots who were responsible to provide the concerned officials requisite video footages of the quake-hit areas.

These HD videos 1080p were then used to coordinate the relief and rescue activities in areas severely devastated by the jolts. UAVs are also be brought into use in Fukushima, Japan where Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant underwent a nuclear melt down about three years ago in the wake of a horrific tsunami. Despite its closure, the leaked radiation in the atmosphere poses a great health threat to the local residents and visitors in the area. Similarly, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) can also utilize drones to carry out humanitarian efforts and deliver food, water and medical facilities to areas that are not accessible through the land route.

Feature Filmmaking

With the help of a high resolution camera perfect for cinematography mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicle, filmmakers can capture tracking shots since the assembly of a drone and a camera is able to provide perfect camera movement, seamless stability and unfathomable high quality. This can make the more traditional equipment such as a jib, dolly, crane or camera placed on a helicopter redundant and makes them look less versatile and old-school technology.

Hollywood film producers have been lobbying with the government authorities to allow them use drones legally in their film productions. The government is considering their request in this regard though we all are cognizant of the fact that UAVs have already been used in film productions by the film and TV producers in the past!

Low Altitude Banner Advertising

This might not be exactly a video-based money making opportunity for the entrepreneurs but what the heck! Last week during a visit to the Cancun beach, we witnessed a quadcopter promoting a local nightclub with a banner hanging from it while it made a considerably low altitude flight. The drone was being flown by the flight with First Person View (FPV) using a GoPro camera which was attached to the drone and the real time video feed was being relayed back to the pilot’s display screen integrated on his set of controllers. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Micro Job Video Sites

Drone video related services are being offered by numerous expert cinematographers on micro job websites such as VideoToOrder.com which is a freelance video marketplace designed for the sharing and purchase and sale of videos. These HD videos 1080p encompass a wide range of topics and are developed with passion, creativity and keeping in mind the needs of the user. The videos are targeted towards audience and can be used for advertisement and product promotion purposes at one end and can also be used to send personalized messages to friends, family and loved ones on different occasions.

We come across an entire gamut of drone videos: daredevil, strange, fearsome, and professional, in various costumes and shot at different locations around the globe. Two kinds of videos stand out from the rest of the pack. One of these are the videos shot under water and the other ones are those that shoot a drone capturing a video. You can utilize your lateral thinking and offer your expertise in delivering freelance video production business to deliver messages related to birthday wishes, get well soon wishes, congratulations, condolences etc.

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News Footage

News reporting is being done by thousands of journalists and video bloggers across the globe. Our recent history is full of such instances where UAVs were utilized to capture photographs and HD videos 1080p footages from areas suffering from turmoil, conflict, disaster, civil war etc. The use of UAVs provides the reporters the opportunity to report a news while staying at a safe distance from a precarious situation. The drone pilots can cover an entire event be it a rally, a protest or a sit-in without having to spend a great deal and while ensuring safety. And we all know it! Paparazzi are also using UAVs to intrude into the daily lives of our favorite celebrities.

Pipeline and Electrical Line Inspection

In the past, oil, gas and electricity generation, transmission and supply enterprises have been using commercially piloted airplanes and helicopters to oversee, monitor and maintain several miles long electrical lines, towers and power stations located in far flung areas in addition to pipelines and pumping stations. This task is now being taken over by the unmanned aerial vehicles armed with high quality cameras to inspect and monitor the above mentioned equipment. Remember that these inspection tasks are considered among the extreme jobs and have resulted into several casualties.

Precision Agriculture

With the help of UAVs, farmers can pursue precision agriculture while keeping a close eye at their crops spread over acres of land. This can result into lots of spending that otherwise would have been caused due to dependence on commercial piloted aircrafts or even on manual survey of crops. These modern day drones are equipped with especially designed cameras that allow the user to view designated frequencies of infrared video and hence by comparing the different color patterns, one can determine the health of crops. The UAVs let the farmers carry out closer inspection and even pursue prognosis, diagnosis and at the spot treatment in some cases. Studies reveal that the farmers who have got into the habit of using drones for surveillance of crops and fields have been able to get high yields, reduction in damage to plants and ultimately diminished expenses. A Win-Win situation for all!

