What are dirt bikes and why 125cc dirt bike are best?

125cc Dirt bike is lightweight and designed to run off-road on the toughest terrain and fly through the air. They are designed to support riding cross country on rough terrain like hills, mud, woods, rocks, mud, etc. The most well-known dirt bikes, motocross or off-road motorcycle manufacturers are Honda, KTM, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Husqvarna, and Suzuki. These companies manufacture and sell dirt bikes, on average, $8,000-$9,000.


When looking at motorcycle and 125cc dirt bike, both look a bit alike, having two wheels; however, there are differences. Both motorcycle and dirt bikes are manufacture and designed for different target grounds or terrain. Moreover, both are unique and used for different riding purposes focusing on potential users. The construction, manufacturing design, and materials of dirt bikes distinguish them.


  • Manual 4-Speed Transmission Quicker start and much more convenient! Take fully control of the dirt bike, Pro's Choice!
  • 17"/14" Big Front/Rear Wheels, comparing to same 125cc displacement Bike, it's much Higher and Longer, much more ground clearance, it is possible for you to use another 2 more years. Fits for Adults and Big Boys!
  • Kick start Start your dirt bike easily and conveniently without worrying about your battery.
  • Some assembly required: Assembly for dirt bikes include Handle bar brackets, wheels, brakes, number plate and fender. (May differ per model)

TAO Dirt Bike DB14 (Green)

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  • 110CC
  • Air cooled
  • 4-stroke
  • 1-cylinder
  • Disk Brakes on hand and foot

X-PRO 125cc Dirt Bike Pit Bike Kids Dirt Pitbike 125 Dirt Pit Bike (Orange)

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  • 125cc Dirt Bike brought by Moto Pro. Every package come with X-PRO motorcycle cover.
  • Manual 4-Speed Transmission Quicker start and much more convenient! Take fully control of the dirt bike, Pro's Choice!
  • 17"/14" Big Front/Rear Wheels, comparing to same 125cc displacement Bike, it's much Higher and Longer, much more ground clearance, it is possible for you to use another 2 more years. Fits for Adults and Big Boys!
  • Kick start Start your dirt bike easily and conveniently without worrying about your battery.
  • Some assembly required: Assembly for dirt bikes include Handle bar brackets, wheels, brakes, number plate and fender. (May differ per model)

Taotao DB14 110cc Dirt Bike Orange

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  • 110cc Dirt Bike,Single Cylinder,4-Stroke Engine Type
  • Automatic Transmission, Front/Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Front/Rear 14"/12'' Wheels, Seat Height 28"
  • Max Speed 40 mph May vary depending on road condition
  • Length:63inches, Width:28inches, Height:41inches, Net Weight:125lbs

X-PRO Titan 125cc Adults Dirt Bike Youth Pit Bike Dirt Pit Bike with 4-Speed Semi-Automatic Transmission, Big 17"/14" Tires, Zongshen Engine! (Black)

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  • 123.7cc 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Force Air Cooled Engine, keeps engine temperatures reliably under control, even while idling at stoplights--for maximum efficiency and longer engine life.
  • High Quality Zongshen Brand Engine,which is expensive, stabilized, more powerful and longer working life.
  • Tube Cradle Frame, High Strength Steel,much heavier than others, very strong and cannot be broken easily.
  • Some assembly required.

Main parts of Bike


Dirt bikes are usually made of plastic to stay lightweight. They have small frames, compact and narrow seats moreover, and it does not allow customization like GPS systems installation, stereos, build up the size of a dirt bike. Whereas Motorcycles are often made of metal, they are heavy and have wide seats for a long comfortable ride on roads.


The frame of dirt bikes is lighter and small to support its quick and efficient running. It is designed especially for valleys, hills, and rough riding conditions. Hence its lightweight frame can be controlled and manipulated easily as compared to motorcycles. Motorcycle frames are heavy because of their metal designing. Therefore, they are difficult to maneuverable; however, it gives a smooth and steady ride on the road.


