drones for inspections

Chevron use drones for inspections in Indonesia

Regarding the US oil and gas giant Chevron, drones look set to replace the binoculars. Nowadays, drones for inspections are another demands within the industry. It looks like the drones are to be used by experts for the visual and thermal inspection of this company’s onshore flare stacks. Previously, Chevron used to rely on binoculars. However, this method was clingy as the company was unable to examine the oil and gas assets comprehensively.

How is Chevron using drones for inspections?

drones for inspections

Now, it looks like the drones for inspections could finally be used for a good cause. It looks like a multirotor drone, integrated with high-resolution RGB and thermal cameras can be used to examine the assets in an effective way. This will be quicker than visual inspection methods.

This comes as a good news for other drones for inspections. These are not just the words of the moment, it looks like it will be something that the binoculars were simply not able to do. If the drone captures high-quality photos, it will enable the inspectors to appropriately examine the condition of the flare stack.

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Now, if we talk about the radiometric thermal camera, the Chevron inspectors will be able to examine the performance and the functionality of the flare stack. It will also look into the temperature anomalies to create an efficient flare stack inspection report. This looks to be happening in the Duri Area, which is the one of the biggest production fields in Rokan PSC.

Final Thoughts

The drones for inspections are not done by Chevron company itself. It is contracted by a third party (another drone company). It goes by the name of Terra Drone Indonesia. The corporation associated with it has carried out multiple inspections in the oil and gas industry.

Terra’s inhouse products such as the UT drone has the capacity to carry out Ultrasonic Thickness measurements for storage tanks. Furthermore, the company’s C-Astral is a drone made for time-consuming flights via fixed-wing drones.

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