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8 Top Arduino Starter Kits for Novices

If your kids take a fancy to program and robotics, then Arduino starter kits can be a great find. If you are not familiar with Arduino, then you need to know that it is an open-source platform. It is employed for building electronic projects and programming.

The projects that can be carried out with Arduino range from very sophisticated ones to the simplest of ones.

Arduino starter kits refers to a couple of main components: a microcontroller or a programmable circuit board and the software that is employed to control and program the device.

Before one purchases Arduino starter kits, there are few aspects that need to be taken into consideration. The kit should be accompanied by a user’s instruction manual. For the beginners, it could be rather intimidating at first but clear instructions can really help out the novices in getting started.

In addition, the kit that is purchased should come with an Arduino control board. In addition, there are sufficient components for making at least a few projects. This is an unbelievable platform for kids who are interested in learning programming and conducting electronic projects.

Affordable and compatible kits

In contrast to the other microcontroller platforms, Arduino starter kits are affordable. Already assembled Arduino modules are available at a good enough price while the ones that need to be put together by hand cost less. The software is supported by different operating systems including Windows, Linux and Macintosh. Most of the other microcontrollers are only compatible with Windows.

Intuitive and uncluttered programming interface

The Arduino programming interface is intuitive and flexible at the same time. Therefore, it is handy for both the beginners as well as advanced users. For instructors, it is a decent choice when it comes to a powerful programming environment. This means that the students who are vying to get themselves acquainted will be well-equipped.

Open source and extensible software and hardware

The Arduino software has been launched as an open-source tool. This means that veteran programmers can add their own modules by employing their skills and experience. The C++ libraries are available to add to the different capabilities of Arduino software. Those who are interested in taking a plunge can make a move from Arduino to AVR C programming language. In addition, Arduino is predicated on Atmel’s ATmega168 and ATmega8 microcontrollers. The plans for models are launched under Creative Commons License. This lets the seasoned circuit designers to carve out their own versions of the module.

Best Arduino Starter Kits


Arduino Starter Kits – K000007

arduino Starter Kits

Arduino Starter Kits – K000007 is touted as one of the leaders of the pack as it promises to offer an open-source electronic prototyping platform which is predicated on intuitive software and user-friendly hardware. It is loaded with all the requisite tools for programming with the Arduino UNO board alongside an instructions manual that incorporates 15 different projects.

These kits are engineered to foster a kid’s prowess in programming and hardware development until he or she becomes an expert. The Arduino Starter Kit – K000007 comes with a user guide and components that lets the users create numerous projects including a servo motor, DC motor, LEDs, tilt sensor and other essential supporting electronic components.

The fact that this kit allows even the most novice of users to program microcontrollers sets the Arduino Starter Kit – K000007 apart from the rest of the pack. It is bundled together with a selection of the most critical components with a user guide in several languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, English, Chinese, Arabic, German, Korean and Portuguese.

Moreover, the Arduino Starter Kit – K000007 allows the users to begin with the fundamental concepts and then progress onto more complicated levels of hardware and software development that is integrated with actuators and sensors.

Elegoo UNO R3 Project Complete Starter Kit

arduino Starter Kits

The Elegoo UNO R3 Project Complete Starter Kit comes with more than 200 components and is the most comprehensive Arduino kit available on the market. It is a tremendous value kit that boasts 63 kinds of Arduino products along with a free PDF tutorial with more than 30 lessons that provides sufficient insight into creating different projects.

The CD portrays different codes that can be employed to use the modules. All the modules are soldered together so it becomes easier to wire them up. In addition, the Arduino Starter Kit is integrated with a UNO R3 controller board in addition to a USB cable that is supported by the Arduino board. It is available in a compartmentalized case in its original packaging with an added tiny box for keeping tiny parts such as LEDs, ICs, diodes, buttons and other such stuff.

