Its Time to Purchase Your Delivery Drone

Now is the time for you to go and achieve your dreams. However, you must have a healthy bank account to get your hands on it. A2Z. a drone company, launched its latest product recently, the RSDX delivery drone. Even though there is a lot of work required for customization, RSDX is an off-the-shelf product. It would make it easy for drone service providers to improve their delivery capabilities. 

Overview of RDSX Delivery Drone

RDSX delivery drone is a dual-payload commercial drone that delivers the products to your doorstep. Before its launch, RDS1 (RDS is short for Rapid Delivery System) used to be the name of A2Z’s primary product. It is getting integrated with the DJI Matrice 600. Its selling price is $4000 as a standalone device. The price can rise to $12,000 if you want it pre-mounted on the DJI Matrice 600 drone.

Problems in the Drone Industry

“Consumers have several concerns about the expansion of delivery including the potential for injury and property damage from spinning drone rotors as well as erosion of personal privacy with camera-equipped drones filling the skies”. Statement from A2Z. 

The wing is arguably the biggest example in this regard. As a sister company of Google, it conducted over 100,000 client deliveries. However, it now can’t even ensure that the drones get over the delivery point. The problem isn’t just getting close to another delivery drone, but it is also about flying drones at a low altitude. 

delivery drone

Cost of RDSX Delivery Drone

“The pricing for the RDSX delivery drone will scale based on configuration, customizations, how the customer wants to integrate the platform with any existing hardware they may have, etc. I’m not able to provide a static price. Anyone interested in exploring the RDSX or A2Z’s tethered free-fall technology can reach out to the company directly for a consultation that would help educate initial quotes”. A spokesperson from A2Z


The aspects that may increase the price of the drone may include:

Where can you use?

In short, this delivery drone is for those who are extremely rich. However, A2Z now wants to improve its operations. As we saw the usage of A2Z’s drones in consumer deliveries, such as the promotion of Coca-Cola to deliver drinks to people, the company is targeting improvement. They want to ensure that their delivery operations are better than the rest of the companies out there.

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