5 Stories that tell something about drone development

Most of us are drawn towards the phenomenal aerial video clips or the prospects speedy package delivery of Amazon Echo Dots and other consumer goods whenever the term aerial drone comes across them.

Seasoned experts including civil engineers as well as novice students in their teens are incessantly working on exciting new ideas regarding the use of modern day drones in solving real world issues. Here are five intriguing stories about drones that indicate the future of employment of these beasts for commercial purposes such as art, construction and emergency response.


Swarm Intelligence

SPAXELS drones have created quite a buzz in the drone industry as their experts have been working on how to configure a fleet of drones to illuminate the dark night sky. SPAXELS are customized drones that have been built by Ars Electronica, an arts/science/technology company headquartered in Austria. These machines are loaded with LEDs and configured to form words, moving images and startling abstract designs that will definitely put the cats amongst the pigeons when it comes to manual fireworks.

Mountain Rescues Get a Breath of Fresh Air

Students at the UK’s Warwick School of Engineering are looking forward to assist the hikers, mountaineers and skiers gone astray with the help of drones. By employing additive-manufacturing approaches, the students are attempting to build a flying wing made of carbon fiber that could deliver crucial emergency supplies such as blankets, food and medicine as part of Warwick’s Horizon (AM) initiative.

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Life-Saving Drone Flies with Generative Design

Team ROK’s Yuki Ogasawara and Ryo Kumeda have come up with their own life-saving aerial drone. Named as X Vein, the drone boasts a multicopter design and has been developed by the innovators in the aftermath of the catastrophic Great East japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011 which ravaged the country when Yuki and Ryo were still youngsters. The drone sports wings that resemble those of a dragon fly and may appear to be delicate but the machine’s formidable design and capability to fly for extensive periods of time make it an ideal option for emergency response and natural calamities.

Agile Product Development

The conventional method used in developing software may have been able to ensure enhanced effectiveness of the Amazon Prime Air Project. This technique could well have gone a long way to assist the team of developers to stay clear of the miscalculations regarding structure and construction in addition to responding quickly to altering product requirements.

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Drones in Construction

The conventional surveyor equipped with a total station will soon be forgotten as civil engineers and construction companies will be employing precise 3D mesh models of earthworks and construction sites. The remote survey and monitoring will ensure enhanced workflows and help the builders identify high traffic areas, crane clearances and save them precious time.

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