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7 Top Flight Simulators for RC Helicopter

It is judicious to practice your skills and craft on a Flight simulator before you begin to fly your RC helicopter. There are tons of different versions available on the market and similar to other products, some of them are better than others. In this post, we provide you considerable insight into the aspects that should be brought into one’s consideration before purchasing an RC helicopter flight simulator.


Great Planes Real Flight 7.5 – Best RC Helicopter Flight Simulator for Novices

The Great Planes Real Flight 7.5 flight simulator lets you handle tons of different models of aircraft and assists them big time in honing the requisite skills for their art and science of drone flying.

At the outset, the beginners might find it a tad difficult but once they get acquainted with this tool and follow the instructions as scribbled in the instruction’s manual, they will get better at flying. In addition to equipping you with the skills to fly the RC helicopter in real life, this tool also offers you plenty of fun and entertainment.

Primary features

The most noticeable aspect about The Great Planes Real Flight 7.5 flight simulator, as mentioned above, is that it comes loaded with a wide array of aircraft and planes. Every plane and helicopter is different and so the controls also tend to vary. As a matter of fact, there are about 140 aircrafts available on the market so you can get your hands on all of them before you go out to the market to buy one.

Another great feature of this flight simulator is that it offers a number of different challenges. As a matter of fact, it is similar to a magnificent video game. This software offers a wide variety of tracks littered with obstacles which will prepare you for the actual challenges that lay ahead in your drone flying career.


  • The Great Planes Real Flight 7.5 flight simulator is equipped with RealPhysics technology that creates a realistic multi-rotor aircraft
  • Intuitive and compatible with a couple of machines that you can get your hands on
  • Offers a real life-like experience
  • Loaded with TrueView realistic lighting
  • Equipped with multiple modes and multiplayer
  • Combat opportunities with different weapons

Phoenix G6.5 G5 G4 – Best RC Helicopter Simulator

The Phoenix G6.5 G5 G4 is user-friendly and allows users to get it downloaded online. It is affordable and has received a decent customer rating. This means that you will get to enjoy this product and will keep you in good stead when you take on the real challenge. The Phoenix G6.5 G5 G4 is loaded with tons of different features that will help enhance your flying skills. In addition, the bundle comes with a number of objects that promise to enhance your flying experience.

Primary Features

A great advantage that one gets from the Phoenix G6.5 G5 G4 is that there is no need to purchase additional batteries which will save some money up your sleeves. Triggering the radio controller on and using it is like a piece of cake as you simply have to plug it into the computer via the USB port and you will be ready to have some serious fun. The gizmo will be ready for use once the software has been downloaded and run on the operating system.

The graphics offered by Phoenix G6.5 G5 G4 are incredible that come along with amazing sound effects and offer a realistic flying experience. At the outset, you will believe as if you are playing a fantastic video game which will be helpful when you take on the real challenge.
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  • Software is available online and can be downloaded with ease
  • Since a similar type of radio controller is used, so there is not much of a difference between a conventional flight simulator and a model flight simulator
  • Intuitive and only needs to be connected using a USB port
  • Immersive graphics and great performance
  • FMS and AeroFly Pro Deluxe

AccuRC Precision

The AccuRC Precision is a flight simulator that offers plenty of stuff in addition to mere simulation. It promises to offer scintillating flight experience and will make you keep sticking to this prolific software.

The AccuRC Precision comes with lots of attractive features and is extremely affordable. It is touted as one of the leading flight simulators available on the market and has gained remarkable user reviews to boot.

Primary Features

There is a high probability that you are going to end up getting stuck with pre-programmed models. However, it allows you to customize your settings with respect to different models. This further tends to enhance the flying experience.

The software is loaded with state of the art control system and at the workbench, pilots can view the whole machine and configure it in accordance with the requirements. This will enable you to fly the aircraft with an unbelievable degree of freedom.


  • The users can adjust the settings of the machine in accordance with their preferences
  • The pilot can configure a model and keep several copies in multiple copies
  • The tool offers a workbench where the aircraft can be viewed by the user and requisite modifications can be made. This offers the user the unenviable luxury to change the settings

Absolute RC Simulator

The tool is geared to providing a real life-like experience to the users as it enables them to practice and hone their flying skills. It will also assist in saving plenty of cash as the user will get acquainted with the art and science of flying a drone before he or she purchases one; thereby minimizing the probability of crashes.

The software offers top quality graphics and user experience as it allows the user to try out different helicopters and aircrafts.

Primary Features

The visuals of this amazing Absolute RC simulator will strike you dumbfounded owing to the real life-like graphics and challenges. The tool will keep the users in good stead so that when they do fly a real helicopter, they will be ready to try out all their skills.

Moreover, the software is not meant to be used for an RC helicopter and aircraft only. It even includes boats that come with water settings engineered for real boats. This enables the users to get ready for controlling boats according to the water currents and other hurdles that are part of a watercourse.


  • The aircrafts can be configured according to one’s requirements
  • User experience is simply stunning
  • The software also allows the user to practice on different planes, boats and helicopters
  • There are tons of tracks littered with different kinds of hurdles
  • The advanced helicopter training incorporates a wide variety of interactive objects
  • The simulator offers four different models that can be used with three different skill settings and four camera modes

Great Planes 7 with Tactic TTX600

Before you are ready to take on the real challenges, the Great Planes 7 with Tactic TTX600 will enable you to practice your flying skills. The software offers a marvelous flying experience and the inbuilt features are simply unmatchable.

It may appear at first that the product is placed slightly at the higher end of the price spectrum, however, the user experience offered by this software is unparalleled. It is supported by the Windows operating system and hence the users will be able to utilize the simulator without having to carry out a lot of upgrades.

