Cases for DJI Spark

Carrying Cases – Backpacks and Hard Cases for DJI Spark

You must be familiar with the compact sized cases for DJI Spark that is being shipped by DJI recently. It is being touted as one of the flagship devices to have been manufactured by DJI and could well end up to be the best machine of the year 2017.

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If you have already placed a preorder for this gem of a device, then you must also be looking for a carrying case to suit this beautiful drone. Cases are of utmost importance and no one should get complacent while choosing one for his beloved drone. They tend to provide your drone and auxiliary items protection against environmental impacts and also let you transport them from one place to another without worrying about anything. Against this backdrop, let us share with you some of the best drone cases available on the market for DJI Spark.

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Do you really have to buy cases for DJI Spark?

This is a question that any of you who owns or plans to own cases for DJI Spark should ask himself. There are no two opinions about it since all the owners of the magnificent DJI Spark should own a case. There is no doubt that this mini drone can be trudged along in backpacks and even in wallets.

As a matter of fact, it is so small in size that you can even stuff it in your pocket; quite admittedly a larger one. But there is no guaranteed protection against damage if you decided to carry it along with you in such a manner. Similar to other devices,  propellers are the parts from where the cases for DJI Spark is the most vulnerable. They have been built from quite a reliable type of plastic but still they would not be able to bear any twists or distortion if you simply stuff your drone in cases that are not meant specifically for your DJI Spark.

On the contrary, if you decide to designate an entire case or backpack for this cute little prick, then the DJI Spark will surely have quite a nice time out there. The cases are generally made in such a manner that they contain aptly designed cut-outs that let you place the drone and all its accompanying auxiliary items with seamless ease. In fact, they are available at very cheap prices on the market if you know what to buy and from where. Indubitably, there are those of superior quality available as well and they will be expensive but if you are searching for a case that provides the most basic of protection features, then you can get your hands on the cases designed for beginners as well. Now, we all know why we need to buy a case for our DJI Spark. Now, let’s delve a bit deeper into the subject and get to know what should we be looking for in an ideal backpack or case for our drone.

Attributes of a good case

Once you go out into the market to purchase a carrying case for your DJI Spark, you need to ensure that you look out for the one that is compatible with your beloved gadget. This is not an easy nut to crack since there are not a lot of cases that have been designed for the DJI Spark as yet. That is not a big surprise since it has not been a long time since it was introduced in the market and the manufacturers actually started shipping it. Another thing to be careful about is to ensure that the case has all the necessary compartments to accommodate the accompanying accessories that DJI Spark comes with. Finally, the most important thing is to keep in mind is that if you are going to purchase a backpack, you have to understand that it will remain a part of your armory for the rest of your journey or adventure. So, you should opt for a backpack that is comfortable enough to transport from one place to another and includes padded back and shoulders.

Cases for DJI Spark

CaseSack Protection Case

The first case that we will be taking a close look at for our beloved DJI Spark has been developed by CaseSack. It comes with a number of color options (it is another thing that I personally love the black and red one). Having said that, I strongly believe that it is going to become a big hit once DJI Spark becomes a mainstream gizmo.

You must be wondering what is so special about this case? First and foremost, it is a very realistically priced contraption. Yes, it won’t cost you more than a half decent sized meal in a reasonably priced restaurant. There must be some of those out there who must be of the view that since the case is so cheap, so it must be of quite inferior quality. It is true that it does not consist of the best available materials out there, but it does its job of protecting the cases for DJI Spark pretty well.

The manufacturers themselves do not claim top notch impact protection features but e considering the price it is a pretty decent bargain. It has sufficient space to house additional propellers and battery packs for your drone. Once again, I would reiterate that for the price range that we are talking about, the space and quality of the CaseSack Protection Case are quite reasonable.

FHeaven Protection Case

This protection case has been developed by a manufacturer that is relatively unknown and is trying to make a mark for itself in the industry. To be honest, the Fheaven Protection case is quite similar to the CaseSack Protection Case as far as the price is concerned. But in my humble opinion, this one is much better in terms of quality. I think that it is boasts better quality.

On the whole, the case is quite solid in built and design. I am quite confident that your expensive DJI Spark would be able to bear a lot of impacts once it is housed in this case. Having said that, it is not a hard case so there is no reason that you should go crazy about it. It only provides basic protection and nothing more than that. It consists of EAV plus PU leather and that makes it water and scratch resistant.

