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3 Best RC Desert Buggy Models

Well, I’ve been into RC vehicles for a long time now and my love for RC buggy is boiling hot with every passing day. An RC desert buggy looks fabulous, runs fast, and can take plenty of heat. It is certainly a cool thing if you have kids who are also into RC cars and RC vehicles. In this post, I bring to you the top three popular RC desert racing buggies available on the market.

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1 – ECX Amp Db 2WD Desert Buggy RTR Vehicle

The ECX Amp Db 2WD Desert Buggy RTR Vehicle boasts a cool design. I have been quite bewildered by its smart attributes and with a size of 1/10 scale, it is a pretty decent gadget. Its size is large enough so it weighs appropriately and you would feel it once you pick it up.

This RC desert racing buggy sports a traditional design but it is equipped with high-end electronic components. It comes in the Ready to Run packaging so you just need to get it out of the box and off you go with the ECX Amp Db 2WD Desert Buggy RTR Vehicle zipping through your backyard or neighborhood.

The ECX Amp Db 2WD Desert Buggy RTR Vehicle is quite easy to drive. I believe that it is a nice vehicle for a novice and is pretty fast too. However, it can be controlled with ease despite its fast pace. It includes oil-filled shocks while the chassis and the electronic components are waterproof.

This means that you can drive it in any condition on any surface. The ECX Amp Db 2WD Desert Buggy RTR Vehicle is loaded with a 1800mAh NiMH battery which takes around 8 hours to get charged completely and only gives you 15 to 20 minutes of run time which is quite frustrating. So, you might end up upgrading the battery. If you are into customization and upgrades, then you can carry out plenty of tweaking with this beast of a desert RC buggy.


  • Boasts a traditional design
  • Solid built
  • Ready to run packaging
  • User-friendly


  • The battery needs to be upgraded
  • Designed for novices

2 – The Dromida 1/18 Scale Radio Control Desert Racing Buggy Review

The Dromida 1/18 Scale Radio Control Desert Buggy Review is another amazing contraption that has impressed me the most out of the three desert racing buggies included in this list. It boasts a boxy, formidable ready to run appearance that is quite remarkable.

The engineers have added plenty of spark to this gizmo and I especially have been impressed with the LED lights that make it look marvelous as it traverses across the most complicated of landscapes with seamless ease. The packaging is quite attractive and so if you are into RC cars, you would definitely love having one of these in your repertoire.

Now, enough said about the looks. Let’s move onto the specifications and other features. The device is loaded with a brushless motor, four-wheel drive, and Big Bore oil-filled shocks. The Dromida 1/18 Scale Radio Control Desert Buggy Review provides a great driving experience out of the box.

It comes with remarkable differentials that you can toy around with if you intend to customize them. There have been some bad reviews about the buggy who believe that they had a miserable driving experience with the car out of the box but once they tweaked the differentials a bit, they were able to get it right.

This is quite a cool proposition if you are into tailoring and customizing stuff. Like most of the RC desert racing buggies, you will not be getting a great battery with this car. But it is good enough to offer a run time of at least 20 minutes.


  • Solid built
  • Quite quick
  • Impressive formidable rowdy look
  • Gear differentials can be tinkered with


  • Slightly expensive
  • Battery lifespan is too short

3 – TOZO Desert Buggy Warhammer

The TOZO Desert Buggy Warhammer is the lowest priced car available on this list and it boasts spectacular looks to be honest. It sports a design that specifically represents a desert buggy race contestant. It is quite formidable and appears to be quite attractive.

However, I can understand that there will be quite a few people amongst who will not get too much excited with this car and will be of the view that it seems more of a toy grade buggy than a fast-paced car. I still firmly believe that it is a decent enough car.

I was handed over the grey model but there is another model available that can be had in black color for a few extra bucks. The TOZO Desert Buggy Warhammer is available in ready to run packaging so you won’t have to carry out too much tinkering with the car for initial usage. The battery needs three hours to get charged completely and offers a run time of 20 minutes or so.

The drive experience rendered by this device is quite decent. It is quite durable in nature as it is able to handle a few crashes with grit. Moreover, it can traverse virtually any terrain that you put in its way. It is equipped with good enough tires and oil-filled shocks that guarantee plenty of entertainment.

The gears are decent while you can also carry out some drifting as you become more and more adept at driving it. I had lots of fun with this gem of a car and considering its price tag, I believe that it is a great device to be offered as a present to your loved ones.

To be honest, when I got my hands on the three cars for test drive, I was of the opinion that the TOZO Desert Buggy Warhammer will be the weakest link but I got quite astounded by its prowess on the whole.

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  • Nice driving experience
  • Ready to run packaging
  • Solid built
  • Great tires and shocks enable to conquer any terrain


  • Looks can be deceptive
  • Model in black color can be expensive

Things to consider when you purchase an RC desert buggy

I had great fun with the three vehicles along with my kids and I want to share a few tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind once you go out to the market to buy one of these cars:

Ready to Run Packaging

A ready to run packaging is what enables you to take your car out of the original packaging, get the batteries charged up and off you go for a thrilling ride. If you are a rookie RC car driver, you should be looking to get your hands on one of these to have some fun.


Two of the above three RC desert racing buggies allowed for some customization. So, you should be looking for a RC buggy that is ready to run but in the long run, allows for some tailoring and upgrading with regard to batteries, wheels, and other features.

Suggested Age

If you are purchasing an RC desert racing buggy for yourself, then age does not matter of course. But there are numerous RC desert racing buggies out there that offer a lot of power and so have not to be designed for the kids. So, ensure that you keep an eye on the suggested age for the vehicle. You do not want to buy your kid a powerful RC desert racing buggy that can get around 30mph and trample anything that comes in its way.

Final Verdict

All of the three RC desert racing buggies offered a nice driving experience, to be honest. As far as the majority of the people are concerned, I believe that looks are going to weigh heavy on their decision-making scale.

As far as I am concerned, I believe that TOZO Desert Buggy Warhammer is an excellent car and the pick of these three. Costing around $100, it is quite reasonably priced and comes with nice speed, maneuvering, and quality build that seems to be a great bargain on the whole.

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