World’s Smallest Camera Drone is All Set to Get Going (Already Out)!

From being regarded as ludicrous epiphanies dreamt by nerds, drones have now become technological marvels that are ruling the roost. All this transformation has transpired within a minute span of time and is nothing less than incredible. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles were once deemed to be sophisticated devices meant to be used by professional businesses in a bid to expand their realm and customer base for that matter. Construction companies utilized these stupendous devices to take an aerial view of properties while video firms made use of these machines to capture aerial videos and photographs as a cost-effective substitute to renting out helicopters. Today, you can walk into any hobby shop or even a toy store and get your hands on a complete drone for no more than $50.

There are so many models and variations of drones available on the market that it is very difficult for a common consumer to distinguish between them. But there is an enterprise that is about to introduce you to a drone that will remain in your memory for quite some time in the future. Here comes the world’s smallest camera drone!

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Crowdfunded products generally do not make it to the point where they are released formally and become available for consumers all over the world. But Aerius drone by Axis Drones was able to get over this hurdle with seamless ease.

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The question comes quite naturally: how smallest is the world’s smallest camera drone? You can view it in the image below and boy it is even smaller than a quarter standing on its edge. That’s unbelievable; ain’t it?

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Let’s go through some of the key features with the world’s smallest camera drone Aerius as enlisted on the Axis Drones website:

  • It is the world’s smallest camera drone with dimensions: 3cm x 3cm x 2cm
  • Very compact in size with 2.4GHz controller with drone storage/transport compartment
  • 5-7 minutes of flight duration for every 15 minutes of charging time via USB cable; 3.7V 80mAh battery
  • 2-speeds pre-programmed for desired level of flight sensitivity
  • Headless mode designed for newbies to keep track of their machine’s orientation
  • 6-axis gyroscope ensures that the device remains stable, steady and centered
  • Omnidirectional yaw lets users to flawlessly adjust orientation of their machine
  • Pre-programmed Trick Mode algorithm lets users carry out incredible flips and barrel rolls
  • Bright LED colored lights allows users to enjoy nighttime excursions and keep track of the orientation of their device during flight
  • Can be bought in any of the four colors on offer and controller accents
  • Portability is not issue; fun is guaranteed and a brilliant way to learn to fly drones indoors

smallest drone

The world’s smallest camera drone Aerius is so compact in size that it can be accommodated in the radio controller when it is not being flown. Take a look at this video and see for yourself this amazing drone in action.

YouTube video

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