Dirt Bike and a Pit Bike

5 Key Differences between a Dirt Bike and a Pit Bike

Are you also thinking of buying a dirt bike and a pit bike? There are lots of things to consider before you buy a pit bike. In this article, you will get to know about all the things that you need to know about pit bikes. The best part is that they are small, lightweight bikes that you can use to ride in pits. Although pit bikes are made for adults due to their smaller size and low-powered engines, they are highly used by teenagers. In simple words, Pit bikes are small low powered bikes that are commonly used around pit areas. Not only in pit areas, but you can also use pit bikes on tracks, roads, Off roads, or in the backyard of your house. Pit bikes may not have big-sized engines and other features like a fully functional Off-road bike, but they are small powerhouses that can be a total blast!

Nowadays pit bike racing sport is spreading like fire in the forest among teenagers. Not only teenagers, but there are also a lot of people who love to ride on pit bikes. As pit bikes are gaining popularity day by day there are plenty of options available in the market, making it a bit difficult to choose the perfect fit for you. But you don’t have to worry this post will help you to select the ideal fit for you. It is important to know the difference between a dirt bike and a pit bike, As both look similar. So before any further discussions, let us know about the difference between a dirt bike and a pit bike.

What is the Difference between Pit bikes and Dirt bikes?

As the craze of biking is increasing day by day, there are plenty of bikes available like SUVs, ATVs,
dirt bikes, pit bikes, and so on. Pit bikes and dirt bikes are pretty much similar to one another in appearance, features, etc. This makes it an overwhelming task to choose between the two. It is essential to know about their differences, features, and other stuff before selecting the perfect fit for you.

As Pit bikes are smaller, they have a small engine and other parts, So you can’t expect the speed of a fully functional racing bike, But that doesn’t mean that you cant have fun on them. You can smoothly ride your pit bike at 60 miles per hour, I think it is enough for an average person. You will be delighted to know that you can also increase your pit bike speed by making specific customizations.

One of the most significant differences between the two is that Pit bikes are usually smaller in size and have low powered engines as compared to dirt bikes. Most pit bikes engine sizes range from 50 to 150cc, so you can’t expect good speed from pit bikes. On the other hand, dirt bikes have a higher speed threshold. But at the same point, pit bikes are easy to maintain and come at an affordable price tag.

Types of Pit Bikes

Pit bikes are mainly of three types, So let’s discuss them one by one.

Racing Pit bikes

If you are looking for a bike that will help you participate in various sporting events, you can buy a Racing pit bike. These bikes are mainly built for speed and power; The best part of Racing pit bikes is that they provide you high speed, powerful engines, body, Wheels, and other stuff, which helps these bikes to move quickly. These bikes are quite similar to motocross bikes, but the difference is that Racing pit bikes are usually smaller and lightweight, which helps them move rapidly.

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Production Pit Bikes

If you are looking for an Off-road bike, then production pit bikes are excellent for this purpose as they are mainly designed for Off-roading. You’ll find lots of advanced features like more significant engines, suspension, etc. This bike has a larger engine and other accessories, making the bike more secure and comfortable in terrain. Production pit bikes might be expensive but worth buying if you are looking for an Off-road bike.

Teenagers pit bikes

As the name suggests, teenager’s pit bikes are mainly designed for Kids. These bikes are usually smaller than production, racing bikes, and they are not as powerful as other bikes as the size is smaller, so the engine will also be lighter, thus making the bike perfect for kids. Teenagers Pit bikes may not be a fully functional production or racing bikes but are ideal for kids who want to ride it in backyards or concrete floors.

Dirt Bike and a Pit Bike

Although pit bikes and dirt bikes are similar, some factors will help you choose the ideal pick for you. So without any further delay, let us know about pit bikes and dirt bikes features in detail.


