Drone Up and Running

3 Essentials to Keep Your Drone Up and Running

Are you familiar with the fact that your drone is need of regular repair and maintenance? Drones also need to be taken care of. As is the case with other equipment and tools, drones also need your special time to ensure that they are up and running. This is so because it is also a collection of electronic and mechanical components. Let’s share with you three essentials that will keep your drone up and running.

How to make your Drone Up and Running!

Once you have flown your drone a number of times, there inevitably comes a time when you need to do its repairs and maintenance. Obviously, you would have invested a hefty amount in this equipment. If you take proper care of your valuable device, you are rest assured that it will be able to serve you for a longer duration of time.

Moreover, it does not mean that you need to take care of your drone only when it is an expensive model. Drones of all types, require regular servicing. Even if your drone costs below $100, you still need to do its repairs to keep your drone up and running. Particularly, the motors tend to lose their vigor with time. Even if you own a drone under $50, you should take some time out of your busy schedule and repair your device.

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1 – Clean the drone regularly

It is essential that you clean your drone from time to time since it consists of a number of mechanical components that need regular servicing. I would suggest you to clean your gizmo after every couple of flights to keep your drone up and running.

The procedure for cleaning a drone is not a hard nut to crack. Look for any undesired material stuck between the motors and the propellers. It could be dust, strand of grass, hair, mud, etc. Clean the space with the help of a brush or pressure air. Afterwards, take a piece of water-soaked cloth and use it clean the outer half of the quadcopter along with the controller. Isopropyl liquid can be employed to ensure deeper cleaning as it is not harmful to both the electronics and mechanical parts.

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2 – Lubricate the motors

If you own a drone that can be ripped open, lubricate the motors properly to ensure that they perform as desired during flights. You should carry out this process at least once a month. There are number of lubricants available on the market that have been produced especially for the drones and RC vehicles.

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Moreover, if you are able to purchase a caring box for your drone, wherein you are able to store your quadcopter, it could be really beneficial. The box will ensure that the drone remains safe from dust and dirt and can also be used for transportation purposes.

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3 – Maintain your battery to keep your drone up and running

Your drone comes with Lithium Polymer batteries that are claimed by manufacturers to be maintenance-free. However, they require certain amount of maintenance from time to time. A fully functional drone battery ensures longer flight durations. You will find these batteries in a number of electronic equipment such as Laptops, smartphones, tablets etc. These batteries tend to offer more or less 300 battery cycles.

In the beginning, when your drone and battery is new, I would suggest you to get your battery charged completely. Fly the drone till the battery runs out of juice. You should carry out a complete charge and discharge of your battery at least five times. This will help bolster the efficiency of the battery for a longer haul.

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Afterwards, you can get your batteries charged even when they are half-charged. If you are a resident of colder climes, then the battery’s temperature is lower than its normal condition. So, when you use it, you may not be able to get the desired flight duration. To increase the battery’s back up time, I would urge to take the battery out of the drone, before flight, and keep it in your pockets; that will warm the battery up. Once it reaches a normal temperature, you can insert the battery again and get the full flight duration. This practice will also increase the battery’s lifespan.

Final Verdict.

Once you purchase a drone, you ought to take proper care of this technological marvel. Regular maintenance and servicing will keep your drone up and running. You should not compromise with the poor performance of your device. If you follow the above mentioned tips and suggestions, your drones will become efficient despite all those strenuous flight adventures. We hope that this post will assist you in taking care of your drone properly. If you have any other tips regarding our topic, do not forget to share with us in the comments section. Happy flying, y’all!

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