Best Cheap Brushless Motor Drones in 2018


If you have landed on this page, then presumably you are somewhat acquainted with the concept of brushed and brushless motors. Nevertheless, I am still going to make an attempt to discuss the advantages and benefits of one over the other in this post.

You would probably be knowing that brushless motors are better in contrast to brushed motors which is perfectly true. These motors are being employed in almost anything that is even distantly related to the RC world whether they are boats or aircrafts. As a matter of fact, when it comes to drones, these are being used in these amazing devices indiscriminately since they require motors while being in the air.

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The fundamental difference, as is evident from their names, is that one uses brushes during rotation while the other one does not; thereby reducing the amount of friction in the motor and hence rendering it more efficient.

brushless vs brushed motors

Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks associated with brushless motors:


  • They are more powerful
  • They come with enhanced durability
  • They dissipate heat at a fast rate and so do not get heat up as fast as the brushed ones
  • They are maintenance-free
  • They are long lasting


  • They tend to be larger in size
  • They are more expensive in contrast to brushed motors

When it comes to drones, the same principle has to be kept in mind that brushless motors are more expensive as opposed to brushed motors.

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Best Cheap Brushless Motor Drones

When it comes to drones, the first thing that comes to the minds of majority of people out there are the DJI Phantom 3 series drones and other drones such as the Yuneec q500. However, there are low cost compatible alternatives to these devices but one should probably not expect the same level of performance as the other high-end aircrafts.

I am not someone who fancies making compromise with regard to quality. So, the drones included in our list are one of the best brushless motor drones out there.

MJX Bugs 3: My top Brushless Motor Drone

The Bugs 3 is one of my most favorite drones thanks to its remarkably affordable price.  On the whole, it is a fantastic quadcopter that is priced under $100.

I was able to grab one from Gearbest under an incredible bargain. The control range and speed of this magnificent gadget render this drone an impressive racing drone.


  • Extremely powerful and agile
  • Formidable enough to carry an action camera such as GoPro along with a gimbal
  • Decent flight duration of above 15 minutes
  • Impressive control range of more than 200m
  • Comes with a slot to place an action camera
  • Strudy design
  • Compatible with GoPro action camera


  • There aren’t too many things wrong with this device. I wish it had GPS though!

The transmitter that is bundled with this device is quite flimsy to be honest. However, it is adorned with sufficient number of buttons to accomplish the job designated to them. What is really impressive about the transmitter is that it comes with the unlock button for the motors so you do not end up starting the machine by accident.

You can carry out the flips by virtue of a designated button when the camera is connected. However, I prefer to keep the GoPro action camera safe and abstain from carrying out the flips with the camera attached.

The powerful brushless motors and low weight ensure that you are able to race this superb drone around with lots of fun.

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Aosenma CG035: Best GPS Follow Drone for GoPro

The GPS follow feature is the sole reason the Aosenma CG035 is placed at the second spot on my list.

I highly recommend you to purchase the model with the action camera slot so that you can upgrade the camera as and when required.

And also, because it is a brushless drone, you can also connect a gimbal to it and it will be able to capture scintillating aerial video footage.


  • Stable flight
  • Slot to attach a gimbal for connecting a GoPro action camera
  • Accurate GPS
  • Impressive control range
  • Integrated with the Follow Me feature
  • Equipped with a top notch transmitter


  • With a heavy duty camera involved, flight time is just around 10 minutes or so

The radio transmitter for this drone is hobby grade which means that it is of a really good quality.

If you plan to purchase this drone, your investment will be worth it even for the transmitter alone. Based on the model you buy, you can also connect your smartphone to the drone and get a live video feed right from the drone’s camera.

Here are the cheapest prices of all the Aosenma models for ready perusal.


Here is a fantastic video developed by Alshanmao displaying the phenomenal Follow Me mode of the Aosenma CG035 by connecting the transmitter to a racing car and letting the drone follow it around.

YouTube video

The drone will be able to follow you in a seamless manner whether you are in a car or jogging.

MJX Bugs 2 – Best GPS Drone with camera under $200

The MJX Bugs 2 is the latest version of the Bugs series. Do not get confused by the model numbering!

This drone is also equipped with brushless motors along with a Full High Definition camera. Moreover, the machine provides a remarkable control range.

The device is loaded with a top quality GPS system that ensures that it undergoes a stable flight even in windy conditions and get back to its original point of takeoff in case the signals become attenuated.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Equipped with GPS
  • Offers a control range of a whopping 1Km
  • Live video streaming can be viewed directly from the drone’s camera
  • Battery life is decent


  • The compass needs to be adjusted before embarking on each flight
  • No slot has been provided for the GoPro action camera. However, you can mount some other action camera some way or the other

Considering the fact that the MJX Bugs 2 drone is one of the most affordable drones available, it is recommended for any drone pilot who is looking for flights of longer duration and longer control range.

To be honest, the drone is not modular but the camera that it comes loaded with, gives a pretty decent experience for all the aerial photography and cinematography junkies out there.

JJRC x1: Simple yet powerful


  • Flight duration: 15 minutes (lesser in reality)
  • Stabilization: 6-axis gyro
  • Motors: D1806-2280KV
  • Battery 7.4V 1300mAh
  • Flying distance: under 300m

You can get a toy-grade brushed motor drone for the same price range. However, standing at the top of our coveted list is this phenomenal agile and nifty brushless motor drone.

The drone boasts a 2280KV motor along with a battery sporting a capacity of 1300mAh, the quadcopter offers a flight timing of approximately 15 minutes and is able to provide a pretty fast speed in the air.

As will be the case with the other quadcopters included in this list, I do not recommend this brushless motor drone to rookies since brushless motors are too powerful to be handled by the novices.


