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CASA announces a drone model similar to FAA’s

Looks like the Australian aviation authority, CASA, has pulled a rabbit out of their hat. Recently, they conducted an Australian Skies Conference, they announced a drone model in which the drone operators will be authenticated to fly in controlled airspaces.

What does the CASA drone model mean?

Right now, the drone model of Australia states that the drone pilots can authorize their drones via CASA safety applications. One of the safety apps is the Wing’s Open Sky app. This company is the drone-focused arm of previously acclaimed company called Google.

After this news regarding safety apps, the company will be bringing automated drone model access via the Open Sky app. It is available on both Google Play Store and Apple. Apart from them, we have AirMap and ok2fly by Avsoft. However, both are not in any app form and only have websites associated with them.

The Australian LAANC follows the principles created by the United States for the establishment of LAANC. LAANC ensures and believes in the wider usage of drones. Usually, the FAA drone model states that a drone cannot fly in a certain controlled airspace without their approval. The air traffic controlling people can be asked for approval. However, if numerous pilots are flying in the same airspace, it would make it unfeasible for the flyer to move in that airspace.

Therefore. the Australian drone system have the access of automated and easy drone systems which allow them to fly drones without any risks of collision or any other incident.

Final Thoughts

From now on, it looks like an Australian drone model will prioritize the beta version. They are available in Chief Remote Pilots which is also approved by CASA. You can go to their website right now and consider yourself eligible by signing up and checking their Automated Approval Program.

Once that happens, the pilots will be eligible to fly the drones in the three locations selected by CASA. As a result, the Australian LAANC will extend to further airports and flyovers. Have you ever participated in the Australian LAANC? Feel free to let us know about your participation in the comments below.

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