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Bio inspired drones are ready to fly past Boston’s sewers

It looks like the Boston’s aging sewers are crumbling more than ever. Having said that, it is not easy to send a human through them to pinpoint exactly where the infrastructural updates are required. The bio inspired drones seem to have ticked all the boxes in this regard. However, the rovers are too slow to react to any huge or maze-like system. If we talk about the traditional drones that have quick rotational blades, they can’t fly incredibly narrow drain pipes as they problematic flows which results in crashing.

Aerobat is one of the best bio-inspired drones

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Boston city of the United States is a pretty old city. Therefore, its infrastructure is no different to the city’s reputation. The bio inspired drones have a huge responsibility to inspect and repair the sewers, as they have become increasingly difficult to access.

As a result of this difficulty, the original sewer inspection methods have become increasingly reliant on those set of bio inspired drones that are wheeled. Those methods are expensive as they have a statistic of 100 inspections per day. They don’t go beyond the 1500 mark of sewer pipe miles in Boston city.

The good news is that MAVs are trying to take care of the acceleration inspection timelines and minimizing costs. According to the statistics presented by the drone researchers, MAVs can increase the inspection speed from 10x to 100x.

Final Thoughts

As there is a huge demand to improve the aging cities like Boston, we need to make sure that we come up with some of our own technological advancements to meet the bridge between technology and infrastructure of our respective cities.  The bio inspired drones such as Aerobat  is an ideal way of taking inspiration from nature that can leader to smarter technology.

Such kind of drones can make our residential places smarter. Alireza Ramezani is one of the main people behind this innovation. Make sure to know more about him.


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