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You have landed at the buying guide dedicated to help you purchase your favorite drone. This comprehensive guide includes a collection of our in-depth quadcopters purchasing guidelines geared towards assisting you to discover more and more about drones. We also want you to make judicious decisions when it comes to buying drones and get your hands on the best quadcopter in accordance with your requirements. This instructional guide will also ensure that you get a good knowledge about the unmanned aerial vehicle that is currently in your possession especially if you are rookie dronie.

There are a number of drone models available in the market. So, it can become a bit of a quandary when looking to buy the right drone for yourself. Almost all of the quadcopter models boast similar architecture such as a gyroscope, propellers etc., they tend to be different from one another with regard to other features. Owing to these reasons, we formulated this detailed guide for buying drones that will assist you get the better of any misconceptions and myths that you may have encountered while looking to purchase your beloved quadcopter.

1 – I’m Looking to Buy a Drone within My Budget

In this part of our guide, we will be discussing the best drones which can be purchased within a specific price bracket. It can assist you in buying a drone that is in accordance with your needs and preferences while simultaneously ensuring that you do not have to spend more than your pocket allows. We have subdivided the price ranges into below $25, below $50, below $100, below $200, below $500 and below $1,000.

For each of the price brackets, we have underscored the best drones that can be bought within that range. We have conducted in-depth research so to save your precious time and help you make the right decision.

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Under $25 Quadcopters

Cheerson CX-10 Mini Quadcopter: This mini sized drone might be quite small in size but it has the ability to outdo the other larger sized drones that are being showcased in the market. It can be purchased as a Ready to Fly package with a USB cable, transmitter, spare blades, and a user manual. You do not need to assemble any of the components as the quadcopter will be ready for takeoff.

Under $50 Quadcopters

Syma X5C Quadcopter: This quadcopter has been able to make a lot of great vibes among the enthusiasts of aerial photography and cinematography. It is a brilliant option for the rookie dronies since the device is immensely user friendly and the radio controller boasts an intuitive design.

Under $100 Quadcopters

UDI U818A Quadcopter: If you are thinking to purchase your very first quadcopter, then the UDI U8181A is the recommended one for you. It is a superb option for the rookies who are looking to hone their flying skills by virtue of devices that aren’t too costly. Durability is something that stands out when it comes to this amazing drone. You can smash it into anything and it will keep coming back to you all day long. It comes in the ready to takeoff configuration in the original packaging and requires a couple of hours to be charged completely. This device will give you a flight duration of about six to nine minutes.

Under $200 Quadcopters

JJRC H8D Quadcopter: It is a low cost machine that comes in the ready to takeoff configuration. The live video feed is a feature to look at while the flight is free of any undesired turbulence and is extremely steady. The drone offers a control range of about 150 meters which is far ahead of even some other highly priced machines. This device is very user friendly and long lasting. All in all, it is a great device if you are new into the world of drones.

Under $500 Quadcopters

DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter: If you are in search of an exquisite quadcopter that helps you get your tasks accomplished without costing you an arm and a leg, then the DJI Phantom 3 is the perfect solution. It is definitely not a professional grade machine but it packs the requisite features to capture some fantastic video footages for you.

Under $1,000 Quadcopters

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter: It is certainly one of the leading quadcopters to have hit the shelves in a long time. It is loaded with loads and loads of fabulous functions that will allow you enjoy a scintillating flying experience. It is a professional grade machine that is equipped with state of the art capabilities that will help you capture amazing quality videos and images.

2 – I’m Looking to Buy a Drone which is Best Popular Right Now

This part of our extensive guide endeavors to underscore the best popular drones that should be available in the ready to takeoff configuration. They are low cost, durable and can definitely undergo lots of crashes which they are destined to go through. What’s really cool about them is that you can purchase plenty of auxiliary products for these devices such as propellers, batteries, engines etc. You can upgrade them as you move forward in your learning experience.

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Once you get used to flying these fabulous machines, you can always upgrade to more advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (similar to the last three parts in our guide). We won’t keep you waiting for too long. Here are the best popular drones right now on the market:

3 – I Am Looking to buy a Good Beginner Drone

If you are someone who does not know a lot about drones and learning the art of flying them, we would suggest you not to spend a lot of money on a machine that gets lost or damaged because of your inexperience. We recommend the following three beginner quadcopters to assist you get better and better at flying drones. These devices will enable you get a hang of drone flying and you can subsequently venture out into the world of more advanced and high end drones as you master intricate flight controls and acrobatic aerial manoeuvres.

This is the best path that we suggest to the rookie dronies since it is free of any road blocks and will help you get better with every passing day. Check our top three best quadcopters for beginners below:

4 – I Am Looking to Buy a Safe Drone for Kids

Do you want to get your kids the best and safe drones? Drones certainly are the best products that you can gift to your kids. Manufacturers have realized this fact and have of late launched a number of models designed for kids. These drones are user friendly, boast a stable flight, offer durability and include a number of attractive features that let them do plenty of eye-catching aerial tricks. Here are some of the best drones for kids that are safe to fly and include features that will blow their minds away:


5 – I Am Looking to buy a Small and Highly Manoeuvrable Drone

The small sized drones that are highly manoeuvrable are called mini drones or micro drones that are awesome for indoor flights. Many drone enthusiasts take a fancy to mini drones because of their small size, ability to make their way through tight niches and because of their exquisite features. We bring to you our top three small highly manoeuvrable drones:


6 – I Am Looking to buy a Drone with a See Through Screen Feature

Drones with the First Person View feature are gaining great traction among the drone fans these days. The drone manufacturers have been introducing sensational innovations and features over the past few years. Flying drones is an unimaginable experience that is full of fun and excitement. You can also get a live feed of the video from the drone’s camera and view what is being viewed by the drone itself.

You feel as if you are sitting in the cockpit of an actual aircraft. These devices are a bit expensive as compared to other remote controlled quadcopters. The resolution of  the display screen varies for different models. You spend more and you will get a high definition display screen. Nevertheless, you are definitely going to end up getting a live video feed from the camera. Take a look at our top three selection of drones equipped with First Person Viewability:


7 – I Am Looking to Buy a Drone for Professional Aerial Photography

Professional grade aerial photography is the new rage in town. Ever since enterprises have been looking to expand their vision and employ drones as key components of their business strategy, these Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have been able to create a niche of their own. These state of the art machines are integrated with highly intricate action cameras such as GoPro cameras. Drone enthusiasts are also employing these fabulous devices for commercial purposes as well.

Many businesses and companies that resorted to using real life airplanes or helicopters have begun to utilize drones to capture stunning aerial photographs in relation to their business models. It not only results in a massive reduction in their overhead expenses but also contributes unimaginably to furthering their business interests. Have a look at our best selection of drones in this category below.


8 – I Am Looking to Buy a Drone Which Has GoPro Camera or is able to Mount One

There are a few in the drone community who do not take a fancy to the cameras that are built into the drones at the time of manufacture. Most of the passionate drone enthusiasts prefer to use GoPro action cameras to capture aerial video footages and photographs. They either like the models to which GoPro cameras could be mounted or those that come with preinstalled GoPro cameras. Are you also one of those aficionados? If you are, then here is our list of top three drones which have a GoPro camera or are able to mount one. You will definitely enjoy our recommendations. You can mount any variation of the GoPro action cameras series depending on the model that you go fo.

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