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Best locations for foreign drone companies in the US?

The United States has one of the biggest drone markets in the world. Even though the Asian drone market is the larger one due to China, Japan and India, the United States are establishing their credentials. If we talk about foreign drone companies in association with the US, the US and China make up to 66% of the overall drone market size. 

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Which city or region should the foreign drone companies choose?

There will be many articles on the internet that will give you ideas about the best cities for business purposes. Many will talk about San Francisco, a city that has venture capitalists ready to invest in foreign drone companies. However, the city is expensive and can be quite problematic for businessmen. Other articles will talk about Lake City or Denver.

It is impossible to point out one single city for making an office for foreign drone companies. However, whichever choice you make, ensure that you keep the following factors in mind.

  • Is the city near a huge airport?
  • Is the work associated with that geographic location? For example, drone organizations may be willing to be in Texas if they are willing to do oil inspections.
  • How is the startup ecosystem in the city?
  • Can local organizations play a part in your drone company? 

Further advice

There are a few more pieces of advice for foreign drone companies to look into. Firstly, they should just start with a handful of employees where they can take them. There is no need to build a gigantic drone team in the US straight away when you just work for the sake of working.  

The US requires foreign investment. Therefore, you must make sure that you dive into the world of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) programs and see if there is an opportunity available. When you open a drone company, you can change many decisions. However, the problem comes when you are doing paralysis on the unknown problems. Therefore, be careful with your approach. 

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