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Nazi used drohne , and airborne robots from 1946 to 1980

Drohne- Airborne Robots

Nazis used drones, and airborne robots, in the 1940s, 1960s, and 1980s. They have shown up in every Machine Games entry with various designs and strategies.


An independent combat aircraft called the WESPE drone is run by a simple AI system. Dr. Ludwig Wald, one of Germany’s best radio engineers, created it in the late 1940s as a method of rapidly surveying vast regions of Nazi-controlled towns from above without the need for a human component. Since then, it has undergone various improvements, including the addition of ramjet engines and power-efficient laser guns.

A few Drones have been used to defend the Nazi moon base’s perimeter by 1960, apparently adapted to function above the lunar surface.


With its slow movement and audible firing noise, the original model is dated. They also have poor armor. These drones fire tiny rockets they are equipped with at B.J. If it is destroyed, it will self-destruct. Strangely, BJ may pick up the wrecked Drone parts and use them as armor.


The Drone model was modified in 1960—it now has three engines instead of two, travels faster, makes fewer sounds when working, has thicker armor, and can swiftly deflect hostile bullets. They are equipped with an upgraded, very accurate MG-60. A few modified drones are stationed outside Moon Base One to patrol the lunar landscape. If destroyed, they will self-destruct like their predecessor.


Gonna make me chase ya, ain’t ya?
—B.J. comes upon Set Roth’s drone.

The drone is still relatively weak despite its larger new design because B.J. can destroy it with a few bullets from a Maschinenpistole or one fire from a Hammergewehr. Its weapon has been modified to shoot a focused laser beam akin to the Lasergewehr, but it’s still hazardous. In contrast to the 1960 drone model, the drone looks to be an older 1950s design. This is likely a result of German forces in the “American Colonies” not placing as much emphasis on the newest technology, with the ÜberSoldat being one of the major exceptions. This was also a result of the ongoing war in Africa, as well as the fact that (ironically, it turns out) America was seen as having been effectively “pacified” in general.

The drones also serve as area monitoring, alerting the user if they notice an opponent. Similar to the Laser Hund, when they are destroyed, they crash to the ground and explode, perhaps hurting the player and occasionally even knocking them backward.


In Neu-Paris in the 1980s, the drone reappears. Although they resemble their American counterparts, some of these drones contain missile launchers rather than laser weapons. Additionally, there is a possibility of coming across the Elektrodrone, a variation of the drone that is outfitted with an electric cannon that operates on the same principles as the Elektrokraftwerk as opposed to a missile launcher. You only come across these Drones during the Treasure Hunt assignment.


The New Order

  •  The Drone’s accuracy across a long distance and speed make it highly annoying. Its thin armor, though, makes it susceptible to a single shotgun round if you get near enough.
  •  The LaserKraftWerk can one-shot the Drones fought on the moon, and they only appear in places where a charge station is close by (if the player has improved the weapon).

The Old Blood

  •   Before firing their rockets, the drones make a noise, allowing the player time to eliminate them.
  • They will be eliminated by an MG-46 or a single Bombenschuss shot.

The New Colossus

  •   A silent weapon can be used to carefully destroy a drone, although any weapon, such as a Sturmgwehr or LaserKraftWerk, can easily destroy it with a single shot.
  •   They frequently stand close to a squad of soldiers, Super soldiers, and even a Commander.
  • As they charge shots, the player may avoid the laser by moving about or hiding behind the cover. They also shift from left to right to gain a better shot at the player.


  • Youngblood drones are easily taken down from above or with turret weaponry.
  • Despite having poor armor, grenade drones may be annoying owing to the stronger and broader damage they do from above.