As far as the price is concerned, the Fheaven Protection Case can house the drone, radio controller, a couple of additional batteries, propellers, cables and other small sized add-ons that come with the DJI Spark. It also includes a mesh compartment that lets you keep your smartphone, keys and other such things. So, on the whole, considering the price, this one is a pretty good deal.

Hard Cases for DJI Spark

GBSELL Waterproof Hardshell Case

If you happen to be a carefree individual, then you definitely need additional protection from potential impacts for your drone in the form of hard-cases. As is evident from the name, they consist of hard and sustainable materials that protect your drone for its lifetime and I am quite serious about what I am saying.

The GBSELL’s waterproof hardshell case is a pretty good decent example and should be sufficient to corroborate my assertions. It is available in a number of colors and packs quite a punch when it comes to impact protection. The dense layer of PP on the outside protects the case from external damage while the thick layer of EVA on the inside ensures that your stuff does not roam around inside the case and in turn gets damaged.

As far as the accessories that can be housed in it are concerned, they will make you delighted. It can accommodate the DJI Spark, its radio controller and three additional battery packs and propellers. It boasts dimensions of 33 x 25.5 x 13 centimeters. Against all this backdrop, I would highly recommend you to purchase this case from Amazon where it is available with a discounted price of around $50.

ESIMEN Professional DJI Spark Case

Technically speaking, this is not a hard case in the true sense of the word. But I cannot let this opportunity go by without having it featured here. The reason for all this appreciation is simply due to the fact that the Esimen Professional Cases for DJI Spark are one of the most realistically priced drone carrying case out there that can provide a decent degree of protection to your device.

For just over $20, you can get your hands on a case that can house drone cables, propellers and a couple of battery packs. Keeping in view the price, this is good enough space. It consists of EVA and 1680D nylon which complement each other well. A blend of these materials ensures that your case provides all the necessary protection against potential impacts and shocks.

The case also includes accurately designed cutouts for all the accessories and drones. On the whole, the Esimen Professional DJI Spark is a good choice and considering the price, it is a definitely must-have case for your drone.

Backpacks for DJI Spark

PowerExtra Small Portable Shoulder Bag

Now, comes the backpacks section of this post. The backpack by PowerExtra is the only backpack to have hit the shelves so far that has been designed for the DJI Spark and DJI Mavic Pro especially. This low cost backpack boasts dimensions of 24 x 16 13 centimeters which makes it clear that it is not one of those gigantic backpacks that can accommodate tons of stuff.

Against this aftermath, if you are a DJI Spark owner, you should be satisfied since this backpack is able to house all the DJI Spark accessories along with a mobile handheld device or a digital camera. It includes shoulder straps that can be adjusted as and when required and also includes a sensitive cloth for wiping camera lens, device displays and other surfaces. If you buy this backpack, we are sure that you will like it. However, if for some reason or another, you do not end up liking it, then you can also avail the company’s 30 days money back guarantee. In addition, the company also offers a year long warranty for the backpack.

Lowepro Pro Tactic BP 250 AW

This backpack has not been designed specifically for the cases of DJI Spark but that does not imply that it cannot be used for it. This backpack has the mysterious ability to hold lots and lots of stuff. In addition to the DJI Spark and its addons, the backpack can also house an 11-inch laptop or some other handheld mobile device. In addition, even if you stuff in your mobile phone, headset and other gear, you will still have space for your keys, bottles and plenty of other stuff.

Furthermore, this backpack has tons of other features. It boasts the ActiveZone Technology that allows for flawless ventilation in the harness. Moreover, MaxFit dividers can also be used to enhance protection and while the All-Weather cover also provides protection against all kinds of environmental impacts. The adjustable waist belt ensures that you are able to provide more support for your back. All in all, this is a complete package when it comes to security, comfort and state of the art ventilation features.

Having said that, this is a high priced contraption and I believe that the price might deter some of you from buying it. If you have some money up your sleeves, then this one is a pretty good deal for all the owners of DJI Spark.


This is all we have got for you at the moment with regard to carrying cases, backpacks and hard cases for the all new DJI Spark. Despite being new to the market, there are still numerous options available when it comes to cases for DJI Spark. I hope that this post will be instrumental in helping you out pick out the right case for your wonderful DJI Spark. Have a nice time flying with DJI Spark, y’all!


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