Real Estate HD videos 1080p

This is presumably the most burgeoning field related to drone videos that is being significantly used by the dronies who excel in aerial photography and video footages. Real estate agents and companies all over the world have begun to realize that properties, cottages, bungalows, flats etc. when captured by drones flying at lower altitudes, gain traction among the potential customers who are able to take close look at the features being boasted by the sellers; hence resulting into greater sales! Moreover, real estate agents who hire drone video companies, have been reportedly getting more property listings.

Resort and Hotel Advertising

Just like real estate videos, hotel owners can make use of drones to capture aerial images and videos to portray their luxurious hotels located on ideal landscapes to their prospective customers. This is a time of saturation! In this modern day and age, hotels and resorts have been indulged in a ferocious competition of seeking the attention of clients and getting advertising impressions. With the proliferation of hotel reservation applications on the web and for mobile and handheld devices, unique and different video perspectives can prove to be the difference between getting trampled by your competitors or attaining unimaginably high return on investment.

We have received remuneration for furnishing drone videos and also received free boarding and lodging at luxury resorts at Cozumel and Cancun in Mexico. Isn’t it fun to get paid for something you love to do? Why not wander around the world with your drone video camera and earn some money as you go along?

Search and Rescue

Quite recently, an 82-year old citizen from Virginia named Guillermo De Venecia went missing. The elderly man was believed to be suffering from hearing and memory loss. Police was contacted and search parties were dispatched in a quest to find out the veteran resident from Virginia. The search operation continued for around three days in which hundreds of volunteers, search dogs and a helicopter participated. Every nook and corner of the nearby forest and acres of fields were searched. Fitchburg Police, having failed to find out the lost man, issued an alert for the nearby population to inform them in case they came across the old man. David Lesh, by virtue of his drone, was able to find out De Venecia is just 20 minutes!


Any undesired intrusion can be curbed by keeping track of trespasses from security sensitive locations through the use of HD videos 1080p recorded with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles. An acquaintance of ours was hired by a local aquaculture enterprise and tasked to fly his drone equipped with thermal imaging camera over almost 150 acres of land at night.The firm had to suffer financial losses owing to the theft of fish and the contamination of a nearby body of water.

So, the company decided to hire a security personnel armed with a state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicle for surveillance purposes who could ensure that a large area of land could be kept under strict watch and further break-ins could be avoided. So, instead of employing five or six security officers or even an entire contingent of security staff, the company deemed it appropriate and cost-effective to hire just a single individual with a drone. And our acquaintance is mighty happy with his job.

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Sports and Events Videography

These days many a television broadcasting organizations are resorting to capturing spectacular sports events from the above using UAVs. These machines are being used to cover ESPN’s X Games, the Olympics, the Boston Marathon, Tour de France, football and cricket matches, and much more. And the producers will be adding more and more sporting events to this list. Sports videography is going to be on a rampage in the days to come!

Structural Inspection and Construction Site Data

In the recent past, floods of biblical proportions wreaked havoc in our hometown and numerous dronies were appreciated for their humanitarian efforts. These guys helped the public safety officials to get access to their drone’s First Person View (FPV) feeds and hence live real time visual images that allowed the law enforcement agencies and structural engineers to gauge the extent to which the roads and connecting bridges had been damaged. One of those dronies has ended up in a contract with the local utility company and also provides video footages to a local news network for money.

Construction companies and architects have also recommended to hire drone operators to help them get access to videos and images of buildings under construction with perspectives that could give a fair idea of the progress. Likewise, insurance companies have also used drones to measure the damage caused to the roof of a building as a result of a hailstorm. Certainly a lot safer method than to ask your adjustors to climb up the rooftop and put their lives at risk to assess the damage!

Surveillance and Private Investigation

There have been news of private detectives and agents being hired by individuals and insurance agencies to around New York in the United States to make use of drones and investigate deceitful spouses or those claimants who feign an injury just to evade the insurance companies. There are certainly some aspects regarding drones that can spoil a private investigations such as ear-splitting rotor noise and the limited capabilities of the cameras mounted on the drones. But drones can prove to be an excellent tool in private investigations.

Wedding Videos

The modern day brides and grooms are requesting their relatives to arrange for them crews who come equipped with drones with cameras mounted on them so that in addition to the traditional wedding videos, aerial photographs and HD videos 1080p footages from different perspectives can be viewed. And these requests do have some merit. Most of the outdoor locations for weddings are selected based on their spectacular and splendid surroundings. With the help of drones, you can capture all the vibrant colors and festivities of a wedding from angles never thought of in the past ever.

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