One of the most important factors to consider before you buy any bike is their price. Dirt bikes are quite expensive than pit bikes, Dirt bikes price varies depending on the company and engine. Note: The cost of dirt bikes cannot be specific; It varies on various factors. In simple words, A 250cc dirt bike will cost around 2000$ to 10,000$ depending upon quality and brand.

On the other hand, used bikes might cost you around 500$ or even more depending on the engine and brand. Now let us talk about pit bikes, A new pit bike will cost you around 1000$ no matter the brand and engine. If you need a used bike, it will cost you around 200$, which is much cheaper than dirt bikes.


Another important factor is the capability of a bike, whether it can be used in terrains or not? Fortunately, Dirt bikes are designed for that purpose only. Another good thing about dirt bikes is that they can be used by almost everyone, from teenagers to old veterans. You can use dirt bikes on ordinary roads, deserts, and other sorts of places. You’ll get various features like Higher speed, coarse tires, etc. which makes it a fully functional off-road bike. But all these features come at a cost!

As the name suggests, You can use pit bikes for racing and riding in pits, plain terrains, and on smooth roads. The best part of pit bikes is that they come at affordable prices, and you can easily customize your bike according to you.


Now, when we talk about maintenance, Pit bikes require less maintenance than other sorts of bikes even you can maintain your bike at your home by cleaning your bike’s filter and oiling it daily. This is one of the reasons why people go with pit bikes rather than dirt bikes. The best part of pit bikes is that they hardly get damaged and need less maintenance.

Now let us know about a dirt bike and a pit bike maintenance. I can say that the dirt bike needs a lot of maintenance! Although Maintainance of your bike mainly depends on how you use the bike. Dirt bikes come in two categories one comes with a two-stroke engine and the other one comes with a four-stroke engine. The maintenance of a four-stroke bike is less expensive than a four-stroke engine bike. Now a question may come in your mind: why four-stroke engine bikes need less maintenance? This is because In a four-stroke engine, the work is distributed to various parts of the bike, and A two-stroke engine works twice a four-stroke engine; that’s why it needs more maintenance.

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Another essential factor to consider before you purchase a bike is its height, As it is important to choose the right height bike for you because If you don’t select the right bike, you’ll not be comfortable while riding. If you take a normal bike for off-roading, it will get damaged as you have to face plenty of obstacles while riding.

You can do off-roading with pit bikes, but you have to make specific customisation before that, So It is essential to clarify the purpose of using a bike. If you want a bike that you’ll use on pits and simple roads, then Pit bikes will be an ideal pick. On the other hand, If you are looking for an off-roading bike, then a dirt bike will be the right choice.

Is it Legal to ride a pit bike on Road?

You can ride a pit bike on the road, but before that, you have to make some changes to pass state inspection. You might need to add some accessories like a Number plate, signals, horns, etc. NOTE: Before riding on a road, I will recommend you to read the full instructions.

Why should you choose Pit Bikes?

.The most significant reason for buying a pit bike is that you don’t need a license. However, they are not street legal, but you can ride on the road by making some customizations. In simple words, Pit bikes are ready to be driven if you want to ride them in the backyard of your house or in a motocross event.

The other reason for purchasing a Pit bike is its portability. However, I am not saying that you can easily transport your bike, but if we compare it to other bikes, Pit bikes are easy to carry than a hefty motorbike. You can easily carry your pit bike at the back of a car, truck, or SUV.

Pros of using Pit bike

  • The price of a pit bike is one of the most popular reasons why people are buying pit bikes rather than choosing a Dirt Bike.
  • Another great thing about Pit bikes is their low-cost maintenance.
  • You can use pit bikes in almost all the places due to their size; Even you can ride your pit bike in front or backyard of your house.
  • The reason beginners go with Pit bikes is that they are easy to handle than other sorts of bikes.
  • Pit bikes are safer than Dirt bikes. The size of pit bikes makes it more reliable than other bikes.

Cons of using pit bike

  • There are limited options available in pit bikes.
  • As pit bikes are a bit smaller in size, they are not ideal for tall people.

