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‘Hi Five’ DJI Product Launch set to appear in September

We have a new DJI Product Launch on the horizon. The launch will be on 8th September. There are no spoilers for you. However, the experts dub the product launch ‘Hi Five’. Apart from that, we can visualize the ‘new product’ page and a section where you can place your email address to get the latest digital updates. Here are some of my theories about the DJI launch in September.

Phantom 5 to lit up the DJI Product Launch

Phantom 4

Will we finally see Phantom 5 on the launch? DJI has largely been associative with the Mavic lines, so the phantom line looks even more refreshing. It has been quite a journey since the Phantom 4 launch (and the Phantom 4 Pro launch). DJI did make a few modifications to the initial Phantom 4 version. It cost $1499, $100 more than what its previous version cost

DJI stated about the Phantom 4 Advanced in April as an upgrade to the previous version. The camera of this DJI product is better with a 1-inch, 20-megapixel sensor, and a mechanical shutter lens.

Osmo Mobile 5 will convince the fans

Osmo Mobile is well-known within the smartphone industry. The 3-axis gimbal brings the beauty that you expect with the camera of your phone. As DJI currently sits on the 4th generation of Osmo Mobiles, it won’t be a surprise if we see the launching of the fifth generation.

DJI Product

Drone DJ explains how we can expect to see OM 5 in the DJI Product Launch. Recently, Drone DJI explained how the FCC database got a new listing from DJI, called DJI OM 5. Therefore, there is a chance that the launch may surprise us.

Osmo Action 5k will be the star of the DJI Product Launch

Here is another theory. We may see the newly made Osmo Action as part of the launch. That completes the ‘Hi Five’ set. We can see 5k coming to the DJI Osmo Action. If we look at the recent DJI Air 2S drone, it follows the same context. The most recent Air drone innovation stands out with its 1” sensor giving 20-megapixel photos and 5.4K video. It won’t be a shock to see DJI integrating 5k into their drones. 

Is the launch important to the drone industry?

Either way, it is crunch time for the company to launch a DJI product of any kind. With a few launches, these products are ready to be bought. This may also be a big holiday season for drones as numerous US residents are ignoring holiday travel for the second consecutive year. As a result, the budget associated with travel remains unused by the government. For the residents who want to travel, there can be the importance of social distancing vacations, such as RV trips

This is where drones need the support of their professionals. Even though drones won’t be the perfect option for traveling to Times Square Garden, they will be beneficial in getting you to a remote forest. Let us know what you feel about our theories. 

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