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Drone Industry has grown despite of the Coronavirus

There has been one metric that shows that the drone industry has grown despite of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, people are still accustomed to get jobs in this industry. In the current pandemic, the drone companies have increased their staff by 15% in average. According to the research paper from the industry insights in April 2021, there was an analysis conducted within 1000 drone companies that are a huge asset to the industry. In 2020, we saw Skyfish and DroneDeploy who did the most hiring.

The future of drone industry

drone industry

If we break down all of the metrics, there are certain fields in which the drone industry has grown the most. They are as follows:

  • Hardware: There was an 18% increase in this regard.
  • Service Sector: There was an 8% increase in this regard.
  • Software: There was a 0.4% increase in this regard

The hardware jobs rose to a great fruition in the year of 2020. This was largely driven by the passenger drone manufacture innovation. The statistics regarding the hardware is not surprising to any of us because there are many drone delivery hardware companies that have had a massive investment.

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In comparison to hardware, the service sector is a broader field that is associated with consulting groups, advisory groups, and marketplaces. As the drone industry looks to be more productive with the use of drones, the massive drone service providers are said to be the primary growth driver of the service sector. The current pandemic provided a clear opportunity for the drone delivery to use their potential to transfer the goods to their destinations.

It is likely that the many of the technological advancements, such as the Google-sibling Wing, had a major part to play in the growth.

Final Thoughts

In comparison to many other industries, the drone industry showcased the most hiring in the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps more important than the hiring and jobs was the people started to make the drones as part of their everyday lives. They started using drones as a hobby for deliveries, photography etc.

Drone Analyst stated that the biggest used keywords on Google in the pandemic were ‘best drones’ and ‘buy drones’. There is a lot of money yet to be made in this field.

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