Do You Need To Buy A Drone For Yourself

Do You Need To Buy A Drone For Yourself

Here are a few consideration that you definitely should pay heed to:

You might need to alert the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

In accordance with the rules and regulations formulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), any drone that weighs over 0.55 pounds, has to be registered with the relevant authority before it is brought under use. The registration fee is only $5. Once you get your drone registered, you get authorized to enjoy your mid-air adventures for no less than three years.

Drones are increasingly easy to fly 

Entrenched market leaders in the drone industry such as DJI and Yuneec are now manufacturing drones that are equipped with the ability to takeoff and land autonomously. GoPro’s Karma drone also possesses this enviable capability. However, the manufacturers decided to remove the product from the market after reports emerged that the drone tended to lose power during flight.

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The Typhoon H drone by Yuneec and DJI’s Mavic Pro are also integrated with state-of-the-art software and sensors that tremendously decrease the probability of crashes and collisions.


Some drones even follow you around – like pets

The more advanced and professional grade drone models by DJI and Yuneec feature autonomous flight modes that can detect your motion as you move on a vehicle or even on foot. The drone covers you as your personal photographer while you are free to indulge in your own action sports or other adventurous activities. Read more about top drones that follow you.

You don’t get to fly them wherever you want

You are not allowed to fly drones near airports. Similarly, you can’t fly them close to military bases, sporting events and national parks. There’s also no question of flying drone in Washington D.C.

Don’t tread on your neighbor’s privacy

Hitherto, there is no federal law in any shape or form, that has been formulated to ensure that drone cameras are not misused. However, at least 12 states have created laws to curb sexually illicit acts. For example, in Mississippi, if one uses a drone camera to secretly watch acts of voyeurism, he/she can end up with a felony charge and incarcerated for up to 5 years.

Don’t skimp on the camera

Whenever you buy a drone, it should always be able to shoot video footage at High Definition (1080p). Before you make your final decision, we would suggest you to take your intended device on a test drive. The reason we a recommending you to do so is that most of the drone cameras are not great at switching between light and shade. DJI’s Mavic Pro and GoPro’s Karma drone (when bought with the GoPro Hero5 Black action camera) both include 12 megapixel cameras that can capture video footages at Ultra High Definition (4K).

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Consider Portability

DJI’s Mavic Pro, GoPro’s Karma and other drones developed by other manufacturers can be folded up and stuffed in your backpack. The Snap Drone by Vantage Robotics includes protective shields over its rotors. They can be detached easily and the entire assembly can then be folded to almost the thickness of a laptop. Pretty impressive, eh?

Lastly don’t forget to download drone cheatsheets which help you to consider major points on pre-flight and post flight.

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