Carry, Protect and Organize Drones & Quadcopters

The advent of advanced drones and quadcopters of the likes of DJI Phantom series, 3DRobotics Solo, Parrot Bebop and other scintillating DIY multi-rotor machines and racing UAVs has created ripples in the world of drones. These devices come at reasonable and realistic prices and have been instrumental in bolstering aerial photography and videography. Similar to the innovative technologies that have made inroads in our everyday lives, drones have been able to bring to the fore plenty of novel challenges for the fans of aerial photography and cinematography. Moreover, those who take a fancy to the First Person View (FPV) feature in drones, have also been introduced to a diverse range of possibilities with the arrival of such feature-rich machines.

There are a number of platforms and social media interaction websites that provide loads of information about the correct usage of drones and issues related to their safety and legal aspects. However, this post is geared towards elaborating the issues that spring to one’s mind with regard to carrying, protecting, transporting and keep new drones and their auxiliary items safe from any sort of harm.


Drones are tough, yet delicate high precision machines

Most of the drones that are being manufactured these days are equipped to sustain even the most sinister of crashes and accidents. However, these devices are lined up with intricate and highly complex components such as gimbal mounts, rotors, tablets/displays, antennae and cameras that ought to be provided special protection when being transported from one place to another.


As far as the size and shapes of the modern day drones are concerned, they seem to have advanced well beyond the imagination of anyone for that matter. As a matter of fact, drones are still going through unimaginable evolution in terms of size, shape, technologies, features and capabilities. This evolution is likely to go on and on for the unforeseeable future. With so many aspects to be taken care of, a simple adaptation of any common backpack or bags created for cameras will certainly not be able to provide the requisite safety and protection to delicate machines that are drones.

Moreover, modern day drone aficionados and professional grade photographers and cinematographers look for drone carry case that can provide them necessary luxury and flexibility to organize drone related stuff in accordance with their ease and requirement.

As one excels flying drones and looks forward to expanding his/her hobby, one is confronted with a tough reality. Transporting one’s drone and its accessories is always a difficult task to perform and any recklessness in this regard can result in a catastrophe. Similar to other media of photography, drones also require a number of supporting gear such as transmitters, number of additional batteries, rotors, tools, instruction manuals, displays and other such articles.

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It becomes a bit of a hassle for the drone pilots to carry such a huge range of paraphernalia to the location of shooting. When looking for ways and means to safely transport your drones and their associated accessories, we suggest you to find out a drone bag or a drone carry case that has been designed specifically for your drone keeping in mind its shape and size. Moreover, you also need to ensure that the drone bag is scalable enough so that you can fit in it additional accessories as and when required.

Have room to grow!

Similar to carrying cases designed for still cameras and video cameras, there are other solutions that make use of pre-molded spaces or furnish pluck and pull foam. However, these solutions are not tailored to suit your individual needs. It might not be possible for you to adjust new auxiliary items such as controllers, batteries or any other tools that can be used for repairs.

drone bag big

You should be looking for drone bags that can accommodate more accessories and products in your drone armory as and when required. The DroneGuard Backpack, Kit and Cases feature the DroneGuard Divider System that enables you to adjust UAVs of disparate forms and types in addition to their numerous kinds of accessories.

Moreover, it provides an effective solution for an ever growing drone paraphernalia. We all are aware of the fact that flying drones and looking after them can prove to be quite burdensome on one’s financial reserves. Since these bags are durable and reliable, hence, it is very important that they are able to house the add-ons currently in your possession but also your next device…and the device after that!

Bring Your Repair Shop with You

Whenever you end up damaging some part of your drone (we would like to emphasize that it’s a matter of When and not If), you either have the option to wrap up the broken machine and place it in your backpack or get it repaired and start flying it again.


You can render yourself a great service by bringing to your flying adventures important tools and drone parts that could help you repair your damaged device there and then. In addition to these tools and spare parts, you will also be requiring an uncluttered flat space that has sufficient room for you to work around with. DroneGuard Series products provide you an excellent place to work where you can get your broken drone repaired with minimum possible fuss. It also provides you ample space to place miniscule parts, screws, nuts and bolts; thereby preventing them from getting lost.

When you are pursuing your hobby out there in the field, it is not always easy to acquire a clear, uncluttered flat surface where you can fix your device and launch it as soon as it is good to go! The DroneGuard Cases also let you avoid this issue as it provides a brilliant platform that can serve as your drone’s launchpad.

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Where will you fly your drone and how will you get there?

