5 Best RC Cars for Rookies

Driving a remote controlled car in the streets of your neighborhood or even in your backyard can be a whole lot fun. Here are a few tips and tricks that will further enhance your excitement with RC cars. We bring to you some of the best RC cars around for rookies. There are so many of them out there that it could be excruciatingly troublesome to pick out the right one for yourself.

RC cars differ in style and specifications. If you get your hands on the perfect vehicle for you, you could be in for some scintillating entertainment while driving and customizing them. You should be well aware of the basics of the RC cars for rookies before you buy one for yourself. You do not want to purchase a RC car that is too advanced with regard to your level of expertise. You should take into consideration the following factors before buying a RC car:

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Reliability
  • Budget
  • Upgrades

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Is Traxxas Slash one of the most formidable RC Cars for rookies?

The Traxxas Slash is one of the most popular RC cars for rookies. Traxxas have excelled in producing RC cars with cutting edge technology and state of the art features. The Traxxas Slash makes use of the 2.4GHz radio system while the engine includes a customized motor with XL-5 waterproof Electronic Speed Controller (ESC).

The Traxxas iD battery starts getting recharged once plugged in while the Traxxas Slash also comes with a 4 ampere peak detecting DC charger. The machine includes waterproof electronics in addition to a four wheel independent suspension for off-roading.

RC Cars for Rookies


  • Off-roading
  • Reliable
  • Fast
  • Lots of fun to drive


  • No AC adapter included
  • Low battery lifespan
  • Charger needs a fuse that may require replacement
Customers Review

The customers regard the Traxxas Slash as crazy fun and consider it an excellent option for racing around.

Redcat Volcano EPX

The Redcat Volcano EPX incorporates an electric brushed 27T 540 motor in addition to four wheel drive capabilities for traversing difficult terrains. It consists of a polycarbonate body and includes aluminum capped and oil filled shocks. Besides, the Redcat Volcano EPX also boasts forward and backward transmission and gets steered via radio controller. The truck’s receiver is waterproof so it can handle wet landscapes. Finally, the Redcat Volcano EPX comes in ready to run packaging.

RC Cars for Rookies


  • Runs smoothly through snow
  • Offers decent driving time
  • Reliable
  • Fast
  • Ready to Run (RTR)


  • Not suitable for upgrading
  • Gears can get stripped easily
  • No intimation by the charger when the battery is low on juice
Customer Reviews

Customers consider the Redcat Volcano EPX as fast and reliable and one that is available for sale at an affordable price.

Team Associated SC10 RS RTR Lucas Oil

With a 2.4GHz three channel radio system and brushless speed control, the Team Associated SC10 RS RTR Lucas Oil comes with a thick ultra-plug battery connector and Reedy 3300Kv brushless motor. The car includes water-resistant electronics and is available in ready to run packaging.

RC Cars for Rookies


  • Boasts a large body
  • Solid speed control
  • Runs smoothly around
  • Great on-road traction


  • Poor quality servo
  • Reverse transmission is not easy to master
Customer reviews

There have been concerns raised by customers with regard to the size of the vehicle as they believe that it is not easy to transport from one place to another.

Traxxas Rustler: One of the best RC cars for rookies?

The ability to attain a maximum speed of 35mph and waterproof electronics render this class a great choice for the beginners. It includes the Traxxas 7-cell NiMH rechargeable battery and a four ampere 12 volt DC charger for fast charging. The gears are prevented from grinding together with the help of the torque slipper clutch while the tires are equipped with a belligerent tread for hanging tight to the surface. The radio controller is designed to be placed comfortably in the palm of your hand while the internal antenna is well-protected from potential damage.


  • Styling is magnificent
  • Rims are mirror-chromed
  • Most reliable cars around
  • Lots of back-end customizations possible
  • Little to no maintenance needed


  • Trible pattern may be disgusting
  • Low drive time
  • Some components may be of poor quality
Customer Reviews

According to one user, the Traxxas Rustler is a fabulous truck that has been designed especially for the beginners.

Traxxas Stampede

Comprising top quality materials and waterproof electronics, the Traxxas Stampede is an ideal choice for driving in all weather conditions. The vehicle comes with added power for more speed and has the capability to traverse terrains of all sorts. It is extremely user-friendly and can be controlled with the help of a radio controller. You also get a four ampere DC charger along with the car which is being touted as one of the best ones out there.


  • Long drive time
  • Ability to tackle any kind of obstacles
  • Fast
  • Ready to run


    • Comes with a car charger only
    • Some components may be of poor quality


  • Spare parts are costly
Customer Reviews on RC cars for rookies

This is one of the most popular RC cars for rookies and definitely packs a power punch.


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