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Places Where You Should Not Learn to Fly Drones

While learning how to fly drones, there are certain places that are more suitable as compared to others. If you live in a city and are a novice, I would never recommend you to learn to fly drones in your backyard. The lack of space will make it extremely difficult for you to control the device and move it around. You should prefer locations that are wide and open and free of any obstacles. Moreover, your area of practice should not cause a lot of damage to your quadcopter and there should not be a lot of people of around. Here are 6 places where you should never ever attempt to learn to fly drones.

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6 – Do Not Fly Drones near a body of Water

Flying a drone near a body of water is nothing but equivalent to testing out your destiny. Search with the keyword Drone Water Crashes on YouTube and you would get to know what I meant by it actually. It takes a minor mistake, strong wind or the battery running out of juice and your drone will come crashing down into the body of water. It does not matter whether the water body is small or large. Avoiding it at all costs is the best course of action. I agree that skimming over the water while flying a drone is nothing short of sensational. But it is far too risky and is not worth a dime. Here is a video of this Dutch flyer that will explain why I am telling you all these things.

YouTube video

5 – Do Not Fly Drones In the woods

Like a number of dronies out there, you will also be tempted to carry your drone to a camping trip so that you are able to capture the stunning landscapes of nature. But such areas could be really dangerous for drones if there are lots of trees in the vicinity. Even the most efficient and experienced of drone pilots tend to have issues while trying to navigate their drone through the woods. I do not mean to say that you should not ever fly around woods or inside them but I would suggest you to get better at flying before you attempt this feat. In addition, you should also avoid flying over a bunch of trees since in case of a crash, you might never be able to find your drone ever. Having said that, the guy in this video got extremely fortunate!

YouTube video

4 – Do Not Fly Drones In The Backyard

There is no point in practicing how to fly a drone in your backyard. Until and unless you live in a god-forsaken place, you are always going to find houses, animals, human beings and other obstructions in your surroundings. In addition, if your drone is equipped with a camera, it could also cause grave concerns in the minds and heads of your neighbors in terms of violation of their privacy. Drones are still making their niche in the public sphere and there are people who still consider drones a risky and fishy business. Do not earn bad name for drones by troubling your neighbors. If you can learn to fly drones in wide, open spaces, where there are minimal hindrances, this will be the way to go.

3 – Indoors

Indoor flights depend on the size of your drone. For instance, CX-10 and Syma X12 are ideal machines for indoor flight adventures. They boast compact size and are very light in weight which implies that they should not be able to cause a lot of damage to their surroundings. As a matter of fact, they have been designed especially for the beginners and are exactly the devices you should get your hands on while learning to fly drones. I would strongly suggest you not to try flying machines such as DJI Phantom 3 indoors since they boast large size and do not pose nice prospects for indoor flights. Indoor flights can always be tempting, but if you are able to avoid your inclination, you will definitely be able to save a few bucks up your sleeves.

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2 – Local parks

If there are not a lot of people around, then flying a drone in a local park could be a pretty good idea. However, if there are a lot of people in your surroundings, then never fly drones in your life again. You never know when a crash would happen and in case it does happen, you do not want your machine to barge right into a human being and cause severe injuries. There are a number of cities around the world, which are striving to prohibit drone flying in local parks. I am not in favor of these embargos but I am of the view that you should obey the rules and regulations imposed by the local authorities at all costs. Any violation could either have your drone confiscated or you could end up in detention.

1 – Utility easements

This is a piece of land that is utilized by utility companies to gain access to specific parts of a property. Apparently, they are the best place for learning to fly drones since there won’t be too many obstructions or people in the surroundings. You could get an idea of what I am saying by looking at the picture below. You can see that despite the fact that there are plenty of wide open spaces in this area, but there are lots of high tension power transmission lines as well. All utility easements are not of this nature, but many are, and you should avoid them no matter what.

Utility Easement


If there are not many people around, then football, baseball and other such fields that are wide and open are ideal for learning to fly drones. Also remember to avoid places that have tall grass since if you end up crashing your drone, it will be very difficult for you to find it out in case it gets lost in the tall grass. Moreover, if a local park is the only location that you can find to learn to fly drones, then opt for the off-peak hours when the place is not crowded. For more insight into learning how to fly a drone, check following article.

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