Primary Features

The engineers have taken care to enhance the heli-physics of the software. The simulator offers a top-notch flight experience along with sound effects and motion. This ensures that the users are able to undergo a real life experience while the developers have paid plenty of attention to detail such as blur of the wheels and engine sounds.

The software is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP. If you are running your computer on some other operating system, you will have to ensure that you get one of the above mentioned operating systems installed on your machine to get to enjoy the amazing Great Planes 7 with Tactic TTX600.


    • The developers have improved the sound effects and motion physics of the simulator
    • The tool comes bundled with amazing features such as flight simulator DVD, Mode 2 Interface and Transmitter


  • The controller is operated with the help of batteries
  • The simulator includes unrestrained combat mode
  • The users can test pilot different tracks and obstacles
  • The product incorporates TrueView realistic lighting
  • The graphics and visual content offered in the simulator are unmatchable
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RC AirSim

The RC AirSim is one of the simulators that is loaded with plenty of handy features. It will definitely raise your level of anticipation and offer top-notch performance. It is being touted as one of the best RC helicopter simulators out there available on the market.

The simulator allows the burgeoning pilots to learn the art of flying while having lots of fun. The features incorporated in the tool ensure that the pilots are able to get to know the basics of flying and hone their skills.

Primary Features

NASA’s Flight Simulation has been used in this tool which means that the users are able to enjoy real life-like experience while they enhance their skills. NASA’s flight simulator also includes high quality flight aerodynamics that ensure that the users get flights loaded with high precision. The simulator is one of the best around.

It allows the users to accurately handle the landing and ground handling of the aircraft. This feature can be extremely beneficial while flying the real thing since poor landings can result in serious damage to the helicopter or airplane.


  • NASA’s flight simulator also includes high quality flight aerodynamics
  • Plane crash is as realistic as you can get
  • It allows the users to accurately handle the landing and ground handling of the aircraft
  • The software offers three viewing options, four-channel controls and three control modes
  • Sound effects and visuals are highly realistic

Great Planes RealFlight – Basic Mode 2

The simulator is affordable and a reliable option since the developers have been producing such stuff for the past several years. It is also one of the best products available on the market and offers a real flight experience to the users who are looking to hone their flying skills.

The software is available on the market and is supported by a wide array of operating systems. It is user friendly and promises to offer plenty of fun to the users along with tons of learning.

Primary Features

The simulator includes about 47 models of aircrafts such as sailplanes, helicopters, airplanes, foam ones, gliders and aerobats. The aerobats and helicopters can be flown in 3D mode and allow the user to accurately fly their machines and get prepared for the real-life experience.

The software incorporates six different 3D photo fields which lets you choose the one of your preference and enjoy a real life-like simulation. The obstacles included in the simulator are high quality.


  • The simulator includes about 47 models of aircrafts
  • The software includes a quick-select menu and the navigator is user friendly
  • The software incorporates six different 3D photo fields
  • The user can control the direction and speed of the wind

Phoenix RC Pro V 5.0

The Phoenix RC Pro V 5.0 is being touted as one of the best quality flight simulators around and has received plenty of plaudits from consumers as well as critics. The visuals are top-notch and lets the users train themselves as novices, intermediate or expert users.

The software has been developed with state of the art simulation technology and is a product that you can bank on without any hesitation. It is intuitive and can be used by kids of various age cohorts. It is quite affordable and offers a decent bargain.

Primary Features

The simulator comes with a video tutorial that has been developed with the help of the world’s most famous pilots. So, you can be rest assured that when you follow their advice, you will be able to improve your flying skills in a real quick time.

The simulator includes more than 200 aircrafts which is way beyond the number of aircrafts that are available in other tools. The aircrafts can be configured according to one’s preferences. The users can try their hands on any of the airplanes they want to practice on.


  • The developers have improved the physics and offer top-notch performance
  • The planes can be configured according to the conditions and one’s requirements
  • The simulator is loaded with ASEX and SAFE technology
  • The downloads for planes and fields are free

Before you purchase a flight simulator, you should ensure that it includes the below mentioned features. This will ensure that you get your hands on a top-quality product which promises to offer real-life experience.

Number of aircrafts

There can be a different RC helicopter that you would want to try out but they may not be present in a certain flight simulator. So, it is important that your product includes different aircrafts so that you are able to better learn and improve your flying skills.


It is important that the user is able to customize the machines and the surroundings to help them practice in different conditions. It will prepare them for the future challenges that lay ahead in real situations.

Visual Fields

Graphics are of utmost importance as they ensure that the users get a real life-like experience while ensuring that they are able to fly their device with great control and composure.

Ensure that your RC helicopter flight simulator has tons of different areas that you can travel to. This will give you an opportunity to fly the machine in different conditions and keep you in good stead for the real situations.

Batteries or connection?

You also need to make sure that the controller that you are purchasing can be made operational either by connecting to the computer or by using batteries. You can make the requisite preparations.


This is the most crucial factor since a software that is not supported by your operating system is nothing but a piece of junk. To make it useful, you will have to move onto another operating system or purchase a new machine.


It does not matter which of the aforementioned flight simulators you purchase since all of them are good enough to promise a nice user experience littered with plenty of fun and entertainment. These tools will keep you in good stead as they will hone your flying skills and make you better RC helicopter pilots. These simulator software are loaded with advanced 3D visuals and the obstacles and courses offered give you real life-like experience.

It is prudent to use a simulator before you move onto flying an actual helicopter lest you crash it. This will save up some money and also prevent you from purchasing new components for your broken machine.

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