Tries manufactured and designed for dirt bikes have additional tread and are studded for better traction. Moreover, the tires are narrow to support quick and easy handling and movement. Whereas, in motorcycles, the tires are manufactured wide for a smooth ride and allows the bike to help better grip with the road for safety.

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The seat of dirt bikes is smaller, narrow, and a little forward with low handlebars to support controlling movements easily. While in motorcycles, the seats are wide, thick, and heavy to give a comfortable ride. Moreover, its position is set farther back from handles to favor a smooth and comfortable ride.

Sitting Position

Dirt bike seats are designed to provide and offer riders maximum visibility and control. As mentioned earlier, for better adjustment of the rider during the ride, the seat inclines forward with a low set of handlebars for better adjustment.

While riding the dirt bikes, you may have to stand up occasionally and transfer your weight forward in the corner. Whereas, in the street, bike seats are designed to provide a comfortable ride; hence it has a lower rider position.


Dirt bikes contain smaller brake rotors, and rear brakes play a significant role. Rear brakes are useful, providing rider better control fas it turns the bike tighter. Moreover, it’s better to use front brakes while in a straight line.


The dirt bikes are designed and constructed for offering desired mobility, absorption, and jumping of shocks. The suspension system is designed with spring shocks and hydraulic tubes. The suspension travel is 12 inches or more in dirt bikes, to hold big shocks. Whereas, the suspension in the case of motorcycles is a few inches for the road to absorb and hold minor shocks.


Dirt bikes can be called off-road bikes contains tanks that are commonly small, hence not adding weight to the bike. Whereas, Motorcycles have bigger tanks that are perfect for utilizing long-distance distance.


Dirt bikes are designed to give you good speed in low gears to cross and leap to the top part of hills and can drag the bike out of the sand and the mud.

Whereas Motorcycles have powerful throttle applications, which leads bikes to achieve three-digit speed.

Hence there are differences between dirt bikes and motorbikes. It is good to choose a bike, keeping in view the conditions and terrain, i.e., road, hills, mountains, etc. Dirt bikes are either manufactured as two-stroke or four-stroke engines. They have various different features and have different functionalities and are usually classified into four categories.

What are 2 Stroke Dirt Bikes and 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes

A stroke is a motion or movement of a piston. A two-stroke dirt bike has two distinct motions of the piston. 2 Strokes commonly lighter, accelerate faster, produce torque quicker, and are more unstable. Moreover, they are not much complex in moving parts or lubrication systems; therefore, they are easy to rebuild and work on. In contrast, a four-stroke has four distinct motions of the piston. A four-stroke has higher top speed and is more consistent.

The maintenance price of a four-stroke bike is less as compared to a two-stroke engine bike.  Since in a four-stroke engine, the work distribution is in between various parts of the bike, on the contrary, a two-stroke engine works twice a four-stroke engine. However, two-stroke parts are cheaper as compared to four-stroke.

It is seen that both are different, but it’s vital to know that a two-stroke engine matches a higher cc four-stroke engine. Therefore, the two-stroke 125 cc engine functions the same as the 4-stroke 250cc. The higher the cc, the more expensive the bike would be; therefore, four stoke bikes can be expensive than a two-stroke. Every rider has its preference in choosing a bike looking into the size, price, features, and comfort.

Dirt bikes are categorized into four major categories. The following are the most commonly used dirt bikes.

Types of dirt bikes

Motocross bikes

A motocross bike is a type of dirt bike that is designed and manufactured keeping in view racing in closed-course competition. These bicycles accompany single-cylinder motors to deliver quick speed and have suspension frameworks to adapt to the jumps. Motocross bicycles have build lights, without kickstands, speedometers, electric starters, mirrors, and lights. It may give the bike weight and will not aid in the race track. To aid the rider in riding motocross contains a long, flat seat, to move his weight swiftly to give more grip around corners.


An enduro bike and motocross bike appears the same in outward show, but it is designed for a slightly distinct purpose. It contains a lightweight casing, because of help in longer races that can be road hustling with rough terrain dashing through the harsh landscape. Enduro bikes contain turn signals, silencers, headlights, and mirrors. Silencers aid in reducing engine noise to enable riders to ride on asphalt surfaces. However, it has abundant suspension not designed to give greater comfort in casual long-distance road travel.

