Affordable Camera Drones

4 Affordable Camera Drones that Kids Must Have

Photography is the most attractive and important feature of all affordable camera drones. With the ever evolving drone technology, possibilities have grown beyond one’s imagination. The thought of even accessing places via your drone that you never dreamed of and to use its camera to record all the stunning scenery is simply sublime. Just a few years back, not everyone could afford this splendid experience.

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The commercial drones that were available on the market were either placed at the higher end of the price spectrum or did not have a camera. Things have changed now. If you want to buy a drone with a camera, all you’ve got to do is to go to the market and get your hands on the cheapest drones and it will have camera with decent image quality.

The drone industry has been coming up with sensational products with every passing day that happen to be within the budget limits of bourgeoisie. We have always endeavored to share the most relevant and authentic information with you with regard to drones.

We want you to make an informed choice whenever you visit the market to purchase a drone. In this post, we bring to you some of the most affordable camera drones that kids must have. All the quadcopters that are part of our list boast above-par image quality and are definitely cool gadgets that all kids will enjoy flying and using for filming.

1 – Is JJRC H26D one of the affordable camera drones?

JJRC has been manufacturing some affordable camera drones for kids of late. The H26D drone boasts an image quality that surpasses all expectations and takes the quality of the image and video to a whole new pedestal. Equipped with a 3MP camera and a genuine glass wide lens with 120 degrees field of view, this machine is available at a reasonable price and could be the gizmo of your dreams.

The dual axis gimbals ensures that the flight remains as steady as possible. The gimbal is not really responsible for the stabilization of the camera but it allows the user to tilt the camera in four directions. This can be achieved by pressing a single key on the controller.

The headless mode lets the pilot fly the device without having to worry about the orientation of the drone. You can make use of the single key return to home feature to make the drone return back to its base station. What’s more, the device offers a control range of a whopping 300 meters and a flight duration of about 6 to 7 minutes. All in all, it is a power-packed device that is a must have for your kids.

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2 – Is Pioneer JXD 509G top of the list for the affordable camera drones?

This is one of the most affordable camera drones. It is loaded with its own 2MP camera with 1280 x 720p resolution. The First person view capability enables the user to view a real time video feed being captured directly from the integrated camera to your FPV monitor that is built into the transmitter. The camera can be rotated 20 degrees which allows for varying recording points. The FPV video streaming might include, from time to time, the undesired “jello” effect but it is not bad enough to ruin the entire experience.

It also includes headless mode that lets the pilot fly the aircraft without having to worry about the orientation of the drone. The single return to home feature lets the pilot press a button and the device returns to its original place of takeoff. In addition, the Pioneer JXD 509G also includes autonomous landing and elevation hold features.

As a matter of fact, the JXD 509G is one of the very first drones to come up with the elevation hold feature. The elevation hold also known as altitude holder or altitude positioning lets the drone hover steadily in the air by itself; thereby allowing the pilot to focus on capturing the photographs and videos. This makes this drone an excellent choice if you want to buy a decent camera drone. With an average control range of 150 meters, the JXD 509G offers a flight duration of 9 to 10 minutes.

3 – JJRC H16 Tarantula X6

This is a large sized, yet one of the most affordable camera drones that boasts an attractive and unique design. It will definitely be causing some ripples of envy among the onlookers if you have it flying in your nearby local park. It offers some stunning features and is able to fight it out against windy conditions while hovering steady over a certain spot.

It is available in three different variations: one with no camera, one with a 2MP camera and the third one with a 5MP camera. Here, we are going to discuss about the variant with the 5MP camera. The Tarantule X6 is equipped with a high quality camera that conjures some fine output images and videos. It is not comparable to the stunning GoPo action cameras but considering its price and in comparison to other drones of the same ilk, the JJRC H16 Tarantula X6 has a camera which is a pretty good one. You won’t come across a toy grade drone with a 5MP camera too often.

This machine offers a phenomenal control range of 300 meters while the Single Key Return to Home feature prevents the drone from getting lost. You just have to press one key and the drone will come racing back to its initial position of takeoff. It is loaded with an Intelligent Orientation Control that functions similar to an inbuilt compass. Depending on the elevation attained, the drone offers a flight duration of 7 to 10 minutes. The camera is not integrated so you can always remove it to allow for an enhanced flight duration.

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4 – Hubsan X4 H107C+

Hubsan X4 H107C was one of the all-time best sellers. Now, the manufacturers have come up with an upgraded version of their super hit drone. This compact sized drone is loaded with a 2MP 720p video camera that produces stunning output without any jello effect.

This is a very steady machine that is an excellent choice for the newbies. It is equipped with the headless mode and altitude holder. This implies that the pilot can throttle the drone to a desired altitude and then let go of the throttle. The machine then hovers itself over that positioning while maintaining its elevation; thereby allowing the pilot to capture aerial videos and images.

However, it boasts a very low control range of 50 to 100 meters and a flight duration of 7 minutes. It takes almost 40 minutes to get the battery recharged again.

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These were some of the affordable camera drones to have hit the shelves recently. They are quite cheap and equipped with cool features and specifications. In addition, their cameras produce above-par results and come in ready to fly packaging. There is nothing much that you could ask for! Could you? Share with us in the comments section if you have benefitted from this post in some way or the other. If you know of any other affordable toy grade camera drone, do let us know.

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