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All About DJI FPV Parts, Accessories, and Recent Upgrades

DJI drones


DJI FPV is an advanced new type of drone that is launched in March 2021. It is a hybrid GPS-enable camera drone, blended with the raw power and excitement of a racing camera drone. This DJI FPV is a thrill to fly and its optional flight mode makes the quadcopter operate more like an RC airplane. 

The Fly More Kit For DJI FPV 

This kit is available on Amazon for $299. Now you can get two batteries along with a charging hub. You will get 20% savings over purchasing the batteries and charger separately.

DJI FPV Batteries Features

If you are not interested in getting a full Fly More Kit then another option is DJI FPV batteries you can easily buy for $148 on Amazon.

DJI FPV Propellers

These DJI FPV Propellers are all three-blade, quick-release propellers which cost $15 per set.

DJI FPV Motion Controller

This is the coolest accessory you enjoy for your DJI FPV drone and one-handed remote to have fun and amazing flight experiences for drone users and pilots. You can buy it for $199 but the Motion Controller works with only DJI FPV drones although many more drones will be included in the future.

Looks Of DJI FPV Drone

You can buy the simplest gadget along with your DJI FPV as an extra cover, such a cover is called Top Shell. This Top Shell is in gray transparent color in the combo set like you get an extraordinary light green Top Shell. It’s easy to replace and it’s great that you can also personalize it yourself. It provides you a blank canvas to play with and it’s a complete set of two Top Shell, 1 Void Gray, and one Eternal Green that cost only 15 EURO.

The DJI FPV— Protection

Protection is the most important thing you have to consider first because broken motors and props can become very costly and so much time-consuming to replace quickly. To overcome the chances of damage you can purchase a set of Propeller Guards from the market at twenty-five EURO only that save your drone at times of flying challenging terrains. For example forests, rock formations, or cramped areas.

Perfect Backpack For carrying Your DJI FPV Drone

This amazing designed backpack costs 119 EURO to carry all-around available in many colors and different designs on Amazon. Now we discuss The PONYRC Backpack for DJI FPV has lots of storage space with all necessary accessories and this shockproof and robust waterproof bag is available in the market in three various color combinations. 

For example, a gray bag with a gray inner, a black bag with a gray inner, and also your gray bag with a red inner that looks amazing and eye-catching and you buy it only for 79.99 USD. It is very comfortable, lightweight, easy to carry all around, and also perfect for the experienced traveler and public transport travel. 

The INSYOO DJI FPV EVA hard-shell case has pre-cut hard foam compartments for drones and accessories comes in two different colors one is white with dark gray inner and according to your customized choice that is black with red inner which cost $44.99.

There is another case known as the Nanuk case which is a pre-cut hard foam insert for 199.99 USD. This Nanuk case is shockproof, waterproof, robust, and in available colors like olive, black, silver, orange, graphite, and yellow.

DJÎ FPV Arm Bracers— DJI FPV’s Strength

Such arm bracers are very interesting things to enhance the strength of the FPV arms and it overcomes the chances of damage to the arms. This drone can fly at 148 km/h and puts a big stress on the drone’s arms that’s why arm bracers are ideal at only nineteen EURO. 

To replace the original DJI drone you can get adjustable Aluminum Joysticks made of completely metal just look like the original and are simple to install you can adjust it according to your preferred length and its costs around $17.99.

DJI FPV Drone— Goggles Power Cable Holder

You think that you have a 3D printer so you can easily make these holders save the power cable in place and this power cable also comes loose easily.

DJI FPV—— Goggles V2

This drone comes with a DJI FPV Goggles V2 headset and you know that you can connect up to eight headsets to one drone so just buy it for $569 and share your flight experience with your friends and family.

DJI FPV DRONE—– Standard Warranty

This amazing drone comes with a standard warranty but DJI Care Refresh is provided in various tiers with replacements, express repairs, upgraded customer support, and much more to have experience and ensure a safe flight.

In Short Words

DJI FPV is a fantastic hybrid drone, much more expensive than competing drones, having unique and fun-loving motion controllers, versatile flight modes, a 4k camera and over 85mph, and agility that may not keep up in a tougher race with all necessary accessories and upgrades.