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Trail rider

Trail rider bikes are a type of dirt bike that is specially designed for long rides through rough terrain. They differ form from the above two as it doesn’t give high-speed racing and is designed for high-speed jumps. The footpegs are situated in a typical situation to offer a good ride, and handlebars are situated higher for turning at moderate velocities simpler. Trail rider is designed lightweight containing larger tires, minimal plastic framing, and long suspensions.

Dual Sportbike

A dual Sportbike is designed for both on-road and off-road as well. It is a street-legal bike that has headlights, lights, mirrors, and turns signals. It uses single-cylinder engines keeping in view the simplicity and maintaining lighter weight. They are heavier than the endure bikes and motocross.

Health benefits and Pros and cons of Dirt bike

Everything comes with some pros and cons associated with it. Let’s explore them. Riding a dirt bike can be considered a sport, but it requires a lot of training and practice. Surely, you will get dirty while riding the bike due to extreme conditions of terrains, i.e., mud, rocks, woods, etc. However, riding a dirt bike carries great health benefits.

Increased strength

Dirt bike riding provides body strength due to actively operating, lifting, and turning the bike.  You utilize your hamstrings, quadriceps, and other leg muscles while riding over unpleasant territory. Moreover, arm strength is desired to lift handlebars when pushing bars down for either landing or going off the jump

Heart Rate

Dirt bike riding is a sport that can expand your pulse tantamount to low-level continuance exercise or run. A normal ride on a dirt bicycle may bring your pulse into the mid-130s. While it can bring your pulse into the mid-130s when joining hops on slopes and different snags.

Brain stimulation

Riding a dirt bike will have a beneficial outcome on the pre-frontal zones of the cerebrum. Besides, it can improve intellectual capacities. Researchers across the globe investigated that the level of brain stimulation of ones who are habitual of riding and those who have not practiced it regularly differ a lot.

Good posture

Posture is vital in maintaining balance, and it makes a difference in riding ability once riders understand the best posture possible. This decision, from one viewpoint, improves performance on the bicycle while, it tends to be a sound propensity off of the bicycle, as well.

Staying healthy

Motorbiking may look though, as it is not required as much effort; however, physical effort and involved a lot of core muscle, arm, and leg muscles applying several tricks and jumps. Moreover, it will assist with shedding calories.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there can be numerous other advantages as well. Let’s look into the disadvantages or the cons of dirt riding.

A dirt bike ride is risky and can be dangerous. You must have full concentration and focus at all times while riding. Due to lightweight, riding in tough terrain, hills, rocks, slopes, and speed accidents will happen. However, if you can control the speed and maintain balance, then no accident will happen. It’s the fact that we cannot miss out on injuries that will happen, and unwanted accident issues that are typically true for every riding.

There is more possibility of injury with dirt bikes due to tough and rough terrain, no matter your skill level. However, by riding safely and using a helmet, you can decrease the risk of any unfavorable injury or accident.

Below are the top 5 125cc Dirt bikes with some researched reasons to buy them.

Top five 125cc Dirt bike

Coolstar-Best 125 2 Stroke Dirt Bike

The cool start-Best 125cc two-stroke dirt bike is considered as one of the top-ranked dirt bikes. Even after so much time, it has still maintained its MARKET presence. The build quality of this bike is excellent due to which its very popular among the biker community. View on Amazon 

Why Should you buy it:

One of the essential features of any dirt bike is its braking system. The cool star manufacturers completely understand it and provide an excellent braking system. Moreover, the front wheel is designed in a way to have a double piston brake assembly. Besides, the rear wheel is designed with hydraulic disk brakes.   The reason behind the success of this bike is its popularity among the people as people from all age groups are willing to use it. The Top speed for a cool star is 45 MPH, which is pretty decent considering its engine and build quality. One of its positives is that its CARB affirmed, which implies it is road lawful in California

Apollo DB-X18-Best 125 Dirt Bike for Trails

Apollo dB-x18 dirt bike reviews show that this bike is for beginners. It has a wide range of features which makes it stand out in the competition. If you like lighter bikes it’s perfect for you and will never get regret buying it.

