Best Cartoon RC Cars for Kids of 3 to 5 Years of Age

RC cars have become quite a common birthday present or holiday gift for most of the kids these days. There are a number of exciting RC cars for kids that will have them spending their leisure time doing something worthwhile. I can understand that most of the parents will not consider it wise enough to spend an arm and a leg at buying an RC car for their kids and particularly if it is your kid’s first RC car or if you know that they will not handle it with care. You do not need to be anxious since I along with my kid tried out these three RC cars based on a few famous cartoon characters and here we share with you what we think about these cars on the whole.

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1 – Carrera 7 Mario 2.4 GHz Servo Tronic Kart

There are tons of Mario kart RC cars for kids available on the market and this one, Carrera 7 Mario 2.4 GHz Servo Tronic Kart is definitely the best among them. We tried out the Super Mario version but there are also Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Bowser. It is quite a large RC car considering that it is one meant for the kids. The pictures are not good enough to show how lovely this car is. It is quite heavy and boasts a formidable chassis. So, you won’t have to worry when your kids are driving it in your backyard or in the front porch about the crashes that it might to have to face more often than not.

In addition to being durable, the Carrera 7 Mario 2.4 GHz Servo Tronic Kart is quite fast, to be honest. With the ability to reach a speed of around 12mph, the RC cars for kids can be had for no more than $100. The Mario kart offers nice maneuvering features and is able to offer a decent driving experience of smooth terrain. It can be flipped into reverse and your kids are definitely going to have a great time driving this car. Mario tends to lean to the left just like he does in the game which will certainly be appreciated by your kids. It gets charged up in a few hours and offers a run time of about 40 minutes as claimed by the manufacturers. The recommended age for the Carrera 7 Mario 2.4 GHz Servo Tronic Kart is 6 years and is a pretty cool car for your kids who love the Super Mario video game.


  • Resembles Mario from Mario Kart
  • Solid built
  • Quite quick
  • Reasonably priced


  • Too fast for indoor driving experience
  • It may be too heavy for the kids to handle

2 – Air Hogs, Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle

The Air Hogs, Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle is RC cars for kids that even the parents would have a crush on. As far as the looks are concerned, this is surely one of the most awesome cars out there for kids. It is a clone of the Batmobile from the Batman Vs Superman flick. The engineers have done a prolific job while working with this car and equipped it with tons of incredible features. The car is quite reasonably priced and is quite compact in size as well.

The Air Hogs, Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle is quite quick to be honest, and requires a short charging time. It is an agile RC car and so you should take it to a local park to try it out on a smooth terrain as it will zip around the track at a pretty fast pace. It is quite light in weight so I was worried about its ability to sustain crashes. It sports headlights, turbo light and tiny machine guns which are quite amazing. The suggested age for this super-fast car is 8 years since I believe the manufacturers know that younger kids will keep bumping it into obstacles and might end up damaging it a little too early.

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  • Boasts an awesome design
  • Clone of the Batmobile from the Batman Vs Superman flick
  • Super-fast
  • Costs around $50


  • Not suitable for young kids
  • Not durable enough to sustain crashes

3 – Avengers: XPV Marvel-RC Hulk Smash Toy Vehicle

You must be wondering what the hell Hulk has got to do with driving a car! This is a question that a lot of people around the world would be asking about this car but to be honest this is a super-cool car that your kids will surely fall in love with. This is quite a unique cartoon RC car and this is precisely what most of the kids will be attracted to. This car has Hulk sitting on top of the car which might make it look a rather toy-grade vehicle. The Hulk figure is quite detailed and looks magnificent.

This is a versatile design while the large Hulk arms are a major part of the car. They are always on the move so that anything that comes in the way of the car, gets smashed by the mighty Hulk. If the RC cars for kids get used inappropriately, the Hulk will use his arms to get the car back up on the four wheels. Hulks’ arms can be moved around in different positions. The car has only one joystick for forwarding and backward motion in contrast to other cars available on the list. The smash button makes Hulk spin around. This is a perfect car for younger kids to play around with but if you have older kids, they might not be too excited since they will not have too much control over the device. There is no rechargeable battery in the car since the device requires 6 AA batteries while two AA batteries are required for the controller. It is recommended for kids of around 4 years of age and the Avengers: XPV Marvel-RC Hulk Smash Toy Vehicle promises plenty of fun.

[aebox title=”Incredible Hulk Figure Thor Loki Banner Iron Man Hulk Buster Avengers SHF Ragnarok 140MM PVC Toys Action Figure Hulk Smash” price=”US $19.99″ url=”” image=”” size=”medium” align=”left” layout=”img-left-text-right” target=”1″ nofollow=”0″]


  • Solid built
  • Reasonably priced
  • Smashing anything that comes in its way is really cool
  • Ideal for younger kids


  • Not possible to turn him around manually
  • You might not like it when the Hulk gets angry

Things to consider when buying RC cars for kids or toddlers

We have discussed three RC cars for kids designed with popular cartoon characters for the kids. This is a great gift for your kids and you will not have to spend a lot of money. Here are a few things that you should consider when buying a RC car for kids or toddlers:

Battery Situation

It could get quite frustrating for a kid to wait for the battery to get charged. Ensure that you are familiar with the battery lifespan and how long it takes to get charged up completely. You should also get to know if your car has internal batteries or if it needs some. If it does need batteries, buy the ones that boast good quality.

Driving experience

If there is not much in terms of description about the RC car for your kids, then ensure that you look at the pictures of the controller. If you are buying a RC car for your older kids, buy one that has forward, reverse and the ability to turn. The Hulk car might look quite impressive with regard to looks but the fact that it does not boast a full steering, it might not be too interesting a prospect for your older kids.


Most of the parents will be looking to save some money up their sleeves. Some of the RC cars are quite expensive and if your kids are attracted by RC cars, then there is no reason you should not buy one for them. You should keep a close eye at the price of your car.

Final Verdict on RC Cards for Kids

I had lots of fun with the above mentioned RC cars for kids. The Avengers: XPV Marvel-RC Hulk Smash Toy Vehicle seems to be a potential hit among younger kids but the older kids will not be too much attracted by it. I feel that the Mario Kart RC car is quite a fabulous car for the kids on the whole. It is quite fast paced and offers a nice driving experience. The fact that it appears to have come right out of the video game can be quite a huge factor for the kids to be attracted towards it. Moreover it is quite durable. Your kids could be smashing it into walls and obstacles on its way and I believe it will be able to sustain a few crashes. If there is some interest in RC cars for kids or Super Mario video games, then this one is a must-have car for your kid.

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