drone flight time record

An unofficial drone flight time record is made

It looks like we have a new drone flight time record on the horizon, and the time is set to be more than 13 hours. This information is provided to you by a drone maker located in California i.e. Skyfront. They claim to have set this record.

What to learn from this new drone flight time record?

Skyfront’s drone i.e. Perimeter 8 multirotor hybrid looks set to have beaten all the odds and made this historic drone record. The record is still said to be unofficial in many books.  The record is of 13 hours and 4 minutes and the record distance is said to be 205 meters. The entire event was covered by the 360-degree drone cameras from across the board. Many drone Youtube Channels have shared the promotional video made by the drone company.

This drone flight time record is not verified by the international drone agencies, even though it looks likely to have broken the previous record. The Guinness World records soon verified this accomplishment. The previous record was made by the product of the company called MetaVista. Their product had an 800W fuel cell power.

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That quadcopter flew for 12 hours and 7 minutes via liquid hydrogen to fuel the product. Previous to that record, the record was only 2 hours and 6 minutes, even though it was overtaken by Skyfront’s Tailwind UAV as it flew for four hours and 35 minutes.

Final Thoughts

The drone flights with a long duration are nothing more than a trick regarding the setting up of drone flight time record. Having said that, they have a real value and unlock numerous new use cases. They also have the ability to save time and improve efficiency of a system. This enables the pilot to perform more missions during a single flight.

An increase in efficiency means that there is a less risk of drone running out of petrol or the operator having to constantly change the drone batteries for the completion of the flight.


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