There are numerous reasons that make this kit better than its competitors. It boasts a magnificent value to price ratio. The user gets access to the fundamental as well as advanced modules such as RFID by saving up a few bucks. All the components have been developed using top-quality materials particularly the board. All the components that come in the original packaging can be used on multiple occasions.

Arduino UNO 3 Ultimate Starter Kit

arduino Starter Kits

Vilros brings to you this phenomenal Arduino Starter Kit named Arduino UNO 3 Ultimate Starter Kit. It comes with a sufficient number of parts that can be used by even the beginners. They can start assembling their own projects right from the outset. The package includes a colored user guide that is 72 pages long. The pages provide sufficient insight into Arduino programming. Externally, there are detailed tutorials that elaborate the use of all the components in the kit.

These kinds of Arduino Starter Kits are a perfect choice for the blokes who are interested in enhancing their skills in Arduino programming. Most importantly, for those who are adept in programming. The kit costs $100 in terms of components. This means that a user gets to save about two-fifths of his money. As soon as the user gets acquainted with the functioning of each component, he can progress further and design intricate projects.

The UNO 3 Arduino Starter Kit is way ahead of the rest of the pack. It focuses on the fundamental concepts which means that a user gets to know all the information related to Arduino. As a matter of fact, the user guide is so comprehensive that it even discusses a bread board and elaborates its usage. There are more than 190 components included in the kit such as jumper wires, USB cable, holder etc.

Kuman Project Complete Starter Kit

arduino Starter Kits

The Kuman Project Complete Starter Kit is an enhanced starter kit that comes bundled with a free PDF user manual. It encompasses 23 tutorials. It has been developed particularly for the novices who are interested in Arduino. The upgraded variant comes with 44 components and a CD that portrays different projects in addition to their source code.

The Kuman Project Complete Starter Kit also incorporates a few modules such as the LED thermistor touch sensor. The kit is a prolific blend of handy and common components for Arduino and comes in plastic packaging.

SunFounder Project Super Starter Kit

arduino Starter Kits

The SunFounder Project Super Starter Kit is a phenomenal Arduino toolkit that comes with numerous components that will open new vistas of learning for kids. There are almost 22 tutorials included in the kit such as circuit connection, Fritzing images, principles etc.

The users can get themselves acquainted with numerous different modules such as motor, LCD monitor, potentiometer etc. Moreover, a comprehensive introduction of the components is also incorporated in the user guide. It lets users try out additional experiments and hence test their own creativity. SunFounder Project Super Starter Kit is a magnificent starter kit for the Arduino software and hardware learners.

Smraza UNO Project Basic Starter Kit

arduino Starter Kits

The Smraza UNO Project Basic Starter Kit has been fabricated particularly for the novices who are not acquainted with the basics of Arduino. They can get to know about 23 imaginative projects. These projects include five projects on fundamentals of LED control, sensor controls, and three on display control. The Smraza UNO Project Basic Starter Kit is bundled together with three different modules. These modules are servo control and UNO 3 board.

VKmaker T30 45-in-1 Sensors Modules Starter Kit

arduino Starter Kits

The VKmaker T30 45-in-1 Sensors Modules Starter Kit makes it particularly easy for those enthusiastic about learning the basics of Arduino from scratch. The sensors included in the kit have been tested and selected after due diligence. In order to design the Arduino Do It Yourself Projects, the users should be familiar with sensor implementation and programming that can be learned from the kit. The VKmaker T30 45-in-1 Sensors Modules Starter Kit incorporates sensors that can detect heat, humidity etc.

WeiKedz UNO Project Super Starter Kit

arduino Starter Kits

If you take a fancy to learn Arduino programming, then the WeiKedz UNO Project Super Starter Kit is the best option. It comes with modules that have a pin header. This means that the user does not have to solder the parts himself. It is an enhanced version of the kit that comes bundled with a 9-volt battery with direct current and power supply module. The WeiKedz UNO Project Super Starter Kit is supported by Arduino UNO R3, NANO and MEGA 2560 R3.

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