When looking to obtain sensational still and video shots from your quadcopter, location and the surrounding environment are of great importance. When planning to buy your drone bag, always keep in mind your primary flight location and how will you be able to transport your device and its associated gear to the launching area and back to your home.

drone flying on mountain

  • Short Walks/Drive & Fly: If you only have to walk a shot distance or it is possible to get to your flight location after a short drive, the our always-ready DroneGuard Kit could be the ideal choice for you. You can just grab it anytime and off you go!
  • Safe Storage + Easy Carriage: An overall package that can protect, transport and keep your drones safe from harm, you would certainly need a drone carrying case that is not too heavy itself. The DroneGuard CS 400 has been designed keeping these facts in mind. You can carry your whole drone paraphernalia as your backpack, a bag that can hung on your shoulder or something can be carried in one’s hand.
  • Serious Go-Anywhere Backpack: If you are planning to transport your mighty DJI Phantom 4 (or a machine of almost the same size and shape) to your flying location, then you need to get your hands on something that is safe, very nimble and easy to carry to inaccessible terrain. The DroneGuard BP 450 is the leading quadcopter pack that is part of Lowepro’s DroneGuard series.
  • Hard Case for Extreme Protection: If you want to carry your device or get it transported to a place where you are more concerned with its safety from any physical damage than the weight of the entire package, then you will certainly require a hard cased drone bag that is able to provide you with additional protection. Hardside 400 Drone is the drone carrying case for you!

Are You Flying FPV?

The designers at Lowepro are madly in love with flying FPV/racing drones. So, they have engineered something exclusively for quad racers and their accessories. Ranging from specially designed professional grade FPV 250 class racing drones to hobby quadcopters with integrated FPV infrastructure, there is no other experience that placing yourself in the cockpit of a device by virtue of the live video feed. FPV requires your UAV to include a camera and a video transmission channel in addition to a display that is equipped to receive the video signal.

FPV display screens include relatively simple options such as smartphones or tablets attached to the transmitter to hardcore and dedicated display screens such as FPV goggles with antenna and receiver similar to the ones manufactured by FatShark. If you are thinking to enjoy some FPV adventure, ensure that you are in possession of a drone carrying case that is able to accommodate your new, advanced and highly intricate paraphernalia. The QuadGuard series designed specifically for FPV pilots might be the perfect solution for you!

Purpose-built to Carry Your Drone

Drones come in different shapes and sizes and generally are very light in weight. Despite this fact, most of the drone bags are bulky, heavy and redesigned camera bags that do not have dedicated spaces to accommodate disparate auxiliary items suited for different scenarios. Designers at Lowerpro are head over heels in love with flying drones. So you should be rest assured that our drone protection and transportation solutions have been engineered by passionate drone aficionados.



DroneGuard BP 450 AW: The Premium Backpack for Drones

The DroneGuard Backpack (BP 450 AW) is the best thing that could ever happen to drone carrying cases tailored exclusively to ensure unimaginable organization. It allows dronies to seamlessly transport their lovely machines while making sure that no harm is done to their technological marvel.


Created by experience dronies for dronies, this impressive drone carrying case it equipped with tons of eye-catching features and design elements that will take your worries about drone safety totally out of the equation. Wait for the remarkable features of this incredible drone bag to be unleashed and you will come to know why DroneGuard Backpack is a product of unparalleled class.

DroneGuard Case: The Case/Pack/Home for Drones

DroneGuard Cases present a fabulous solution to transporting, protecting and organizing your Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and their associated gear. The extremely lightweight collision resistance of the FormShell outer covering flawlessly blended with the extensible carrying strap mechanism transforms this article into an all-round drone carrying case.


For the drone junkies who own the most popular drones such as the DJI Phantom Series and the 3DRobotics Solo, the DroneGuard CS 400 is an ideal choice. This tremendous piece of transportation and protective carrying case, DroneGuard CS 300, was designed keeping in mind the Parrot Bebop and small sized 250 class drones. The lovers of FPV 250 quad racing, require a large sized radio controller, additional display screens and plenty of drone parts. We suggest you to upgrade to a much large carry case in the form of DroneGuard CS 400.

DroneGuard Kit: by itself or in hard case for ultimate protection

The DroneGuard Kit is the phenomenal carrying case that can be used on-the-go. The very comfortable and user friendly handle ensures that you are able to carry your drone and related gear from your car to the flying zone without any hassle. The DroneGuard Kit is not only a drone bag for your amazing device. It is a tool box, a platform to carryout your repairs, a place where you can store drone spare parts, a case for keeping your transmitter, a battery bay and a launching platform. As a matter of fact, DroneGuard Kit is your ultimate aircraft carrier for your amazing quadcopter.

Now, comes the question of capturing superb aerial shots from locations that require extensive travelling to difficult terrains! By using the DroneGuard Kit in tandem with the Hardside 400, you will get the best quality collision and water resistant drone carrying case. In the Hardside 400 drone bag, the photo insert has been substituted with the DroneGuard Kit that ensures that your drone is shipped or transported with ultimate protection.

QuadGuard series: Built specifically for FPV quad racing

Lowepro are entrenched market leaders in manufacturing special purpose packs for dedicated equipment and QuadGuard Series is a great example of this unique trait. QuadGuard has been engineered and designed by dronies who are in love with flying drones.


We all agree that FPV quad racing pilots need to bring all their tools, spare parts, batteries, goggles and other accessories to the flying zone or else experience serious disruption in their flying experience. QuadGuard Series backpacks and cases enable pilots to determine and figure out ways and means of how they want to transport their equipment and accommodate their ever expanding repertoire of drone accessories.

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