Pros of Dirt Bikes

  • When we talk about speed, The dirt bike has more speed as the dirt bike’s engine is more powerful than Pit bikes. You will get 50 to 140cc engines in pit bikes, whereas the smallest engine in a dirt bike is 125cc, and a maximum of 480cc So Dirt bikes will provide you more speed than pit bikes.
  • Another advantage of using a dirt bike is that you can drive it on any road from deserts to mountains. Although you can do off-roading in pit bikes also but you need to modify them before using.
  • If you want to participate in various dirt bike events, You can participate in multiple competitions if you own a dirt bike.
  • If you are a tall guy, then a pit bike won’t be an ideal pick for you; if a rider wants to be safe and comfortable, It is essential to choose the bike of the right size.
  • The dirt bike is impressive. In simple words: If you purchase a pit bike, you will get bored after some time, whereas In the case of a dirt bike, you won’t as it offers various features.
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Cons of Dirt Bikes

  • Overall, the Dirt bike is excellent, but all the features come at a cost! In simple words, Dirt bikes are quite expensive.
  • If you purchase dirt bikes, you might have to buy different gears like gas cans, guards, etc.

As the name would suggest, a pit bike is a small-sized motorcycle that is used for pit racing and riding in pits and is generally used by kids. Dirt bikes, on the other hand, are engineered to be used on the streets and not-so-smooth terrains. Matt Doeden writes in his book titled “Dirt Bikes” that they are light in weight and can be maneuvered comfortably in dirt, mud, and sand.

Having said that, there are a number of similarities between the pit bike and the dirt bike and are used for numerous purposes such as racing and action sport. Let’s go through the major differences between the two.


Pit bikes are equipped with a four-stroke engine which renders them powerful and formidable; allowing for quick-paced acceleration and high speeds. On the contrary, dirt bikes come with a two-stroke engine which enables the riders to drive their bikes at remarkably high speeds. Four-stroke engines suffer from slow acceleration but they are more powerful and consume fuel efficiently. The engines are located at higher positions in dirt bikes to avoid stumbling from uneven surfaces and the gasoline reservoirs are placed in between the tires to offer the requisite balance.

Short Body

Pit bikes are smaller in contrast to dirt bikes that is why riders prefer them to pass through pits. These sort of bikes are convenient to drive and their shorter bodies render them handy for use by younger kids. These bikes come in aesthetically appealing designs and huge handlebars while the dirt bikes come with comparatively larger frames and proportionate handlebars.


The tires used in dirt bikes have a layer of rubber on their outer surface which renders them effective for use in dirt, mud, sand and difficult terrain. Pit bikes do not have a rubber layer on the outside of their tires. The rubber layer provides greater traction and balance to the dirt bikes and so they are great for use on uneven surfaces.


When it comes to the level of suspension, pit bikes and dirt bikes are different from each other. A suspension system is responsible for connecting the wheel of the bike to its frame. It includes shock absorbers that enable the rider to drive the bike smoothly on uneven terrains. The quality of suspension in dirt bikes is superior to that in pit bikes which renders them safe and highly efficient as the wheels are kept in contact with the surface beneath.


Dirt bikes are placed on the higher side of the price spectrum while pit bikes are the more affordable option and have gained massive popularity among adolescents. Pit bikes are easier to maintain thanks to their low-cost spare parts which are readily available. However, pit bikes need quite a lot of regular maintenance to ensure consistent performance.

Final verdict

In the end, I would like to say that you should keep in mind that for what purpose you are purchasing a bike. In simple words, If you want a bike for riding on clear roads or the backyard of your house, and wanted to do a little bit of Off-roading, then you can go with production bikes. On the other hand, If you wanted a bike for motor events, you could go with Racing pit bikes. I hope that this article helped you in making your decision, So if you liked it, please share it with your riding companions too, and If you have any queries regarding a dirt bike and a pit bike, you can freely ask me in the comment section below.

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