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It’s lightweight due to the smaller cubic centimeter. Therefore it’s an excellent choice for teenagers seeking to venture into dirt bike riding. This bike is a fantastic choice for both experienced riders and newbies.  View on Amazon 

Why Should you buy it:

This dirt bike is known for its lightweight design. The engine consumes very little fuel as compared to other major competitions. Its lightweight design made it very popular among kids and beginners. For newbies and young riding enthusiasts, the horsepower is well suited. Considering the engine, Apollo DB-X18 runs at an average 125cc pit bike which is an impressive speed of 55mph, which is way faster than an average 125cc pit bike. This speed is well suited for beginners as it’s neither too slow nor too fast, making it a perfect choice for young bikers. This dirt bike comes with 4-SPEED MANUAL gears. Except for the neutral gear, which seems to be downwards all other are gears are shifted upwards. The gears are super effective and efficient, which is expected from such a creative bike.

Apollo AGB 37-Best 125cc Pit Bike

If you are looking for a dirt bike that can suit older kids then Apollo AGB 37-Best 125cc is an excellent choice. Due to its fantastic design and style, it’s trendy among the young riders. View on Amazon 

Why Should you buy it:

Tires for any vehicle is its soul best tries to lead to a long and comfortable experience. That’s why Apollo AGB 37 is equipped with genuine 17-inch tires that run through the rough terrain steadily. The quality of the wheels and tires minimize the chances of accidents. Quality Wheels make it a better choice when compared with the competition; hence they are safety enhancers. Subsequently, the life expectancy of these tires is a lot bigger and doesn’t devastate quickly, even with regular use.

The handlebars are very much structured and have been made with solid and vigorous material, which makes it durable. The quality of handlebars determines how swiftly you can make a turn. The best part is that the quality of handlebars makes it possible to achieve proper handling in no time.

Apollo DB-007-Best Cheap 125cc Dirt Bike

Do you want to buy a dirt bike for your kid? Then Apollo DB-007  would be a fantastic gift to buy for such a kid this year. Apollo DB-007 stands out in competition due to its fantastic design and enjoyable ride that any beginner or young riders would love. Apollo DB-007 hangs out in rivalry because of its constructed design and pleasant ride that any tenderfoot or young riders would cherish. View on Amazon

Why Should you buy it:

The lightweight Materials of Apollo DB-007 makes it a perfect choice for beginners. The usage of Lightweight materials makes the bike light in weight. Its lightweight is one of the reasons why it is convenient to handle rough roads and tight spaces with this 125cc dirt bike.

This bicycle is constructed for harsh territory and can even withstand the most unpleasant landscape like it is nothing. The engine size and fabricate quality consistently assume an incredible job in making it equipped for taking care of the soil streets and unlikable surfaces. The 125cc engine force is thriving, giving you merely enough capacity to deal with and make riding more fun.

The engine of the 125cc dirt bike is one of the most common engines used in dirt bikes. Any enthusiastic young rider would found these bikes engine well. This engine can maintain its temperature even if it is used continuously for hours.

Taotao DB17-Best 125cc 4 Stroke Dirt Bike

Taotao DB17 is said to use by kids of twelve years or above is. If you call any bike a  true dirt road cruiser, it’s Taotao DB17. Its also used in training new riders. As this bike supports upward of 230 pounds, it’s the right choice for adults too. View on Amazon

Different parts in Taotao DB17 have been structured imaginatively, and hence it has extraordinarily improved the bicycle’s look and general execution.

Why Should you buy it:

One of the best features that make this bike so popular among teenagers and adults is that it can support more than 230 pounds. Young Riding enthusiasts in the age bracket of twelve to thirteen or sometimes a little above can use it. In conclusion, you should keep in mind the purpose you are planning to purchase a 125cc dirt bike and choose wisely.

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