Sony Airpeak Drone

Sony Airpeak Drone amazes the fans

CES 2021 is said to be virtual for 2021. However, that doesn’t take away the excitement it brings to the table. One of the exciting announcements by them was of Sony Airpeak Drone. This week, Sony shared a couple of images and a few details regarding its new product.

What does the Sony Airpeak Drone bring to the table?

Sony Airpeak Drone will be associated with professional photography and videos. It also possesses Sony’s Alpha male cameras. According to the company, this drone is capable of dynamic movie-making, stable flights, and gives great input for entertainment purposes.

Apart from entertainment purposes, Sony has also announced an innovative drone product in the field of Artificial Intelligence Robotics. That product is also called the Airpeak Drone. Its release is to be expected in mid of 2021. Certain details like price, altitude, speed is yet to be announced by the company.

Even though they have refused to comment on the important specifications, Sony published a 2-minute video of the Sony Airpeak Drone. In it, we can watch the drone exclusively as well as the videos/photos taken by the drones.

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Design of Sony Airpeak Drone

If we consider the design, Sony Airpeak Drone resembles the design of the Yuneec Typhoon H. The biggest similarity between both of these modules is the landing gear. An effective landing gear ensures that the landing does not happen the moment you take a shot.

Sony stated that apart from the “unseen images” that this drone is effective in creating, it also has a great say in the cost-efficiency of the industrial sector. Sony has taken the reference of technology and image details, particularly the 3R technology in this regard. In the 3R technology, the company has looked into the remote-based functionalities which ensure comfort and easiness to the customer.

Certain organizations such as GoPro have tried to create a drone of their own. However, they proved to be unsuccessful. Apart from the incomplete functionalities, GoPro experienced drone halts as the product was continuously falling from the sky before the completion of the Karma Production.

3D Robotics has also attempted to make a drone. However, they couldn’t do much as well. The product launched was called 3D Iris. It generated many negative reviews and was considered a flop. The younger version of 3D iris produced buggy components. Therefore, it also never got any momentum.

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However, Sony Airpeak Drone has completely changed the perspective of drone fans. They feel that something special is happening with this innovation and the drone producers may have found a great breakthrough with this product. They feel that its multi-functionality will enable them to use it for various reasons in their life. So it is important for us to keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best in this regard.

Final Verdict

Sony Airpeak Drone is destined to create a new dimension in the drone industry. It remains to be seen whether it will be one of the best innovations of 2021. For any queries regarding this product, feel free to ask in the comment section below:

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