  • Very powerful and agile
  • Generates sufficient power to carry a GoPro action camera
  • Offers decent flight duration
  • Boasts good operating range in spite of the low quality radio controller
  • Comes with a slot to connect a First Person View camera
  • Boasts a nice sporty look


  • Comes with low quality LED lights
  • The land gear is not as wide as it should be and consequently the quadcopter may tip over during landings. This can be resolved by putting in place the propeller guards. So, even if the brushless motor drone tips over, damage to the frame can be avoided

The transmitter that comes bundled with this brushless motor drone is toy-grade and yet it provides a decent control range.

I have observed that the starting button sequence is quite complex since you have to move the throttle button first, then right to left a few times and finally up. Having said that, once you get familiarized to it, it should not be much of an issue.

As discussed above, the landing gear of this device is not that great. It is small and hence the aircraft tips over almost every time during landing. This can be avoided by installing the propeller guards that come in the original packaging.


The JJRC x1 brushless motor drone does not come bundled with a camera but it generates sufficient power to lift a GoPro action camera. However, I would recommend you to attach much smaller cameras to the gizmo.

Action cameras such as the RunCam and Mobiu are better options for a quadcopter of this size and dimensions.

The brushless motor drone also lets you connect a FPV camera to it. In addition, there is also a customizable FPV set that can also be bought along with the quadcopter.

Cheerson cx20 – A GoPro Action Camera Substitute for the DJI Phantom 3


  • Flight time: 15 minutes
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Stabilization: 6 axis gyro
  • GPS hold system
  • Auto-return
  • Control range: 300m

This is perhaps the closest compatible alternative to the mighty DJI Phantom 3 series drone. It presents a brilliant video capturing platform that is integrated with GPS and comes with a good quality hobby grade radio controller.

It is a sturdy gadget that can withstand plenty of harsh handling. However, you will not require to find that out yourself if you do not get engaged in testing the optimum control range or other such idiotic stuff.

GPS functioning

The GPS does its job decently. However, in windy conditions, it might not be as accurate as it should be. On the whole, the brushless motor drone is quite far away from the stability of the DJI Phantom 3 but still is good enough.

The device is also known as Auto Pathfinder owing to its inbuilt c feature.


  • The price is quite realistic when you consider the features boasted by this machine
  • Good quality hobby grade transmitter
  • Autonomous return to home feature
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Can carry a bulky action camera and a gimbal
  • Offers decent battery lifespan


  • The GPS is not as accurate as it is supposed to be but that is what you should expect in this price range
  • If you are using an action camera, one of the legs of the gadget may get in the way but it can be gotten rid of in the post production stage


The Cheerson cx-10 brushless motor drone does not come with an integrated camera. However, there are some variations that come with a slot for connecting an action camera. I would recommend you to spend some money on purchasing a removable gimbal and a good quality camera such as a GoPro.

There is no use of this brushless motor drone if you are not going to connect a camera to it. It is not the most agile machines out there so you won’t be able to use it for drone racing.

Blade 200 qx: a sporty and durable brushless motor drone


  • Flight time: 7-10 minutes
  • Stabilization: 6 axis gyro
  • Battery: 3.7V 800mAh
  • Requires a 5 Plus channel DSM2 or DSMX supported radio controller
  • Target consumer: beginner hobbyist

The quadcopter is not a Ready to Fly device rather a Bind to Fly (BTF) one. Since the drone is quite sporty, so a large number of people prefer to use their own radio controller with the aircraft.

On the whole, I am very impressed with the quadcopter as it can be an excellent platform for capturing aerial videos and photographs as well as a phenomenal brushless motor drone for carrying out sensation aerial maneuvers.


  • Nimble and entertaining
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Comes with vibrant LED lights
  • Powerful enough to carry a GoPro action camera


  • The battery lifespan is disappointing
  • The exterior is not durable and since the device is able to fly at a fast pace, this can be a serious disadvantage

The device comes equipped with three different modes of flight that can transform the entire flight of the brushless motor drone:

  • Low angle stability mode (camera mode): This mode of flight enables a pilot to capture aerial images while the drone flies smoothly. This mode is useful when you are not using a mechanically sound gimbal.
  • High angle stability mode (stagility mode): This is an agile variation of the above mentioned mode of flight in which the drone flies at a faster pace while the 6 axis gyroscope is still activated. In this mode, the aircraft has a slightly higher pitch and consequently more speed.
  • Agility: You may refer to as insanity mode since everything is transformed when this mode of flight is triggered on. Three of the gyro axis are disabled and the brushless motor drone becomes highly responsive; thereby enabling the expert pilots to perform flips, barrel rolls and other stunning acrobatics in the air. However, you need to be careful since the flight adjustments have to be made by the pilot himself and the device does not level itself autonomously during a flip.


The Blade 200 qx works with a camera but you have to connect your own one since the brushless motor drone does not come bundled with a camera.

You may purchase a camera completely customized for the aircraft but owing to its low quality and complicated mounting, I will not recommend it to you.

The quadcopter is very compact is size and is quite nimble so it can carry a camera around with exceptional ease.

A Mobius camera with dampeners or a GoPro action camera are good choices with this brushless motor drone.

One drawback associated with this drone is that it does not offer an impressive flight duration since the battery runs out of juice rather too quickly.

However, this can be resolved by purchasing additional batteries and replacing them as soon as they run out of juice.

If you fly it at a fast pace and bump into an obstacle, the thick outer covering is likely to get damaged. It is prudent to get it replaced with a Rakon frame from Amazon that boasts a splendid outlook but also provides extra protection thanks to its carbon fiber build.


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