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Drone Books for Kids Are Up for Grabs

Are you planning to lure your kids to your favorite pass time of flying drones but still hesitating to place a drone in the palm of their hands? Drone books are the way to go, folks!

A new book series for kids is available on Amazon by the name of a coloring and activity book worth $12.52 and Drone Girls and The Air Show Adventure worth $12.54.

The drone books have been written by Sharon Rossmark and Wendy Erikson who currently leads a group called Women and Drones.

Rossmark said that the books have been written with the aim to engage children in STEM. She says that the bulk of the characters in the books comprise girls as the group intends to ensure that more and more girls get engaged in STEM careers.

The drone books are great for story-telling, family gatherings, camps and school programs and target young kids.

There is a heightened tendency in the market to come up with products that are aimed to encourage kids to engage in STEM-focused learning experiences. A $99 child-friendly drone was developed by a Chinese developer Ryze Tech in collaboration with DJI that was a splendid blend of DJI’s state-of-the-art flight technology and an Intel processor to conjure an affordable camera drone that can be used to inculcate the fundamentals of programming in kids. There are drone books written about it. Scratch is being utilized by the Tello drone as its coding platform which is essentially a coding language targeted at kids. The drone can be programmed to fly in certain directions based on the code.

Manufacturers such as Parrot have also made their way into the drones for education regime with their AR and Mambo drones. There are specifically written drone books for kids such as the Flybrix Lego drone kit that comes bundled together with a preprogrammed board, propellers, and motors. It is geared to teaching its users tons of skills ranging from the basics of flight to computer science to the core concepts of Electrical Engineering.

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