Rise Vusion House Racer – A Fine Indoor Drone

Hobbico owned Rise, an indoor drone manufacturer, has come a long way over the past year or so with its attractive range of racing drones. Vision House Racer is one of its latest devices to have hit the shelves that is strictly developed for an indoor drone.

I have gotten my hands on the FPV-R bindle that includes the quadcopter, four additional propellers, a single 3.7V 650mAh 1S LiPo, USB charger, wall guards, and a user’s manual. The ready to fly package comes with all the aforementioned stuff in addition to a 2.4GHz controller, FPV headset with monitor and antenna, USB charge cable for the monitor, and a screwdriver.

If you do not have a supported Secure Link Technology (SLT) transmitter, such as the Tactic TTX650, and FPV goggles, then you should opt for the Ready to Fly variant since you get everything bundled together at a realistic price. Having to buy all this gear separately would be too expensive.

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Before you take off

If you have just started flying mini quadcopters recently, you might not be familiar with the fact that a small quadcopter is associated with a small battery and hence shorter flight duration. And this flight duration is further cut short if you put on a camera and zip through the air at fast speeds.

So, you ought to buy additional batteries. I own three of the Rise 650mAH LiPo batteries (Product No. LXGLXN, $10.99 each). It takes almost an hour and a half for each battery to get charged completely via the shipped USB charger. It is prudent to get them all charged up before you take off.

Do not be anxious about connecting the battery incorrectly to the charger. The plug only fits in one way. Also, the connectors get attached well, so you won’t have to apply a lot of force to get them apart. Other USB chargers seem to bring up this issue every now and then and one really has to be careful not to rip the battery connector apart. But with this indoor drone, there is no such problem.

If you are still learning how to fly an indoor drone or worried about damaging your walls, then the House Racer has got this front covered with its wall guards placed just beneath the plastic inserts. You just have to press them over the motor nacelles.

If you are using the SLT transmitter, then you will have to pair it with your indoor drone. Before you pair them together, ensure that your servo configurations and channel settings are correct. You can consult the instructions manual to get some information on how to adjust these settings.

If you already own FPV goggles, figure out the frequencies at which the indoor drone will work with them and tune them to that frequency.

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Insight into indoor drone specifications

More often than not, when it comes to designs for hobby-grade quadcopters of this size, compromises are made in terms of weight and power. In the case of the House Racer, engineers have been able to keep the balance just as required.

The chassis consists of resilient plastic material that can certainly bear a scratch or two. The motors and battery have sufficient capacity to carry a little more payload. The indoor drone offers plenty of acceleration and speed to whiz it through your house. As a matter of fact, it boasts speeds that you might not be able to bring into use in a confined room.

The House Racer is equipped with three modes of flight: attitude (self-steadying and mild roll and tilt rates); rattitude (self-steadying with more belligerent rates and controls with enhanced responsiveness); and rate (no hand-holding at all as there is no self-steadying and no restrictions on tilt and hold).

The third mode of flight is not the one for novices. This is important to mention here since you all are enchanted to perform stunning aerial tricks but they are a recipe to damaging your quadcopter if not performed expertly.

And with House Racer, if you are not dexterous in performing aerial stunts, you might end up breaking something valuable in your house. If you have not flown using the Rate flight mode, then you should not try your hands on it wearing the FPV goggles.

Learn to maneuver your indoor drone and fly around with your naked eyes. Then attempt rolls and flips. And perform these tricks in a place that is not lined up with obstacles such as pets or other family members.

The drone is loaded with an auto-flip feature that can be easily triggered with the Ready to fly transmitter. Simply press the button and move the stick in the direction in which you want the flip or roll to take place. A switch has to be assigned for the auto-flip feature on the SLT controller. So, if zipping around in the house or manual rolls start to get monotonous, you may use the autonomous flip feature to brag around.

Final Verdict

To be honest, I have been indulged in a love-hate relationship with drones of this size and weight. I believe that they are quite entertaining and I do not have to venture outdoors to enjoy my flying.

On the contrary, if you are going to fly your indoor drone at a fast pace, you will need a wide, open area because eventually, you are going to crash into something. If you have beanbags for furniture or industrial lamps for lighting, then you may be able to muster up enough courage to take the plunge. If not, you ought to find a larger flying area.

As far as I am concerned, a large, open and wide area inside my home would be my family room or even my school gymnasium. Such places would let you press on the gas and zip through the air at incredible speed. If you are yearning for obstacles, Rise has come up with a series of FPV race gates. Just get them and start practicing hard.

Still, it is sensational to fly your indoor drone over sofas under the tables, move at rollicking speeds down the hallways and up the stairs while putting on the FPV goggles. And you can utilize the race gates to set up a race track in your house full of obstacles. Just try to keep the speed down or else there could be a case of collisions, injury and some angry words thrown down towards you.

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