drone crashes

Way to detect drone crashes before they happen

There is no doubt that drones have created a great reputation within the military bases and it gets used in numerous military applications. They have the ability to save time and money. There are great safety precautions in this regard. However, the detection of drone crashes still remains a valid question mark. Now, we have an American drone company who looks set to mitigate that.

Black Swift’s policy on the drone crashes

After so many years of hard work, Black Swift Technologies have created an algorithm that can detect early system failures, resulting in drone crashes. In March, the United States Military Force announced that it had rewarded the American drone company with a contract to ensure that they can develop a software for the detection of drone system failures.

$50,000 were initially awarded (Phase 1) by the Military Force to ensure that the company starts creating the application regarding it. There is an expectation of another $750,000 to be given to the company over two phases to mark the conclusion of the drone crashes detection application.

drone crashes

With such a huge investment, Black Swift Technologies look set to create a software that can detect these crashes via an operating system. The overview of the software will be to check how the drone behaves when it encounters different altitudes, missions and flight conditions. Most importantly, what can be done when they violate the rules for which the software is created.

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Drone Crashes- Dashboard

The biggest reasons for a system failure in a drone can be down pilot incompetence, technical faults or short circuits.


NASA has taken numerous steps regarding drone crashes in the United States. They signed agreements with Black Swift for the creation of a vehicle that controls the upper atmosphere of the planet. In their agreement, they also agreed upon the creation of Super Swift XT, which can be used around volcanoes to check the atmospheric parameters.

Most importantly, NOAA have enabled the use of GPS for the navigation of drones, which is crucial in the determination of beyond visual out of sight flights.

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