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HSP, RedCat Rampage and Kyosho are among the leading manufacturers of the best petrol RC cars around. They develop Ready to Run models that need to be taken out of the box and you are good to go after getting the fuel tank filled up. Petrol RC cars can be customized with ease if you have some prior knowledge of the mechanics involved in real world cars. In case you end up damaging some components, you can find numerous after-market replacements or original products from online hobby stores on eBay. Most of these replacement spare parts are affordable in contrast to buying a totally new petrol RC car. Moreover, you can also paint a car’s frame to tailor it to your preferences.


Range of Options

You can tune a petrol or nitro RC car in the same way as a real world car. For instance, you can toy with the exhaust, fuel, plugs as and when required. There are plenty of options when it comes to upgrading petrol RC cars. You will reap rich dividends of buying a low cost gasoline powered RC car or even a nitro powered one. First and foremost, you will not be requiring those battery packs that you need to get recharged every now and then. You simply have to fill in the fuel tank and pull the throttle and off you go!

Petrol RC Cars are Powerful

In contrast to the traditional electric RC cars or nitro powered RC cars, gasoline powered RC cars have more power. Despite the fact that they are a bit costly, they are more durable and rarely require engine tune-ups. Of course if you want to fiddle around with the engine to get higher horse power, it is another matter altogether. They are more expensive in comparison with their nitro powered and electric powered counterparts but once you use them, you will simply get hooked.

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Some of the petrol RC cars are large in size. Ensure that once you opt for a larger sized RC car, you have plenty of space around to drive one. Despite being large in size, these devices boast high speeds, durability and power. These beasts are definitely help you brag among your friends regarding their power, speed, design and specifications.

These petrol powered RC cars move similar to the typical real world cars parked outside your premises. These cars promise to offer scintillating driving experiences. If your kids start getting interested in one of these, then I suggest you to use the electric powered vehicles for them.

Brand Wars

A large number of manufacturers have entered the industry and started developing RC cars powered by gasoline owing to the massive proliferation of internet. As a matter of fact, a number of developers have started building their own concept cars and realizing their own forms of automobiles. There are enthusiasts who have collected hundreds of vehicles ever since they were into RC cars having invested thousands of bucks.

Now, a question would have popped in your mind whether you should get a RC car, truck or buggy? My personal favorites are the RC cars and RC trucks are my second favorites. If you are a new entrant into the world of RC cars, I would recommend you to purchase a lower cost model and once you become more experienced and expert, then you can get a more expensive vehicle.

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It all depends upon your personal choice and preference when it comes to getting a car of your choice. Keep in mind that this is a hobby that will require lots of spare time at your end. You can also meet other RC enthusiasts and get to know their experiences. RC cars promise plenty of fun and entertainment and they could be the hobby you had been looking for!

Petrol RC cars for sale guide

Radio controlled vehicles are powered by batteries, nitro fuel or gasoline. It is imperative that you make up your mind regarding the vehicle that you intend to buy. Since no oil is involved in electric cars, so they are easy to use, repair and maintain. The modern day brushless electric RC cars tend to be as quick as the nitro RC cars.

Now let us move onto the nitro RC cars. A nitro RC car runs on a mixture of nitromethane with methanol and lubricating oil. Nitro fuel is not only used in nitro RC cars. Nitro powered vehicles are available in 1/8 and 1/10 scale models.

Intriguing Hobby

The best thing associated with running and maintaining petrol RC cars is that once you get hooked to this hobby, you will enjoy it immensely. The petrol cars run on the petrol available at the petrol pumps. However, they tend to be larger in size in contrast to their nitro powered and electric vehicles. You will get your desired smaller or larger models as and when required in accordance with your budgetary limits.

I have collected lots of RC cars ever since I got into this hobby. There are lots of RC enthusiasts who do not get attracted by petrol RC cars. You can tune petrol RC cars to make them super quick and they certainly promise to offer plenty of exhilarating experience.

Looking for a car of your dreams?

It is a simply indescribable to own a RC car of your dreams. However, they tend to be quite expensive. These RC cars allow us the luxury to own our fantasy car in miniature version that is equipped with a petrol engine. Gas remote controlled cars are available in all kinds of models and specifications. They let you tailor them in accordance with your needs and requirements.

Generally, I do not suggest novices to use nitro powered radio controlled cars. They tend to boast high speeds and can be dangerous if you bump them into some living being. The petrol RC car engines are miniature forms of the original 2-stroke engine which offers enhanced performance, mileage and engine lifespan in contrast to electric RC cars.

The petrol RC cars are durable and offer prolonged drive times and hence greater wear and tear is involved in comparison with electric RC cars. However, if you take appropriate care of them, they can be durable and it all depends on the way you handle them and tackle the on-road and off-road challenges.

Types of petrol RC cars

In addition to cars, there are also trucks and buggies that are famous as all-terrain vehicles since they can tackle both on-road and off-road challenges. The solid suspensions and drive-trains of both the trucks and buggies are responsible for conquering any terrain that may come in their way.

This enables them to trample any obstacle that comes in their way and gain the requisite speed to challenge any vehicle on a smooth road. So, your friends with electric RC cars will stand no chance against such behemoths of devices. You also have to ensure that you buy a vehicle that is in accordance with the conditions surrounding you.

Financial Investments

If you are intending to adopt this recreational activity as a serious hobby, you might also reserve some money up your sleeves for customizing your vehicles or buying new spare parts to upgrade them or maintain them.

It is always entertaining to spend some time maintaining your RC car and it really is a great experience to see your experiments turn successful. You should not get freaked out if you have to carry out some maintenance stuff with your car.

You can buy low cost petrol RC cars from eBay sellers headquartered in China. Virtually everything is assembled in China these days. So, this way, you purchase directly from the developers who are actually building things for the big brands.

Things to consider when buying petrol RC cars

Do not forget to check out our recommended petrol RC cars for novices, intermediate drivers and seasoned professionals. We have also enlisted them based on their prices. You get real world experience with petrol RC cars and trucks. It is prudent to choose your petrol RC car with care after carrying out extensive research. You should keep in mind that you might have to spend a large sum in the beginning depending on the brand that you are buying. If you are able to manage your shopping appropriately, you will be able to hold onto a hobby that will keep your addicted for several hours every day.

Here are some other things that you should keep in mind while purchasing your first petrol RC car, truck or buggy:

  • What type of vehicle do you want to buy and what is its size?
  • Do you want to get a ready to run vehicle or build your car right from scratch?

Final Verdict

As soon as you start browsing through the internet searching out for radio-controlled cars, I am pretty confident that you would have gotten addicted to this hobby. What are you waiting for? Just go and get your first petrol RC car! Opt for ready to run device more often than not.

If you are a tech geek, then you might as well get the DIY kit. If you have prior mechanical and technical knowledge about cars, then a DIY kit could be a great thing to get you started with RC cars. You will generally find electric RC cars at most of the hobby stores while petrol RC cars will be hard to find. eBay has quite a diverse range of petrol RC cars with varying prices and models. There are some vendors on eBay who offer free shipping for petrol RC cars as well.

So, if you are in love with RC cars and want to toy with them, you could be of any age! You can even let your RC buggy drop from a height of 6 feet at 40mph and have it land on its wheels. You can then tune it, maintain it and repair it.

HSP develops some of the best quality petrol RC cars out there. Petrol RC cars are renowned for their high performance engines. With a car developed by HSP, you will be able to challenge any driver in the world without even carrying out lots of customizations. So, we recommend you to purchase a HSP model petrol RC car. It will guarantee lots of fun and will be easier to repair and maintain.


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