5 Key Differences between a Dirt Bike and a Pit Bike

As the name would suggest, a pit bike is small sized motorcycle that is used for pit racing and riding in pits and is generally used by kids. Dirt bikes, on the other hand, are engineered to be used on the streets and not-so-smooth terrains. Matt Doeden writes in his book titled “Dirt Bikes” that they are light in weight and can be maneuvered comfortably in dirt, mud and sand.

Having said that, there are a number of similarities between the pit bike and the dirt bike and are used for numerous purposes such as racing and action sport. Let’s go through the major differences between the two.


Pit bikes are equipped with a four stroke engine which renders them powerful and formidable; allowing for quick paced acceleration and high speeds. On the contrary, dirt bikes come with a two stroke engine which enables the riders to drive their bikes at remarkably high speeds. Four stroke engines suffer from slow acceleration but they are more powerful and consume fuel efficiently. The engines are located at higher positions in dirt bikes to avoid stumbling from uneven surfaces and the gasoline reservoirs are placed in between the tires to offer the requisite balance.

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Short Body

Pit bikes are smaller in contrast to dirt bikes that is why riders prefer them to pass through pits. These sort of bikes are convenient to drive and their shorter bodies render them handy for use by younger kids. These bikes come in aesthetically appealing designs and huge handlebars while the dirt bikes come with comparatively larger frames and proportionate handlebars.

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The tires used in dirt bikes have a layer of rubber on their outer surface which renders them effective for use in dirt, mud, sand and difficult terrain. Pit bikes do not have a rubber layer on the outside of their tires. The rubber layer provides greater traction and balance to the dirt bikes and so they are great for use on uneven surfaces.
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When it comes to the level of suspension, pit bikes and dirt bikes are different from each other. A suspension system is responsible for connecting the wheel of the bike to its frame. It includes shock absorbers that enable the rider to drive the bike smoothly on uneven terrains. The quality of suspension in dirt bikes is superior that in pit bikes which renders them safe and highly efficient as the wheels are kept in contact with the surface beneath.

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Dirt bikes are placed on the higher side of the price spectrum while pit bikes are the more affordable option and have gained massive popularity among adolescents. Pit bikes are easier to maintain thanks to their low cost spare parts which are readily available. However, pit bikes need quite a lot of regular maintenance to ensure consistent performance.

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