Dirt Bike

5 Main Components of a Dirt Bike

Dirt bike is a motorbike that is engineered specifically to be used on dirt, sand, mud and gravel. They are different from the conventional motorcycles on our roads since their tires and ground clearance is designed to ensure efficient performance on harsh terrains in contrast to the typical pavements and smoother roads. They are lighter in weight in contrast to the conventional bikes and do not come with lots of adornments to enhance their speed and bolster their performance on dirt tracks and include no luxury gear such as soft seats or passenger backrests.


Chassis of a Dirt Bike

Essentially, motorbikes come with a fundamental frame that is connected with suspension. It provides structural support to the bike and is made of either aluminum or steel. It is responsible for providing support to all the attached components of the bike. The suspension of a dirt bike consists of rear shock absorbers attached to the rear axle through the swing arm which connects horizontally to the bike’s rear axle. The front suspension is connected via the front forks which stretch from the front of the bike and extend to the front axle on both sides of the instrument panel. They can be adjusted in the dirt bike for compression and rebound.


When it comes to harsh terrains, dirt bike is equipped with specially designed tires which include a rubber layer on their outer side with closely spaced tread blocks. The tires made for softer terrains come with a scoop or paddle-type tread block pattern that is made of hard rubber. Sand tires, on the other hand, come with a paddle tread block pattern for enhanced traction. The intermediate soft or hard tires offer attributes that are a blend of those offered by the soft and hard types.


Dirt bike is typically categorized into engine displacement class. The displacement of an engine is defined as the volume of the air and fuel mixture that is drawn in a single cycle and is determined in Cubic Centimeters (CC). The acronym CC is typically a part of the dirt bike nomenclature for easy identification such as BMW G450X and the Beta 450 RS Supermoto which are two different products by different manufacturers but offers the same engine displacement. The two kinds of cylinder setup that is generally used in a dirt bike is V-twin and inline-four and have a major impact on the overall performance of the bike. The engine is located at the bike’s center alongside the oil tank for lubrication, transmission and the fuel tank. Transmission is part of the bike where the gears are engaged manually or automatically.

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In order to conquer the perils offers by harsh terrains, motocross and trail riding, brakes need to be of superior quality. These can be drum brakes wherein stopping pressure is applied from the axle’s interior. The disc brakes can also be used which utilize a pad that is applied to the outside of a brake to reduce its speed.

Final Drive

The final drive system of a dirt bike can be either chain, belt or shaft driven. The chain or shaft ensures that the power is transferred from the gearbox to the wheels to move the bike. The shaft drive extends from the gear box to the rear axle.

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