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5 Top Off Road RC Cars

If you are planning to visit your nearby hobby store to purchase a RC car that is able to tackle any obstruction that comes its way, then you should look for off road RC cars. Off road radio controlled cars are capable of traversing landscapes of all sorts and coping up with weather conditions of all types. The technology used in these devices paves the way for enhanced technology for racing course RC cars and heralds a new beginning for the RC cars industry.

We have compiled this list of 5 top off road RC cars based on the technology used in them, their handling prowess, maintenance required, reliability and ability to conquer different terrains.

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Off Road RC Cars: Vaterra 01003 Slickrock 1/18th Rock Buggy

The Vaterra 01003 Slickrock buggy is placed right at the top spot in our coveted list of the 5 top off road RC cars. It boasts a belligerent style and packs a power punch in contrast to other members of our list. The suspension is hidden underneath the body lid for Vaterra 01003 Slickrock as opposed to other vehicles that generally have the suspension standing out to the side of the frame.

It is equipped with a waterproof servo that furnishes sufficient torque to conquer any obstacle thrown its way. The 4 wheel drive Vaterra 01003 Slickrock is an excellent choice for drivers who intend to keep all the four tires on the ground while crossing different hurdles. It boasts enhanced traction by displacing the main weight of the vehicle to the front. It consists of completely waterproof electronics and includes electronic speed control in addition to 1.9 inch sized tires. [Currently this product is out of stock]


  • 4 wheel drive
  • 1.9 inch tires
  • Suspension hidden underneath the body lid
  • Belligerent styling
  • Waterproof components
  • Servo at the front of the vehicle to enhance traction


Axial Wraith Spawn Rock Racer

The Axial Wraith Spawn Rock Racer is one of the hybrid off road RC cars that is a splendid blend of a jeep and a buggy. The manufacturers have been touting this monster as one which is able to get rid of all the obstacles that come in their path with extreme ruthlessness. It boasts an almost bullet proof axles that simply hammer their way through unforgiving terrains and 2.2 inch tires that grip and tear away all the surfaces they kiss.

One of the most attractive features of the Axial Wraith Spawn Rock Racer is that it is loaded with a full-tube frame chassis that wraps around the entire body. This shows the pristine attention to detail that has been integrated in this magnificent off road RC car by the engineers.

The Axial Wraith Spawn Rock Racer is a partially waterproof vehicle but it endeavors to make up for this lacuna in terms of other features. It includes oil-filled shocks, a unique capability to crawl difficult terrains, off-center axle design and a dual slipper clutch. [Currently this product is out of stock]


  • Off-center axle design
  • full-tube frame chassis that wraps around the entire body
  • Oil filled shocks
  • Unique crawl ability


  • Partially waterproof
  • Does not include a battery, charger or AA batteries for radio controller in its original packaging

Traxxas E-Maxx brushless Edition: One of the best Off Road RC Cars

This is the second vehicle by Traxxas that has made it to our coveted list of the top 5 off road RC cars. The Traxxas E-Maxx boasts self-righting technology and comes with a 220Kv motor that is one of its kind. The vehicle sports a low stance, belligerent styling and lower center of weight to ensure that maximum traction is provided to the device for tackling difficult terrains. It is definitely equipped well to conquer steep inclines with ridiculous ease.

The Traxxas E-Maxx is loaded with the Traxxas Stability Management System and waterproof components. You can take this cover over any terrain of your choice without any fear of getting into trouble since the self-righting system will help it get back from the upside down position. It provides support for the 7 cell NiMH batteries, Twin 2S LiPo or 3S LiPo batteries. Depending on the power source, the Traxxas E-Maxx has the ability to attain maximum speeds of 35 mph or 65 mph. It is an excellent choice for beginners who want to get better gradually and become veterans in RC car industry.


  • self-righting technology
  • low stance
  • Traxxas Stability Management System
  • waterproof components
  • Compatible with three different kinds of batteries
  • User gets to choose the difficulty and operating level


  • Certain accessories such as batteries need to be purchased
  • Slightly expensive in contrast to its counterparts

Traxxas Bigfoot No.1

The Traxxas Bigfoot No.1 is a 1/10 sized replica of the original beast and is a high performance vehicle. It is loaded with the versatile Stampede chassis that is reliable enough.

It is equipped with XL-5 ESC with waterproof electronics and bearings in the transmission only while bushings elsewhere.

It resembles the legendary Ford F-100 Bigfoot and provides tons of torque and high acceleration. It is an ideal choice for the rookies as it does not require a lot of maintenance and repairs.


  • Highly reliable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Waterproof electronics


  • 2 wheel drive truck

Traxxas Summit

The Traxxas Summit is a new entrant to off road RC cars industry and has been developed by the entrenched market leaders. It is being touted as an entertaining and thrilling ride that packs splendid technology. It comes loaded with state of the art remote locking differentials that assist changing power to the drivetrain instantaneously. Moreover, the transmission switches allow users to go from 70:1 first gear to 25:1 second gear; thereby enabling the monster to conquer any terrains that you throw down its path.

It comes with 10 LED lights that allow the users to use it even for their nighttime adventures without having to worry about any obstructions that might come in the path of their behemoth. The formidable exoskeleton frame wraps around the entire body and protects the vehicle from potential damage. It comes with 7 inch tires that turn this beast into an unforgiving conqueror of terrains.

The Traxxas Summit includes waterproof electronics in addition to a 16.8V Titan 775 Motor to provide the much needed power to Traxxas Summit. This magnificent device features a low center of gravity while the user can reduce weight and optimize power.


  • remote locking differentials
  • Telescoping axles
  • Belligerent chassis design
  • Waterproof electronics
  • 10 LED lights
  • 16.8V Titan 775 Motor
  • formidable exoskeleton frame
  • Low center of gravity


Blue does not merge well into the color scheme

Final Verdict

You must have seen that there are tons of good quality off road RC cars out there. They are equipped with stunning technology that enable these beasts to conquer terrains of all sorts. There are some devices which are better than others, however it all comes to passion and budget when choosing the wild beast.

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