9 Best Drone Videos of All Time

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can access those locations which appear inaccessible to us human beings. They also assist us in capturing aerial videos and photographs that would otherwise require the services of a real life helicopter and an extremely expensive top-of-the-line camera. In contrast to such a high cost endeavor, drones have proven to be a very cost-effective solution to recording stunning aerial videos and sensational aerial images. In addition, with the help of these versatile devices, one can also cover sporting events and virtually anything that would have been considered impossible to be covered just a few years ago.

There is no denying the fact that aerial photography and cinematography took a new turn with the arrival of camera drones in 2014. This surge in exquisite drone videos has been on an unimaginable rise ever since. We are fortunate enough to have been treated with some of the most scintillating drone videos of all times in the recent years. So, let’s not waste any more time and get back to work. Here are the top 9 drone videos that will blow your minds aways.

1 – Koh Yao Noi: A stunning island

The idyllic landscapes of the small island of Koh Yao Noi were amazingly captured by Philip Bloom in a scintillating drone video that featured heart-stopping sunset, incredible landscapes, eye-catching fishing boats and a dense forest located in the tiny island. The lovely drone video also lets us watch innocent kids playing with a beautiful drone. The sensational drone video was shot with the mighty DJI Phantom 2 which is a testimony to the fact that these UAVs can be a brilliant solution to shooting short video documentaries.

2 – Watching the Whales with Drones

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Eric Sterman is the man who was able to capture the stunning video footage of whales plying their trade in the Pacific ocean just off the North shore of Oahu, Hawaii. I have been greatly impressed with this lovely drone video. This tremendous drone video features serene waters of the ocean and charismatic whales swimming through them making superb screeching noises. All this builds up to a scene that cannot be forgotten ever. The video footage was taken using the DJI Phantom 2. It took Eric three days to shoot the video. The video was then compiled by Sterman afterwards.

3 – The drone goes into the volcano

This phenomenal drone video was also captured by the mighty DJI Phantom 2. Hey, hold on, you must be wondering why all the good videos have been captured with the Phantom 2! Well, we say, keep wondering! This superb video captures the mayhem at the mouth of an active volcano that is close to erupting. If you ask me, I would never ever muster enough courage to bring my expensive beloved drone so close to the boiling hot lava. But hats off to the cinematographer who gambled to bring his drone so close to the mouth of an active volcano just so that we were able to view this fabulous video. Thumbs up, dude!

4 – Hey, don’t mess with the furious ram!

This is certainly true that whenever you try and toy with the nature, you will end up risking the safety of your high cost drone. It can even get demolished if you get dangerously close to annoying nature. This was certainly experienced by a dronie who endeavored to follow a ram deep into the forest. The ram probably felt offended and vent his anger out on the drone first and then on the pilot who was controlling the drone. Did it hurt? I bet it certainly did! Nevertheless, the video was also captured with the DJI Phantom 2.

5 – Chernobyl: The land of devastation

This is the most harrowing of the drone videos that I have come across. It covers the devastation suffered by the unfortunate city of Pripyat in Ukraine after the reactor nuclear reactor meltdown in Chernobyl way back in the year 1986. The documentary was an hour long video and was telecast on CBS. We are not sure which drone was employed in shooting this chilling video. However, it provides an astounding glimpse into the city that was annihilated almost three decades ago and is in the process of restoration as nature is wields its magic!

Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl from Danny Cooke on Vimeo.

6 – The sensation Niagara falls

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Hey, here’s a question: how many of you have not been to the Niagara Falls? Those of you who haven’t been to this incredible place, you must visit it at least once in your life. However, if you believe that you won’t be able to make it to the falls in your lifetime, then this video will certainly be the best solution to your worries. This fantastic video footages captures the amazing falls in all its awe and splendor in fabulous slow motion 1080p high definition resolution. It has been captured with a DJI Phantom.

7 – Alaska Wilderness

The hinterland in Alaska presents the most mindblowing landscapes that you could witness anywhere on the surface of the earth. This beautiful video footage portrays the splendid ice and glaciers alongside the phenomenal forests and other stunning features that can only be found in Alaska. A magnificent video for the lovers of nature. Just to let you know, this video was also shot with a DJI Phantom and compiled later on by the cinematographer.

Alaska from Mark Richardson on Vimeo.

8 – The Burning Man Festival

Down in the Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada, the Burning Man Festival is a week-long traditional festival that is held on annual basis in the last days of August. The event is a unique innovation in terms of art, community efforts, pragmatic self-exploration and self-dependence. You are bound to come across some stunning scenes in this one-of-its-kind festivals. This video footage covers the Burning Man festival held in 2014 and it covers some amazing visuals and spectacles. It was also captured with the mighty DJI Phantom 2.

Burning Man 2014 by Drone from CopterOptics on Vimeo.

9 – Aerial View of Fireworks

The view of fireworks is certainly pleasing to the eye when watched from the ground. But have to you ever seen an aerial view of fireworks? This person set is DJI Phantom 2 whizzing through the air at night to capture the scintillating aerial view of fireworks. My word! The video footage shows some magnificent colorful fireworks. The videographer, however, used background music by Andrea Bocelli and had no rights of including it in his video. Hence, you won’t be watching his video here. To check his video out, you will have to log into YouTube and find out for yourself how the fireworks look from the above!

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