Drone parachutes

Horsefly drones might make drone parachutes work

Are you worried that your drones might crash in the crowds or somewhere? Drone parachutes are a solution for you in this regard. Horsefly drones have tried to conduct various tests on it to ensure that your drones remain safe and do not come down at high speeds.

What do AVSS drone parachutes tests mean?

Tests regarding the AVSS drone parachutes recovery system were done upon Workhorse’s Horsefly drone for many days. In the horsefly drone, the parachute was put in various failure and safety situations. Eventually, the project ended with 45 parachute tests. 

drone parachutes test

This verification of successful tests of drone parachutes is proof that the AVSS parachute recovery system integrates with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International parachute standard F3322-18. ASTM is an international-based organization that builds technical standards which numerous companies and builders agree with.

If we talk about cars, the builders might be eager to display a full gas tank in a specific way. Consequently, if we talk about kitchens, builders might adhere to make ovens of certain sizes. The same is the case with drones. ASTM is also looking to integrate remote ID into its plans.

Where are the tests being conducted?

NUAIR is one of the biggest testing groups of drone parachutes. They have been testing the AVSS recovery system at the NY test site in Rome, New York. That is the same location where the latest test of Horsefly drones took place. 

NUAIR is also a team behind the plan of New York’s 50-mile drone corridor. This plan was created to conduct various commercial drone operations and visualize the line of sight (LOS) testing. Since the publishing of this standard in 2018, this is the fifth validation regarding drone parachutes with this organization. 

For now, NUAIR has conducted three successful AVSS validations, which it began testing in 2020. With the partnership with this organization, the US may become a world-renowned hub for UAS innovation. 

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