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9 Tips to Get a Drone Out of a Tree

If you are one of the millions of drone aficionados then you must have come across numerous instances when your drone got stuck in a tree. If the tree is not too high, you can climb up the tree and retrieve the drone. Having said that, some scenarios require you to be imaginative. The key to getting a drone stuck out of a tree is to determine the way it is stuck in the tree. Here are some tips that will help you get your drone back from a tree in case it got stuck there.


Ladder Shake

You can use a ladder to shake the tree and get your drone back. Having said that, it boils down to the unique characteristics of the tree. For example, the tree has to be flexible if you want to employ this technique. So, this approach will come in handy for trees that are one feet wide only. A tree broader than this would be too hard to be shaken with a ladder. Taller trees are easier to shake owing to their thinner trunk.

In order to do it right, place the ladder against the tree and climb up the ladder. Hold onto the trunk in a firm manner and start shaking it while taking care that you do not end up slipping off the ladder and getting hurt.

Drone Stuck in a Lightweight Pole

A long pole can also be used to get a drone out of the tree. For that, the pole should be lightweight since a bulky one would be difficult to control. If you are able to get your hands on a pole that is made of fiberglass, then that is perfect. Such a material provides the requisite strength to the pole to dislodge the drone from the tree.

You can also use a pole made of PVC. As a matter of fact, you can stick together a few PVC pipes with the help of duct tape. If the tree is too high, you can combine the pole with a ladder and attempt to get as high on the ladder as possible while poking with the pole. You can request someone to catch the drone for you in this scenario or ensure that the drone lands on a padded surface, else it would get damaged.

Drone Stuck in a tree

There could be a few scenarios when climbing up the tree would be the only option. A tree with a twisted trunk and branches that are closer to each other could be one of the scenarios. While assessing if a tree can be climbed, ensure that you can come down as easily as climbing up and that its trunk is not too smooth. Before you begin to climb up the tree, remove any jewelry particularly anything that is being worn around the neck region.

In some cases, you will be required to take off your shoes and socks while making sure that you do not climb up the tree in haste. Ensure that you get to next branch in a calm and composed manner while employing the power of your legs and torso to pull yourself up. Once you get to the drone stuck in a location, get it dislodged and climb your way back to the ground without any haste.

Tree Service

Scared of climbing a tree? You can contact your local tree service to have one of their representatives climb up the tree and get your beloved drone back for you.

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Knock out of the tree

In some situations, you will have to simply knock your drone out of the tree. However, the knocking out process has to be carried out in a circumspect manner since if you knock it down too hard, there is a risk of the machine getting damaged. In addition, you need to show caution regarding the path of the object that you plan to hurl at the drone in order to knock it out. Take care so that you do not end up hurling the solid object into your neighbor’s window. Ensure that while hurling the solid object at the drone, you are facing in a direction in which nobody is likely to get injured.

A tennis ball could be an ideal option to knock a drone out of the tree. A dart gun with soft pellets could also come in handy but take care that you stay clear of the path of the solid object that you will be hurling at the drone. Keep in mind that even the drone consists of some components that can cause you physical injury if they come in contact with you.

Mechanical Lift

A mechanical lift could be the way to go if you want to get your drone stuck in a tree. If one of your acquaintances owns a bucket truck or a hydraulic lift, you may ask one of them to help you out here. Even if they charge you some bucks, it will be worth it since you will be getting back your beloved drone stuck to a tree in a safe manner. Moreover, it will be a nice gesture on your part as well to compensate your acquaintance for the trouble that they took for you.

You can also use a backhoe to get yourself lifted to the tree so that you can bring the drone down. You can rent a backhoe from a rental store for a small amount of money.

Bow and Arrow or a Sling Shot

A simple slingshot can come in handy in such situations. You can conjure one by tying a small object to a fishing line and shooting it up over the branch where the drone has been left stranded with the help of this slingshot. A Kevlar-coated fishing line can be really helpful. The same concept holds for a bow and an arrow if you want to use one. Tie the fishing line to the end of the toy arrow and shoot it at the target. Tag on the fishing line and shake the branch to get the drone down. Keep in mind that you should have the appropriate gloves on lest you may injure your palms.

Use a Lasso

You can also employ a simple string and use it to lasso the branch in which the drone stuck can be found. This approach is similar to the one mentioned above. You have to tie a small object to one end of the string and hurl it over the target object. In case the drone stuck in a branch too high, you need to ensure that you get it right in the first few attempts or else you will get tired.

Once you get it right, do not put your entire weight on the branch since if you apply too much force, the drone is likely to get stuck into another branch after being dislodged from the first one. Shake it gently until it slips off the branch slowly.

Fire Department

This is the last resort for you since nobody wants to call the fire department unless it is a real cause for concern. You need to resort to this approach only if all the above mentioned efforts have failed and the drone is left stuck in a public area and you believe that you have tried everything out at your disposal.

In an area thick with people, it is not safe to hurl stones at a drone stuck in a tree branch. You need to make it clear to the fire department officials that your drone stuck in a tree is true and you want their assistance in getting it out. If they feel that they can get some time out of their busy schedule, they will certainly be willing to help you out.

The Bottom Line

There could be a few situations where you will have to let go of your beloved drone particularly if it is stuck in a tree in the woods and you do not have any means to get it out. Climbing up a tree in the woods could be dangerous since if you end up injuring yourself, there would be no one to take care of you or provide you medical assistance there.

Take into account the time, effort and cost aspects before deciding to make a move. If it all sounds futile, you can let go of your drone and order a new low cost drone online. Staying safe is the best thing that you can do to yourself!

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