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5 Top Home Security Robots

Have you ever felt anxious about your home security while on a family getaway? An empty house is quite vulnerable to theft. Isn’t it? Even if you go out for a stroll in the part, you ensure that all the doors have been properly locked and the alarms are fully operational. This is where top home security robots can make your life real easy.

With the advancement in modern technology, robots are becoming an everyday spectacle. One can get quite confused while choosing the right kind of robot. So, we bring to you five of the best home security robots that will save you plenty of money as well.


Top Home Security Robots

RoboteX Avatar III

Top Home Security Robots

Apparently, the RoboteX Avatar III looks like a fight tank and is considered one of the top home security robots. This unique design allows the machine to gain maximum traction from the potential clients who are looking out for aesthetically pleasing designs that function appropriately. This is a great choice for ensuring safety and security at your home

The RoboteX Avatar III can be configured with ease which makes it a popular choice among consumers. The robot has the ability to climb stairs and function on wet floors, carpets, rugged landscape and concrete. These features ensure that the robot is able to provide 100% security to your home.

The robot is loaded with an infrared night vision. So, the device can be used without worrying about the time of the day. The robot is extremely lightweight which renders it easily portable and comes integrated with top notch components and features.


Top Home Security Robots

The iPATROL Riley is your home security robot dog that will ensure top notch security of your house whether you are at home or away. It is loaded with tons of features that ensure that your home is safe and secure. The robot makes use of WiFi connectivity to transmit audio and video to your smartphones so that you can keep in regular contact with the device anywhere. The video broadcasted is High Definition in character and is captured via a 5MP camera. The high quality camera ensures that the video footage captured is of high resolution. In addition, the robot uses a duplex audio that lets the owners listen to the lightest of sounds in the surroundings.

Do you get paranoid about your empty house’s safety while you are away on a business trip? The iPATROL Riley will grant you assurance of your home’s safety thanks to its night vision technology that lets the robot keep a look out for suspicious presence in your house even in low light or dark conditions. The robot comes integrated with night light which makes this device a must have one for your home.

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In addition, the iPATROL Riley comes loaded with a motion detector that informs the owner of any suspicious movements in and around the home. The device transmits a notification to the user on his or her smartphone and hence keeps the owner updated with the happenings at home.

What’s more, the owner does not have to be perturbed about charging the device since the machine comes with its self-charging dock. As soon as the robot, runs out of juice, it returns to the dock to get charged automatically.

Angee Home Security

Angee has the ability to see and listen to everything that’s happening in and around your house. That is exactly the kind of capability that you want to be a part of your top home security robots.

Top Home Security Robots

The Angee Home Security is a fully automated and customized home security option that boasts an attractive design. The device is easy to use in comparison with other devices of the same ilk.

Angee even knows when the owner enters or leaves the home by making use of the smart technology that can detect the presence of the house owner. The robot automatically triggers the safety mode on once the owner leaves the house.

The Angee Home Security is loaded with motion detectors to inform the house owner instantly about suspicious movements in and around the house. The robot utilizes a two-step authentication process to identify the owner’s voice and face.

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The Angee Home Security offers a battery life span of 10 hours which is amazing to say the least.

Orbii Monitoring System

Only a few years back, the thought of a white ball rolling around the house as a security system would have sounded ludicrous. With Orbii Monitoring System, the impossible has been realized into a reality.

The Orbii Monitoring System comes equipped with top quality camera and sensors of different kinds that provide requisite information to the house owner about his home via smartphone. You simply have to connect the device to the charging base and connect it to the homes WiFi network. The Orbii Monitoring System is intelligent and gets smarter with the passage of time. The device has the ability to mould itself in accordance with the surroundings and environment of your home.

Top Home Security Robots

The Orbii Monitoring System transmits live video and audio feed of your home and so you can bank on it when it comes to ensuring that your house is safe. It can also be used to keep a lookout at you pet or babysit your kids when you are away.

The Orbii Monitoring System is incorporated with different kinds of intricate sensors such as carbon monoxide sensor, a motion detection apparatus and sound sensors. In addition, in case one or more of these sensors malfunction, the top home security robots provide an intimation to a pre-programmed telephone number. The security system has the ability to inform the house owner when he or she forgets to lock the main door. All these features have been designed to provide ultimate security to your house.

Boddenly Baby Monitor Tank Car

Would it not be heartening to see your security system transformed into a charming object? If you are really into aesthetically pleasing designs, then the Boddenly Baby Monitor Tank Car is the best choice for you.

Top Home Security Robots

It is essentially a tank with a camera that ensures that your house remains safe from burglars. Having said that, the device can be used for ensuring the safety of your house as well as the safety of your kids. The machine does not include motion detectors and also does not inform about an unlocked main door as some of the other devices enlisted here. But it does allow the users to keep a lookout for the kids and pets at home and also communicate with them via the device’s two-way communication capabilities.

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The robot can also be controlled via a handheld mobile device as the user can steer the tank in four different directions and turn around as well. The device transmits a real time video feed of the happenings and also has the ability to capture still images. The Boddenly Baby Monitor Tank Car is compatible with both iOS and Android powered devices.

What makes the Boddenly Baby Monitor Tank Car more attractive to the modern day consumer is the fact that it can be charged wirelessly and the user can even operate it while the device is being charged. On the whole, the Boddenly Baby Monitor Tank Car is a great option if you are looking for a reliable device that babysit your kids or keep a lookout for your pets.

The Upshot

The homes security robots are becoming more and more sophisticated with the passage of time and your homes are becoming safer. The omnidirectional camera view options incorporated in these incredible machines allow you to stay at home even if you are thousands of miles away. They are loaded with motion detectors and intimate the house owner of any suspicious movements in and around the house.

On the whole, all the home security robots enlisted here can be touted as the best around. Each of them are integrated with the requisite features to ensure that your homes remain safe from burglars. They allow the users to stay connected with their kids and pets even when they are away.

The contemporary world needs such intelligent machines that can ensure the safety of one’s property and life. If you get your hands on any one of the above mentioned devices, you should be rest assured that your houses are safe and secured.

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