10 Great Gift Ideas of 2017

If you are looking to purchase gifts for your loved ones or want some ideas, our guide on buying holiday gifts will certainly be of interest for you.

1 – E-Flite Convergence

You must be wondering if it is an aircraft or a multi-rotor drone. The good news is that you can fly the E-Flite Convergence the way you want to. It provides a brilliant blend of speed offered by a delta wing aircraft with the vertical launching and landing of a drone. Hence, you get a superb combination of an aircraft and drone. Hence, if you are looking to get your hands on something that is unique, it probably is an ideal choice. You can gift E-Flite Convergence to your dear ones who are passionate dronies or even get one yourself to enjoy an exhilarating flying experience.

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2 – AFX Muscle Car Shootout

The Muscle Car Shootout package by AFX is a magnificent item to reignite your lovely childhood memories. You can go onto sharing your slot car memories with your beloved kids, nephews and nieces. The original packaging includes a 23 inch track, a couple of G+ Mega muscle cars and virtually all the other accessories that you require to set up the track and start racing around in your room. What’s more, you will also get a digital lap counter. With the additional track also provided, you can always add more value to your fun. This holiday, reminisce your childhood with AFX Muscle Car Shootout.

3 – RealFlight-X

Learning the art and science of flying a remote controlled aircraft amounts to nothing less than a Herculean task and you won’t get anything better to enhance your learning experience with a remote controlled flight simulator. One of the oldest manufacturers of remote controlled flight simulators has come up with their latest release known as RealFlight-X. The simulator is equipped with stunning physics and marvelous graphic engine and packs a power punch of the highest degree. You definitely need to be in possession of a superbly capable computing machine to get to run the simulator. But it certainly is an awesome way to learn how to fly a remote controlled airplane.

4 – Revell Junior Kits

If you want your kids to get into plastic modelling, then Revell Junior Kits are the best way to accomplish your long lived dream. The kids can assemble the kits easily without having to employ any kind of glue or apply any type of paint. The kids might need the supervision of adults but they can assemble the kits with the help of large sized screws made of plastic. The kits have been designed for kids of five years of age or more and kids can always have a nice time playing with them once assembled.

5 – Traxxas E-Revo Brushless

When describing E-Revo, amazing speed, fabulous performance and exquisite design are the appropriate features that one should be willing to discuss on and on. The vehicle boasts a slick-linkage based suspension and is probably the only vehicle in its class that has the ability to travel long distances. If you insert the right kinds of batteries, you can reach optimum speeds of 60 mph with this vehicle. Bear in mind that the Traxxas E-Revo Brushless is not the traditional monster truck that has been developed by manufacturers in the past. This is a vehicle of the new age and has gained lots of traction among remote controlled vehicles aficionados.

6 – Athern Iron Horse Train Set

The Athern Iron Horse Train sets are a brilliant combination of creativity and attention-to-detail which are the trademark features of Athern Trains and the intuitive track systems by Bachmann. This set is an excellent choice for enthusiasts since it includes train tracks made of nickel-silver that avoid rusting. Most of the train tracks produced by other players are made of steel which are prone to tarnishing. Moreover, the quality for which Athern is famous for, adds more value to the train set and houses the potential to gain the attention of train aficionados.

7 – Rise Vusion FPV

First Person View racing is really becoming popular among dronies around the world and more and more people are joining the fray. You can also join the club by purchasing the RISE Vusion 250 FPV. This is a very handy device to get into FPV and incorporates all the necessary items to ensure that you begin well with FPV racing. The device is quite affordable, provides a fabulous flying experience, boasts a unique design that consists of modules and is very easy to repair even for the rookies. What’s more, it lets you rev your machine up to stunning speeds in the air.

8 – ECX KickFlip/BeatBox

Do you think this one’s a stunning piece? Yes, we agree with you! It is reliable, long lasting and comes at a very realistic price that won’t break a bank. If you are looking to put a seal on your holiday shopping, then ECX KickFlip and BeatBox are the way to go, folks! They provide exhilarating driving experience to drivers of all ages and include all the basic components including batteries in the original packaging. At our store, we tend to have a lot of fun while making them run up and down the floor and believe us, if you buy one of these for your kids, they are going to have heck of a fun with them.

9 – Blade 120 S Helicopter

Drones might well be the most popular machines among hobbyists these day but we believe that there is always room enough for a remote controlled helicopter. The Blade 120S helicopter is the formidable user friendly machine that can assist the beginners in learning about the art and science of flying remote controlled machines. It allows you to enjoy both indoor and outdoor excursions because of its inbuilt SAFE technology and the automatic-stabilizing gyroscope.

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10 – Dromida Twin Explorer

Do you want to crown your holiday shopping with a gift that is affordable as well as good looking? The Dromida Twin Explorer is a great choice if you are looking for an aircraft that can be flown wherever required. It is very easy to manoeuvre and anyone looking to fly it seriously can get a hang of the machine. You can fly it virtually anywhere be it a park, your backyard or some other open space in your neighborhood. A great gift for your kids this holiday season.

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