Formula E Race Car

Drone Beat a Formula E Race Car

Race fans are very much in the habit of watching things destroyed into tiny specks. They have got accustomed to watching all those horrible accidents and crashes over the years. The all-electronic Formula E Race Car in New York City did not involve fast paced competitions. However, the spectators present on the event were fortunate enough to behold an exciting matchup: a drone fighting it out against a formula e-racecar.

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The drone racers have been participating in drag racing events and are quite familiar with the acceleration, speed and swiftness of these gizmos. So, this contest between a Formula E Race car and the Titan Grand Prix Organization’s GFD1 seemed to be an exciting prospect and a highly charged one. The drone-car drag race was being touted as one of the best racing contests at the event but you can watch in the video that the drone was not able to compete well.

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The GFD1 drone was being flown by Zachry Thayer and Jordan Temkin of the Titan Grand Prix Organization. The drone crashed terrifically after starting off rather well. Most of the time, a Formula E Race Car is able to reach a speed of 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds but comparing them against the modern super lightweight and super-agile drones, they would bite the dust. Not so long ago, a quadcopter powered by batteries attained a speed of 163.5 mph to set up a new world record.

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The drone had a promising start as the sUAV was able to beat the car in the beginning. The racing event consisted of 33% of the race track and also included a dangerous hairpin turn. A few moments later, the drone soars back to the starting line, does an unfortunate barrel roll and crashes into the track. The view of propellers and drone parts flying around the park was nothing short of sensational.

Before the race commenced, the drone pilots were quite confident about their chances. But it was not meant to be and the tiny little drone was shattered into a million pieces.

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