Reuters: DJI Working on car Technology

Reuters: DJI Working on car Technology

We can’t deny that DJI has captured most of the drone market but after hearing this news you might get muddled Yes DJI is experimenting in other realms like cars and similar stuff.  DJI is known for its tech-related gadgets. Almost all of us know that DJI is producing tech products that range from cameras, gimbals, and stuff like that but now it seems like DJI is trying to enter the Autonomous driving sector.

Why Reuters Expect DJI tries to enter Autonomous Market?

We all know that DJI is a tech-giant but on the other side, we are also examining a rapid boost in Automnoums sectors. I have recently checked out DJI’s carrier’s page but couldn’t find anything there. Here’s what Reuters says:

Three people said DJI plans to sell driver-assist technology, such as lidar sensors, a key component in self-driving cars, and packaged solutions for autonomous driving functions. All sources spoke on condition of anonymity, as the details are not public yet. DJI said it had no new announcements at the moment.

Reuters, via Venturebeat

LiDAR Connection

There is no doubt that DJI is involved in LiDAR technology for several years.  And In CES 2020 DJI issued 2 latest LiDAR sensors from Livox Technology. Here’s what the news says:

Backed by DJI’s deep expertise in sensor innovation and hardware manufacturing, Livox is introducing two new sensors that offer a groundbreaking new scanning method to deliver better sensing performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional lidar units. By making lidar easier and more affordable to integrate into products and applications, Livox sensors will enable new innovations across a broad range of applications from autonomous driving to smart cities, mapping, mobile robotics and more.

-DJI press release

Don’t forget to have a look at what DJI president Roger Luo says:

Over the past 13 years, it has been DJI’s core mission to make advanced technology easy-to-use, safe and accessible, which we have accomplished most notably through our leading consumer and commercial drone product portfolio. Livox was born from that same mission and passion for innovation. It is a dedicated team, first incubated within DJI, whose objective is to expand the application of our core technologies, and break barriers to the autonomous world, by working with the thriving ecosystem of innovators in mobile robotics to autonomous driving and beyond.

-DJI press release

Our View

It’s not clear whether DJI is entering the autonomous market. DJI might be working on smaller vehicles or something like that (It’s too early to say anything).

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